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CIGRE Working Group D2.33 Operation & Maintenance of Telecom networks and associated information systems in the Electrical Power Utility Paris, 14-15 June,

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1 CIGRE Working Group D2.33 Operation & Maintenance of Telecom networks and associated information systems in the Electrical Power Utility Paris, 14-15 June, 2012

2 - - P 2 Membership Thomas LEROYBEElia Fernando CASTROESZIV Jaume DARNEESPullnet Mehrdad MESBAH (Conv.)FRAlstom Pascal PARISOTFRRTE Paul RENSHALLGBMottMac Jan PIOTROWSKIPOEltel Networks Jorge FONSECAPTREN Rui FRANCISCOPTEDP Ion NEDELCUROEltel Networks Valentin PEPTENARUROTeletrans

3 - - P 3 Corresponding Membership Rubén GOMEZAREPEN Michael SCOTTAUAusGrid Rohan FERNANDEZAUElectranet Miguel Angel ALVAREZ CABANESESZIV Julio ALVAREZESREE Sampo YLIRAASAKKAFINokia Siemens Nets Kazuto IWASAKIJP Kiushu Electric Power Co John CRISPNZTranspower Pedro FONSECAPTEDP Andrei BORDUFROTeletrans Danilo LALOVICRSEPS Jovanka GAJIKARSPupin Institute Matjaz BLOKARSISpecinova Ziyaad GYDIENZAEskom Parkash DARYANIUSAurigacorp

4 - - P 4 AGENDA Thursday 14 June 09H00Reception of participants and coffee 09H30Opening of the meeting Member Presentations Admin. Issues O&M Discussions 13H00 Lunch 14H30TB Scope & Structure Definition 17H30Meeting break Day 1 20H30Dinner in Paris Friday 15 June 09H30TB Scope & Structure Definition Work Allocations & Next Meeting 12H30Close meeting – Lunch

5 - - P 5 Advisory Group D2.03 Mapping WG to Issues of Concern Passive Optical Networks Optical Fibre & WDM D2-460 (2011) Mobile Data Services - D2-245 (2003) WG D2-13 (2008) 35-192 (2001) Communication Networks Telecom Technologies Service Architecture, Provisioning/Delivery Model, Management & Support Access Network Substation IP Access Wide Area Ethernet Power Line Carrier Backbon e Network NG SDH - D2-241 (2002) Communication Services Operational IP Services Protection Communications UTelco Services Local Access Technologies Wireless Broadband Data Core Services Customer Premises Access Private Mobile Radio Multi-service IP Networks Operational VPN SC B5 Broadband Power Line WGD2-26 D2-461 (2011) WGD2-28 (2012) WGD2-29 (2012) WGD2-30 (2012) WGD2-27 WG D2-19 (2008) WG D2-07 DSL, Wireless Mesh, etc. O&M Fibre Deployment & Maintenance Smart Grid Services Service Continuity & Disaster Recovery Scalable Core Networks WGD2-32 WGD2-33 WGD2-34 WGD2-35 (Future WGD2-xx) D2-302 (2006)

6 - - P 6 New WGD2.33 Operation & Maintenance of Telecom and IT systems Different organizations and responsibility approaches −separate Telecom & IT or merged ? −In-house or external Perimeter of the organization −Operational, Corporate Enterprise, −Local Networks and Wide Area Transport Management tools (Operation Support Systems, Inventory systems, etc.) ICT for enhanced Power System Asset maintenance – −Communications for workforce management, −Dedicated mobile/nomadic data applications (survey, inventory data, work orders, …) −Wireless in the Substation (WiFi, etc.) −Tele-maintenance communication infrastructure Remote real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostics of assets Remote access of external contractors and on-duty staff to infrastructure Access of external contractors to EPU premises Access of contractors in EPU premises to their remote support base Organization, Process, Tools Operation Support Systems Field Worker Communications Telecom for Asset Maintenance

7 - - P 7 O&M of Telecom networks and associated IS Kick-off : June 2012 Term of Delivery : June 2014 8 meetings (+1 or 2 in Cigre session/colloquium) : 1.June 2012 (Massy) 2.[Aug 2012 (Paris Cigre Session) – Wed 29.08 (afternoon)] 3.Oct 2012 4.Jan 2013 5.Apr 2013 6.June 2013 7.Oct 2013 8.Jan 2014 9.Apr 2014

8 - - P 8 WGD2.33 - Work Plan MeetingDateVenue 1June 2012ParisKick-off, Define TB Scope & Structure 2Aug 2012 Wed 29.08 PM Paris (Cigre)Discuss TB scope & structure with Corr members (Half day meeting) 3Nov 2012 week 45 (8-9) BarcelonaContributions on allocated work 4Jan 2013Warsaw to be confirmed TB structure finalized 5Apr 2013London 6June 2013 7Oct 2013Full Draft 8Jan 2014 9Apr 2014 June 2014Final draft submitted Other venues : Brussels, Lisbon/Coimbra, Vienna, Prague, Padua

9 - - P 9 WG D2.33 (O&M) and D2.34 (Disaster Recovery) Comments from Advisory Group meeting: These groups deal with 2 different faces of the same task O&M process, organization and tools deal with normal, day-to-day operation of the network Disaster Management (disaster-resistance, -preparedness, and –recovery) deals with avoiding disastrous situations and O&M process when extraordinary situations do happen O&M targets at optimized operation, DR aims at essential services survival DR means employing extra people, extra assets, extra tools, and special process in addition to those required for normal O&M How and when (decision criteria and source) do we switch from normal incident management to extra-ordinary disaster recovery? A common WG33/34 questionnaire on what exists in Utilities is desirable WG34 should also consider Power Utilities Defense Plan

10 - - P 10 WGD2.33 O&M of Power System Telecom Networks Telecom for O&M of Power Systems WGD2.26 Service Provisioning Model Telecom Asset Ownership Telecom Management Process (Management Tools) WGD2.34 Disaster Recovery for ICT Op. Telecom OSS Field Worker Comms Remote Monitoring of assets Manage incidents for optimal cost/performance using ordinary processes, tools and workforce Manage “disastrous” incidents for service continuity using special processes, extra people & extra tools Maintaining & Managing Smart Grids (New WG D2 to be set) Process Automation (when & why?)

11 - - P 11 Tentative Structure Introduction −Business case for our work, What? Why? How? Telecom O&M – Organization & Process (use TB461 and extend) −Impact of Telecom service delivery model on O&M −Size and scope of organization (operation vs enterprise, local area vs wide area) −Formal/informal processes and interactions −Process automation (when & why), cost of automation vs cost of manual treatment Telecom Operation Support System −Network infrastructure management −Communication service management −Incident management, service desk −Network & service inventory −O&M communications ICT for Power System Asset Maintenance −Current practices & process evolution −Field worker communications −Tele-maintenance

12 - - P 12 TB461 Fig 10.1

13 - - P 13 Corporate Activities Operations EPU Corporate Activities Operations EPU Telecom Services Telecom Corporate Activities Operations Power Corporation Telecom Service Provider Corporate Activities Operations EPU Telecom Service Contractor A C B D EPU A: Telecom is part of the operational activity. Corporate entity provisions telecom services separately. B: Common Telecom (& IT) Services for both Corporate and Operational Applications. C: TSP is a sister company to the EPU, providing services exclusively (or in priority) for the Power System D: EPU procures its telecom assets but operates them using an external Service Contractor E: Telecom services are procured under SLA by a TSP providing services to many customers. Corporate Activities Operations EPU Telecom Service Provider E Telecom Assets TB461 Fig 8.4

14 - - P 14 Operational Services only Internal Multi-User Services External Retail Services External Non-IP Wholesale External IP Service Wholesale External Leasing of Facilities External Managed Services Providing Service to External Customers & U-Telco Business Involvement Implicit, User application serves to define the QoS Required QoS is defined & agreed upon Liable to SLA Must constantly produce formal proof Formal SLA No systematic measurement Relationship can get formal if problems arise Supplier Helpdesks & Warranties only Support Contracts for sub-systems Full Service Delivery Contracts Field Maintenance Contracts Procure Telecom Services External Contractor & Service Provider Involvement Overall telecom budget without repartition Resource repartition per contributing entity Service price established as Service Catalog Service costs estimated but not recovered Cost Recovery from Service Users Telecom Liability to Service Users Service costs recovered at no profit TB461 Fig 10.2 Maturity Model for Telecom Service Delivery

15 - - P 15 Build Strategy Build Capability Build Service Offer Customer / User Relationship Customer / User Provider / Contractor Provider / Contractor Relationship Service Management Resource Management Initialize Deliver Get Paid Provide Support Security, BCP, Safety, Skill Mgt Strategy & Planning Business Development Service Portfolio Evolution Service Migration Planning Deploy & Adjust Operation s Upstream Manageme nt Enterprise Processes TB461 Fig 10.7

16 - - P 16 User Change Management Service Configuration & Activation Incident Management Service Policing & Usage Metering Network Performance Management Spare Management Asset Lifecycle Management Disaster Recovery Problem Management User Invoicing & Settlement User Dashboards Change Request Site Access Service Continuity Bandwidth & Capacity Provisioning Network Fault Management Field Maintenance Service Capacity & Performance Management Service Quality Management Set up User SLA Monitor User SLA Capture cost of service Service Impact User Problem Handling Notification Contingency User Order Handling Network Change Mgt Service Configuration Management Network Configuration Management Service Change Mgt User Service Enquiry Desk SLA Management

17 - - P 17 Work Allocation WhoWhatWhen AllQuestions for the questionnaireMid-July AllPresent O&M organization & practice Mid-July PaulITIL processesMid-July PascalSafety Monitoring NOC and manaagement organization Mid-July JanAMI maintenance & Monitoring Mobile & radio maintenance Mid-July MehrdadIntegrated management tools, Service Impact Mid-July Thomas, Jorge, JaumeData core network monitoring RuiDistribution domain management of O&M and associated telecoms AllSend presentations to allEnd of June MehrdadSend WG26 report to members not having the report Send draft 33 to members End of June Paul, IonPower system domain O&M requirements in terms of communications

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