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Lesson 4 Study Guide Review Microsoft Office 2003.

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1 Lesson 4 Study Guide Review Microsoft Office 2003

2 1.Cell references that adjust when a formula is copied to a new location use ____. a. absolute referencing b. PMT c. relative referencing d. a function

3 2.The cell A1 contains the function =$C$3+$D$4. You move that function to A2. How will the function in A2 read? a.=$D$3+$E$4 b.=$C$4+$D$4 c.=$C$3+$D$3 d.=$C$3+$D$4

4 3.Which series of steps would you take to filter a worksheet? a.Data>Filter>Rows b.Data>Filter>AutoFilter c.Format>Data>AutoFilter d.Data>Rows>AutoFilter

5 4.Which of the following finds the sum of cells C3 through C22? a.=SUM(C3:C22) b.SUM(C3:C22) c.=SUMC3:C22 d.SUM=(C3:C22)

6 5.Use a(n) ____ when more than one formula refers to the same cell. a.relative reference b.filter c.absolute reference d.cell reference

7 6.The NOW function ____. a.immediately recalculates the Worksheet b.displays the date and time c.calculates a payment d.adds up data in the selected range

8 7.The ____ function can be used to calculate monthly payments for a loan. a.SUM b.NOW c.Rate d.PMT

9 8.When the result from the PMT function is red it represents ____. a.the loan is paid off b.a negative amount c.the total amount d.the Present Value

10 9.What function can determine the number of cells in a specific column that contain numbers? a.SUM b.PV c.IF d.Count

11 10.The ____ dialog box allows you to modify a chart. a.Chart Options b.Chart Selection c.Edit Chart d.Chart Argument

12 11.To which of the following can you apply a filter? a.a row b.a chart c.a function d.a cell range

13 12.Which menu contains the Sort function? a.Edit b.Data c.Insert d.Format

14 13.Which function allows you to make a choice by comparing two values? a.NOW b.PMT c.IF d.Count

15 14.On the Titles tab of the Chart Options dialog box you can create labels for ____. a.the category axis b.the value axis c.the chart title d.all of the above

16 15.When using the PMT function, which of the following stands for the total number of payments required to pay off the loan? a.SUM b.PMT c.NPER d.PV

17 16.In the following worksheet, what value would be placed in cell B10 if the Count function was applied? a.133 b.724 c.103 d.7

18 17.What happens when the box in the upper-left corner of this worksheet (where the pointer is currently positioned) is clicked? a.The column heads are all selected. b.The contents of the entire worksheet are deleted. c.The contents of the entire worksheet are selected. d.The first column of the worksheet is widened.

19 18.Which of the following functions cannot be accessed by clicking the AutoSum drop-down menu? a.Sort b.Count c.IF d.NOW

20 19.What value will appear in cell C2 when the [ENTER] key is pressed? a.100 b.15 c.85 d.An error will be produced.

21 20.Which of the following best explains the purpose of this IF function? a.If the value in B3 is over $20,000, the total charge will be decreased by 10%. b.If the value in B3 is less than $20,000, the total charge will be increased by 10%. c.If the discount is over 10%, the total charge will be increased by 1%. d.If the discount is less than 10%, the total charge will be increased by 1%.

22 21.Which of the following is not a value that the PMT function uses to calculate its result? a.The number of payments to be made. b.The number of days in a year. c.The interest rate. d.The amount being borrowed.

23 22.When #### is displayed in a cell containing data you must ___ to see all of the data. widen the column

24 23.Use ___ when you only want to display items that contain specific values. AutoFilter

25 24.The ___ function performs a logical test that always evaluates as either true or false. IF

26 25.If you wanted to sort a column of names alphabetically, like they are in a telephone book, you could use the Sort ___button. ascending

27 This Concludes Lesson 4 Review

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