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LESSON 3-7 AND 3-8 Variables and Formulas in Spreadsheets.

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1 LESSON 3-7 AND 3-8 Variables and Formulas in Spreadsheets

2 SPREADSHEETS: A BASIC HISTORY  Spreadsheets got their names the ledger (record) sheets used to keep financial records.  These sheets were often large pages, folded and taped together that had to be spread out for review.  Electronic (computer based) spreadsheets have been available for over 30 years, making the process much easier, quicker and often more accurate.

3 SPREADSHEETS: THE PARTS…CELLS  Each individual box of a spreadsheet is called a cell.  Cells are named by identifying the column name and then the row name.  Example: The highlighted cell is named A1  Cells contain individual data points, text, formulas that will calculate new data, or remain empty.  When one cell’s data is changed, it may change the data in other cells as well.


5 HOW TO WRITE FORMULAS IN SPREADSHEETS  Different computer programs may have slightly different ways to enter formulas into a spreadsheet, but the basics are this:  Use the cell names to identify which data points are to be calculated.  Use the function symbol of what you want it to do (+, -, *, /).  Identify the cell in which you want the final calculation to appear by using “cell name=“

6 FORMULAS IN ACTION  This spreadsheet shows the records of books sold during a fund raiser by 4 different students.  To find the total number of books sold by all 4 students, you would add up the data in cells B2, B3, B4 and B5.  The formula used to tell the computer to do this for you would be: B6=B2+B3+B4+B5  B6 is the name of the cell where to total would appear. B2 through B5 are the cells containing the data to be added.

7 MORE FORMULAS  To find total amount of money raised by each student you would use the following formula.  Given the data that each book earns $2.50…  C3=B3*2.50  C3 is the cell where the money earned total would appear.  B3 is the number of books sold by Robin  2.50 is the amount earned by each book. Notice, we do not include words or unit symbols in the formula.

8 NOW YOU TRY IT (PART 1)  Complete Study Link 3-7  (see next slide for more directions!)

9 NOW YOU TRY IT (PART 2)  On the back of your Study Link, answer these questions:  Bring this completed to class tomorrow!

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