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MICROFORMATS Ioana B ă rb ă nan Semantic Web developer.

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1 MICROFORMATS Ioana B ă rb ă nan Semantic Web developer

2 Content What Are The Microformats? o Definitions Benefits & Limitation An Example Categories Web & Mobile Browsers Supporting Microformats Facebook Conclusions 09/05/20122

3 What Are The Microformats? Official definition of microformats set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards designed for humans first and machines second intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns Other properties makes a page evolve from being machine-readable to being machine understandable set of conventions microformats are not a new language o but adapted to current behaviors and usage patterns and is connected with semantic XHTML 09/05/20123

4 Microformats Concept Generic title given to any and all the formats based on XML/HTML with the objective of providing additional metadata concerning the web object 09/05/20124

5 Benefits & Limitations B1: They will improve the semantic value of the content B2: Reuse of HTML and XML tags to convey data B3:Add structure to content L1: Web browsers do not support them uniformly L2: They require additional HTML markup 09/05/20125

6 An Example Problem: the need to mark-up address information semantically. U.S. home address, for mail and shipments : 123 Main Street Any Town, CA 91921-1234  Microformats are easily human-readable when rendered in a browser. 09/05/20126

7 Categories People and Organizations hCard Tantek Çelik Geo o enables publishers to add geodata about the location of a person, place, event, or thing to a page 27.976628, å 86.933302 XFN ( X HTML F riends N etwork) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks o indicate their relationship(s) to the people in their blogrolls simply by adding a 'rel' attribute to their tags o other rel : coworker, neighbor, child 09/05/20127

8 Categories hRecipe markup for creating meals, drinks, food-based items identify individual food related concepts required property: fn – fromatted name and an ingredient sugar 09/05/20128

9 Categories –contd. Calendars and Events o hCalendar Opinions, Ratings and Reviews o VoteLinks, hReview Licenses o rel-license Tags, Keywords, Categories o rel-tag Lists and Outlines o XOXO 09/05/20129

10 Web Browsers Supporting Microformats Firefox from V3 o Operator add-on that detects microformats in each page you view and enables actions on them IE, 7+ supports microformats using add-ins Chrome 5+ Safari – has unofficial plugins 09/05/201210

11 Mobile Browsers Supporting Microformats No support o BlackBerry o iPhone Nokia o The S60 3rd generation browser can handle vcards and icals extracted from hcards and vcards very well 09/05/201211

12 User Interface 09/05/201212

13 Firefox Microformats 09/05/201213

14 Firefox Microformats 09/05/201214 Person representation Tantek Çelik

15 Firefox Microformats – contd. 09/05/201215 Events export to outlook/ windows live / Google / Apple / 30 boxes export event add to 30 boxes bookmark add to Google/Yahoo calendar

16 Firefox Microformats – contd. 09/05/201216 Tagspaces find products on amazon/ find photos on flickr find bookmarks find blogs find events on find answers on Yedda find videos on Youtube

17 IE Microformats 09/05/201217

18 IE Microformats 09/05/201218

19 Chrome Microformats 09/05/201219

20 Facebook Uses Microformats Facebook has marked up all events with the hCalendar microformat including marking up their venues with hCard as wellhCalendarhCard Monday, March 14 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm 09/05/201220

21 Conclusions A format used in the Semantic Web that re-uses HTML and XML tags to convey Provide easy reading and understanding by humans Add structure to content Humans first, machines second 09/05/201221

22 References John Allsop, “Microformats: Empowering Your Markup for Web 2.0”, Berkeley, CA, 2007 09/05/201222

23 Mulumesc! 09/05/201223

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