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Release of 2014 GCE ‘O’ Level Results

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1 Release of 2014 GCE ‘O’ Level Results
12 January 2015

2 Release of GCE ‘O’ Level Results
There are many routes to success. Explore all possible education options and look for one that best fits the needs, interests and abilities, passion. It may just mean taking the road less travelled.

3 What are the various Post-Secondary School options available?
ITE Poly Talking points: Help our students understand that no matter what situation they are currently in, there are many options available for them. As educators, our role is to help our students realize that there are multiple bridges and ladders at any given point of their life which can help them move closer towards achieving their goals. Hence, before going into the specific details of what the various PSEI tracks entail, let’s take a few minutes to recall some of the options available to our pupils. Do remember that each option caters to the aptitudes and needs of different types of learners. Remind your student to consider which environment will help them optimize their potential Note: The use of ‘our students’ can be replaced with ‘your child’ when addressing parents. JC/CI etc.

4 4 MAIN TYPES OF OPTIONS Junior Colleges (JCs) or Millennia Institute
Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Polytechnics There are 4 main types of publicly-funded Post Secondary Education Options available for students NAFA or LASALLE

Junior Colleges (JC) 2 year – A level Millennia Institute (MI) 3 year – A level Polytechnics (POLY) 3 year – Diploma Institute of Technical Education (ITE) 2 year – Higher Nitec; 3 year – Nitec

6 Aggregate Computations
JC: L1R5 ≤ 20 MI: L1R4 ≤ 20 Polytechnic: ELR2B2 ≤ 26 ITE (Higher Nitec): ELB4, ELR1B3 or ELR2B2 (2014 range of cut-off-points: 25 to 31) Legend: L1 = English or Higher Mother Tongue R = Relevant subjects EL = English Language B = Best subjects

7 Bonus Points for Computation of Net Aggregate Scores
1) CCA grades Grades A1-A2: 2 points Grades B3-C6: 1 point (For admission to JC/Poly/ITE) 2) Pass in English and Higher Mother Tongue CLEP – Chinese Language Elective Program MLEP – Malay Language Elective Program 2 points for admission to JC/MI courses, provided these choices come before any Poly/ITE courses

12 January (3pm) to 16 Jan (4pm)

All applications must be submitted online through the JAE Internet System (JAE-IS): accessible through the JAE website Website address given in the JAE 2015 Booklet(Pg 7)

Complete the worksheet in the booklet before accessing the JAE-IS Make full use of the 12 choices

11 Requirement for JAE Registration
NRIC/FIN and the JAE PIN to access the JAE-IS. JAE PIN can be found in Form A, which will be given together with the result slip.

12 Requirement for JAE Registration
The JAE PIN is issued once only and will not be replaced if lost. Students who have lost or forgotten the PIN would have to register personally at MOE – Customer Service Centre. Do not lose Form A

13 JAE Registration Form A provides the list of courses that you are eligible to apply. Use 2014 cut-off-points as a guide Print and keep the Verification Slip as proof of your application.

14 Refer to Pg 27


16 Release of JAE Posting Results
Release of JAE posting results will be on 30 Jan 2015 (tentative). JAE-IS, accessible through the JAE website SMS (provide your mobile number during JAE application)

17 Acceptance of Offer Refer to JAE 2015 Booklet Pg 13
JC/MI – Report to the respective JC/MI on the next working day after the release of posting Polytechnic – Enrolment Package to be received by end February and complete online enrolment by stated date. ITE – Receive an enrolment letter within 3 working days upon release of JAE posting results and accept the offer online within the stipulated period indicated in the letter.

18 Retention Criteria Obtained not more than 2 GCE O-Level passes (excluding CCA) and an aggregate of 45 points or fewer in 6 subjects. CCA may be considered as one of the 6 subjects, Obtained 3 or more GCE O-Level passes (excluding CCA) but do not qualify for admission to Junior Colleges, Millennia Institute or Polytechnics.

19 Application Period to Retain
First period By this Friday, 16 Jan 2015. Pick up the form from General Office. Second period Between the 1st to 5th working day from the date of release of the JAE posting results, Feb (Mon).

20 Name of Arts Institution
Some OPEN House Dates for 2015 Polytechnics S/N Name of Polytechnic Open House Dates Time 1 Nanyang Polytechnic 8 to 10 Jan 10AM to 6PM except 9 Jan: 9AM to 11PM 2 Ngee Ann Polytechnic 10AM to 6PM 3 Republic Polytechnic 4 Singapore Polytechnic 5 Temasek Polytechnic 11AM to 6PM except 10 Jan: 10AM to 6PM Junior Colleges S/N Name of JC Open House Dates Time 1 Anderson Junior College 13 Jan 11AM to 5PM 2 Innova Junior College 11.30AM to 5PM 3 Catholic Junior College 14 Jan 10AM to 4PM 4 Pioneer Junior College 9AM to 5PM 5 Yishun Junior College Millennia Institute S/N Name of Institution Open House Dates Time 1 Millennia Institute 14 Jan 2PM to 5PM Arts Institutions S/N Name of Arts Institution Open House Dates Time 1 La Salle College of the Arts 16 to 17 January 11AM to 5PM 2 Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts 10AM to 5PM

21 All The Best in Your Future Endeavours

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