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SmartStruxure, powered by StruxureWare Building Operation

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1 SmartStruxure, powered by StruxureWare Building Operation

2 Building StruxureWare Software Applications Software Hardware Security
Process & Machine Power IT StruxureWare Software Applications StruxureWare Resource Advisor StruxureWare Building Operation StruxureWare Energy Operation StruxureWare Data Center Operation StruxureWare Plant Operation Software StruxureWare Power SCADA Expert StruxureWare Power Monitoring Expert StruxureWare Data Center Expert StruxureWare Process Expert StruxureWare Machine Expert Hardware Automation Server Xenta MNL b3 Field Devices

3 SmartStruxure solution defined
SmartStruxure solutions are offered by the Schneider Electric Buildings and our Partners A SmartStruxure solution is powered by StruxureWare Building Operation software. SmartStruxure architecture combines supervision and devices for application control. A SmartStruxure solution is the result of a consultative sales approach. A SmartStruxure solution requires value-added engineering from Schneider Electric and Partners. A SmartStruxure architecture is tested, validated, and supported. A SmartStruxure solution may include integration with other Schneider Electric offers or third party providers. A SmartStruxure solution is a subset of the overall Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure solution

4 SmartStruxure: relationship with other BMS offers
Continuum Vista I/A Series I/NET SmartStruxure solution Software Cyberstation StruxureWare Building Operation Hardware Infinet B3 Xenta MNL MNB Automation Server Next generation

5 SmartStruxure solution: Key Customer Message
SmartStruxure integrated solutions maximize energy efficiency A SmartStruxure solution include ... Software Hardware Engineering Fully integrated, customized solution that selects from a menu of available software and hardware, combined with engineering, installation and services that ensure our customers have the most efficient and effectively managed buildings on the planet Installation … that make buildings… Services smarter efficient livable Increased insight into and management of building energy usage Increased building energy efficiency, reduced energy consumption & costs Visualization & control systems promote occupant engagement in reducing energy usage 5

6 Benefits of Native MNL controller support
SmartStruxure Solution powered by StruxureWare Building Operation software Benefits specifically for I/A Series customers Benefits of Native MNL controller support 6

7 Use of MNL controllers Native support under an Automation Server
Benefits: Using the same familiar MNL controllers natively within a new system Configuration information and file hosted within Automation Server Eliminates the need for remote version management Protect existing investment, can use or re-use existing controllers with engineering and configuration changes Existing installed hardware Existing wiring Native support under an Automation Server Unlike the UNC (or ENC) which only understands the LonWorks profile Automation Server contains all of the controller and S-LINK sensor information Existing MNL controllers can be brought over into a SmartStruxure Solution powered by StruxureWare Building Operation Import existing .VSD files .VSD file resides within the Automation Server No need to remotely manage versions of the configuration file on a PC

8 Configuration and engineering benefits
ListViews Quickly view the configuration of multiple objects in a folder or device in a spreadsheet-like format Customize columns shown to display desired object attributes Rapidly create LonWorks Network Variables (NVs) Simply right click on a selected device Network Variable (NV) and choose to create and bind a new local node network variable at the Enterprise Server or Automation Server Can be done for multiple Network Variables at the same time from a Watch list or a search result Binding templates Quick association of excessive point binding to graphics, programs, and schedules using standard naming conventions

9 Configuration and engineering benefits
Use the text report feature for calibration of items such as S-LINK sensors, analog inputs, and flow balance Exposure of S-Link related values and MNL controller point objects Change setpoint and setpoint limits via software No need to open application drawing in WorkPlace Tech or walk up to physically connect to the sensor WorkPlace Tech Editor monitor view Use the monitor view within WorkPlace Tech Editor to see simulation of programs with the MNL controller Controller Types Listed when adding a device System pre-populates LonWorks profile associated with hardware model (e.g. MNL-800) and LON profile MNL controller model and version number are exposed in device discovery

10 StruxureWare Building Operation Release 1.2

11 G StruxureWare Building Operation v1.2 Technology Highlights
Scalable Support for 32 Automation Servers Easy to Integrate EcoStruxure using EcoStruxure Web Services Easy to Migrate NETWORK 8000 – Phase 2 (of 2) Energy Efficient Energy Report Pack IT Friendly 64-bit Support Encrypted communication by default Technology Highlights Internal Countries G TARGET PRODUCT READINESS: Q2 2012

12 StruxureWare Building Operation v1.2 Increased Scalability
Increased to 32 Automation Servers per Enterprise Server 1 Enterprise Server per system Number of field controllers supported remains the same Number of concurrent users increased Up to 10 concurrent operator users per Automation Server or Enterprise Server Operators monitor the system and make value changes to existing objects – e.g. temperature values, schedules Up to 2 concurrent engineering users per Automation Server or Enterprise Server Engineering users create objects, edit object configuration, and create/edit programs and graphics

13 Support for NETWORK 8000 transition (Phase 2 of 2)
StruxureWare Building Operation WorkStation StruxureWare Building Operation WebStation Adds support for Local Control Module (LCM) field bus directly under an Automation Server Includes SIGNAL Graphics conversion to Enterprise Server TGML Graphics Phase 1 included (and is still available in v1.2): Support for ASD (Application Specific Device) field bus directly under an Automation Server Global Control Module (GCM) controller database conversion service available Minimum NETWORK 8000 GCM controller version required for database conversion: v4.2

14 Investment protection
Benefits: Minimal installation and configuration time for transition Preservation of NETWORK 8000 hardware devices and wiring GCM database conversion Trend, alarm, and schedule objects are automatically created upon import Leverages benefits of StruxureWare Building Operation’s features and apply them to existing NETWORK 8000 points Transition of existing GCM database for Automation Server import GCM-84xxx, GCM-86xxx Preserve existing NETWORK 8000 hardware and wiring MicroZone II MICROFLO II PEM Native GCM block support GCM Blocks converted to StruxureWare Building Operation objects: CALEN, DAILY, HOLI, TREND, WEEK, Z2HSC, and Z2SCh GCM Blocks not supported: EMS, GCMR, LABEL, LCMR, MAILR, MAILS, NIM, NSCHD, SLCM, SNET, SYS, and TRANS MN-HPFC MN-FLO3T LCM-84xxx MN-FLO MN-FLO3T

15 StruxureWare Building Operation v1.2 Web Services
Internet or Intranet Other systems: (Schneider Electric or third party) Examples: Power management Data management Billing Analytics Finance Web Services move communication beyond industry-specific devices and systems Opens the door to other systems (beyond BMS), such as: Analytics (energy efficiency) Billing (retails) Power management (electrical distribution) Data management Room reservation (hotels) SOAP/POX/Restful Binding Tool Easy to configure, widely accessible to channel personnel Well suited for simple web services with predictable format such as: Weather, Security threat levels, RSS feeds Generic consume use case examples: Weather services Integration tool Notification – e.g. , Text message Script programming based Well suited for processing complicated web services – e.g. Varying in content, or results requiring parsing Well suited for more advanced web service design patterns than simple request/response Corporate Web Services (CWS) Consistent corporate web services standard for Schneider Electric products implementing web services functionality Easy integration into other Schneider Electric products Additional web services functionality when integrating multiple Schneider Electric systems CWS Serve provides an open interface for integration with other (third-party) management systems.

16 Web Services - Generic Consume
General web services implementation to “consume” data into StruxureWare Building Operation Ideal when integrating to third party systems Simple XML, Script, Soap Use case examples: Use data from a weather service to automatically adjust heating /cooling programs and blind control to save energy Use data regarding fluctuating utility costs to load balance energy usage to save money

17 EcoStruxure Web Services
Consistent web services standard for Schneider Electric products implementing web services functionality Common and easy integration into other Schneider Electric products EcoStruxure Web Services - Serve & Consume Schneider Electric’s defined standard for web services EWS offers web services functionality beyond what is capable via Generic Consume approach Natively integrating Schneider Electric’s enterprise systems, including: Building management Power management Data center control Can be used with third parties (if third party supports the EcoStruxure Web Services standard)

18 StruxureWare Building Operation v1.2 Energy Report Pack
New Energy Report Templates Daily Energy Consumption Report Calendar Report (includes interactive month view) Utility Report Reports Graphical User Interface (GUI) Improved selection Tree instead of dropdown New “Meter” object Linked to a Trend log New “Site” object (only used for energy at this time) Hierarchy of Meters Report on pure energy consumption. Data is not normalized; must be calculated through programming – e.g. data per area, degree days.

19 Standard Graphics Components Library
Available today! Components Library Technical documentation Videos

20 StruxureWare Release 1.3

21 StruxureWare Building Operation v1.3
Easy system upgrade transition TAC I/NET (HVAC) Engineering Efficiency Modbus multi-read One Automation Server for LonWorks, Modbus and BACnet combined Easy to Identify StruxureWare Building Operation Technology Highlights G Target Product Readiness: Q3 2012 MARKET RELEASE: Nov 2012

22 StruxureWare Building Operation v1.3 TAC I/NET Upgrade Transition
Supports hosting of TAC I/NET LAN Controllers and objects on an Enterprise Server Access TAC I/NET controllers using NetPlus Routers – Xenta 527-NPR, Xenta 527, or NPR2000 HVAC focused solution with basic monitoring support for security applications. Includes graphics conversion tool: GPG to TGML Requires TAC I/NET Seven v2.42 installed on StruxureWare Building Operation WorkStation machines Minimum versions: TAC I/NET Seven version: v2.42 All LAN Controllers need v2.42 firmware. See controller compatibility matrix StruxureWare WorkStation StruxureWare Enterprise Server and INET Host Xenta 527-NPR Essentially, this phase of migration supports an ES sitting over the Xenta 527s (NetPlus Routers), NPR2000 or Xenta 913 StruxureWare Building Management front-end can be used over a TAC I/NET (HVAC only system) Leverage new graphics and GUI New hardware that can be added to the system Note: Requires I/NET Seven v2.42 on each StruxureWare Building Management WorkStation for I/NET system configuration Historical data resides in I/NET system, not migrated to StruxureWare Building Management ’ ES If changes done on I/NET side after migration to StruxureWare Building Management, manual sync of ES required – i.e. re-import of changes GPG graphics conversion to TGML is direct; does not get converted to Vista 4 graphics (as done in I2V) Note: No guidelines/limitations currently defined as to what size projects can be migrated in v1.2

23 What’s Next Preview StruxureWare Building Operation Mobile Application
Intuitive interaction iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. ready Smart Widgets Simplifies device integration Power meters (PM210, PM710 and PM750) are first widgets to be available StruxureWare Building Expert 1.0 Simplified and intuitive interface focused on small to medium-sized buildings Bridge the gap between room control and full BMS StruxureWare Building Operation v1.4 Support for 64 Automation Servers Off line engineering LNS Plug-in support Smart Widgets – Creating a new sub-comm for smart widgets in August -

24 SmartStruxure Wins!

25 Americas 2012 #1 SmartStruxure Sales in 1st Quarter
Over 100 projects sold

26 One Woodbranch Plaza 1.1 Alpha - Houston
4th Floor - Schneider Electric Office Approx 18,000 square feet Offices and Cubicle Space Conference Rooms Collaboration/Break Room BTU Metering StruxureWare Building Operation b3 Fieldbus Control of AHU Control of supplemental FCU b3 retrofit of select VAV terminals Cypress Envirosystems Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat interface for select VAV terminals Training room FCU was occupied 24/7 we set tit up to only run as supplimental cooling to the VAVs Shawn says: We also reduced operating schedule of the floor set it up Also changed AHU control to utilize VFD, prior sequence just had the drive runnign 100% that help? The old program had the FCU on 24/7 with the CHW Valve wide open. Usage showed on average 6500 BTU. We shut it off except when needed, and re-programmed it. Now it seldom runs, and when it does, it uses only anbout 1500 BTU. enough that the building management accused us of disconnecting theirBTU meter. “The graphics look great and have created an exciting demonstration space in our office. The management company has been very impressed, not only with the system, but the reduced energy consumption on our floor” Chad Stewart - Houston Branch

27 Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
1.1 Beta, 1.2 Beta & 1.3 Beta Currently Airport Total 5,000,000 sq. ft. Landside, Airside1, 2, 3,4 Terminals & Out Buildings StruxureWare Building Operation 2 NW8k - ASD Networks and BACnet IP with MNB1000 Previously accessed through Niagara R2 2 Automation Servers 500,340 sq. Ft. 42 Active Devices VAV, PEM, Microzone II, and LIM controllers 20+ AS by end of July Alarm issue being resolved in 1.3 – Modbus multi-read available today in 1.3 beta Automation Servers deliver solid connectivity and functionality to the ASD field devices, as well as the BACnet IP devices. The Airport was thrilled to see the zoom in an area of a graphic and friendly use of scheduling and trending. Also the Airport will continue to upgrade with a total of 55 Automation Servers. Russ Escamilla & Iris Hernandez - MC², Inc Airport Office

28 Monday Properties – Portfolio including 1812 North Moore Street
1.1 Release & 1.2 Scalability 9 Bldgs 8+ Million GSF Will be the tallest building in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area StruxureWare Building Operation Ripping out Siemens from 9 bldgs Flipped from Continuum 16+ Automation Servers + b3 3 Modbus Trane chillers Pumps, Drives, Valves, FPVAV, AHU, etc. “Customer feedback indicates the system is very User Friendly and happy to report there have been no disruptions to the existing tenants as the existing system is replace with StruxureWare Building Operation.” John Hermann – Critical Systems by Schneider Electric

29 Davis School District 1.3 Beta 120 INET Buildings, 100+ INET Links
Datacenter StruxureWare Building Operation In SBO today = 105 buildings, 715 CLAN controllers and still going… Web Services to integrate Data Center Data from 10 Control By Web controllers in SBO via Generic Consume Hybrid building with INET and Xentas mention is that we are doing a Generic Web Service integration to a bunch of standalone controllers they have on their network, so far we have 10 of them brought into the system.  The controllers are from a company called Control By Web. “The process to discover the INET devices and import them is very easy, a user should be able to import any sized site within a couple of hours” Jarrod Curtis, Utah-Yamas Controls

30 Winning Strategies “StruxureWare 1st “ Web Services
All projects considered Project Review and 1st Project Support Web Services New opportunities Possible solution Transition NW8k and I/NET to SBO today! Service opportunities for all sites Possibility to re-use hardware and application programs Showing it Guided Video Tour Customer Link: – Buildings tab Download from: Customer presentation Demo kit and demo database Possible solutions to “limitations”

31 V1.2 Available on Buildings Extranet
Product Announcement Release Notes New Presentations Architecture Software

32 Community
Suggest your ideas! Vote on the ones you like… Discuss your experiences View videos and posts from those with experience

33 Q&A

34 Wrap-Up Deliverables: Available on the Buildings Business Extranet at
Sales Zone> Conference Materials > XchangeNET 2012 Survey: Complete this month’s survey and be entered into a drawing to win a $150 in American Express gift card

35 Backup

36 Hardware and Software Overview
Power Supply Automation Server Range of I/O modules Power Supply – Supplies 24V power to the system across a common bus Automation Server - Network Controller and Server. The Automation Server (AS) is the complete system. Centralized control, database, serving out to the User interface (either WorkStation or WebStation). Contains field bus connection that support LON or BACnet MS/TP and Modbus. There is a LON Automation Server (AS-L) and a BACnet Automation Server (AS-B). Both support Modbus. There are 16 different I/O modules to choose from to ensure each installation can be customized. Enterprise Server - Database, Program execution, Alarm handling, Extended trending, data aggregation. Enterprise Server concept very different for the Andover Continuum audience, combines the database with some workstation functions (alarm handling, running programs, extended logging). Identical concept to TAC I/A Series platform. (Note: Enterprise Server is software only; server hardware is not included.) WorkStation –Thick Client only. Connects to the Automation Server, Enterprise Server and Reports Server directly. Contains the User Interface for both Engineering and System Operation. User preferences follow user regardless of what computer they are signed onto. WebStation – Thin client. Refers to the user interface shown when a user connects to an Automation Server or Enterprise Server via a web browser. No software installed on the remote browsing machine (the client side). The server (Automation Server, Enterprise Server) is the web server hosting the direct connection and interface. Easy access via the internet from any where in the world. Reports Server - Replicated SQL database, web reporting tool. Contains built-in reports. Microsoft SQL reporting tool allows for customized reports. (Note: Reports Server is software only; server hardware is not included.) ES, WS,WEB run on MS XP, Win 7, Win Server Report Server runs on MS Win 7, Win Server 2008 Enterprise Server, WorkStation, WebStation and Reports Server could all be installed on the same physical PC – please check requirements in Data sheets for system requirements Software Enterprise Server Reports Server WorkStation WebStation

37 Reference Architecture - Multiple Automation Servers
Up to (maximum): •  1 Enterprise Server •  500 BACnet/IP devices per Enterprise Server (ES) •  200 Lon devices, up to 400 Network Variables per Enterprise Server (ES) If using Xenta devices, 200 Lon devices = 100 Lon devices Xenta devices •  32 Automation Servers •  50 BACnet MS/TP devices per BACnet Automation Server (AS-B) •  64 Lon devices, up to 400 Network Variables per Lon Automation Server (AS-L) If using Xenta devices, 64 Lon devices = 34 Lon devices + 30 Xenta devices If using MNL controllers, 64 Lon devices includes recommended maximum 32 MNL controllers (possible max 64 MNL controllers) StruxureWare Building Operation software allows all data from multiple devices throughout a building to be collected, analyzed, and managed – turning system data at the automation level into valuable business information at the management level.

38 Make the most of your energy

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