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B3: Communicating challenging learning expectations to each student

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1 B3: Communicating challenging learning expectations to each student
How does a teacher encourage, yet challenge, each student academically?

2 Key Words to Consider All students can learn Meaningful achievement
Confidence in students High standards Standards within reach “You can do it!” “You did it!!” approach

3 Bullet #1 Explains the importance of an environment in which challenging learning expectations are communicated

4 Exploring Question What is the impact/value on the teaching and learning process when effective teachers communicate an “I believe you can do it! attitude to all students?

5 Impact / Value Foster learner interest and growth
Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships Teachers need to establish expectations that are rigorous and meaningful, yet realistic – within reach – combined with encouragement for students to have the confidence to strive to succeed

6 Exploring Question How does use of the contemporary 3 R’s (Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship) communicate challenging learning expectations to EACH student?

7 Contemporary 3 R’s Rigor Relevance Relationship

8 Bullet #2 Describes how teachers show through words, actions, and attitudes that each student is capable of meaningful achievement

9 Exploring Question What are some descriptive examples of the words/statements, actions/behavior, and attitudes/beliefs effective teachers use/show that clearly demonstrate to ALL students that they are capable of meaningful achievement?

10 Ways a teacher communicates challenging learning expectations
Conveys the attitude that school is a place for learning and all students can learn States a commitment to individual excellence and high performance from learners Encourages learner responsibility for learning Explicitly (directly) or implicitly (indirectly) that each student is capable of learning

11 Ways a teacher actively encourages learners to meet challenging expectations
Words: encouraging comments Actions: enthusiasm Attitude: all learners are capable of achievement Encourage learners to think about how they think (metacognition) Define self-motivation and self-discipline as essential for life-long growth and learning

12 Final Thoughts A teacher’s confidence in learners can help learners “stretch” themselves to tackle challenging tasks A teacher’s high standards for learners can encourage them to produce work of high quality, completed with conscientious attention Teachers need to draw on the learners’ background knowledge and experiences to communicate expectations appropriate to individual or groups of students

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