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Communicating challenging learning expectations to each student

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1 Communicating challenging learning expectations to each student
Domain B3 Communicating challenging learning expectations to each student

2 Quotes of the Day “If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you will never change the outcome.” – Michael Jordan “Shoot for the moon – even if you miss you will land among the stars.” –Les Brown “You have got to be careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.” – Yogi Berra

3 Definition of Expectation
Knowing what you can and cannot achieve. It is what you believe will or will not happen.

4 Set-up of paper 1st paragraph: Intro
2nd paragraph: Why is it important to communicate challenging learning expectations to your students? 3rd paragraph: How would YOU, or your cooperating teacher, actively encourage learners to meet challenging expectations? 4th paragraph: Conclusion

5 Why are expectations so important?
All students are capable of learning. How much they will/can learn varies depending on skills, abilities and achievements. Make students work harder and try their best (each student’s “best” is different) You having and showing confidence helps students to complete difficult, challenging lessons

6 How do you encourage students to meet high expectations?
Challenging skill and ability level. (Don’t make things too easy just so they are guaranteed success) Provide confidence (“I know you can do well on this. You know the material and you have completed all the homework on this topic.)

7 Continued Challenge students to expand and improve on existing material Your attitude and demeanor (smile, joke, encourage students)

8 Possible artifacts Achievement contracts
Make lessons and assignments clear by telling them exactly what you expect from them (your clear learning targets) Give time to let students figure out the answers Continue to remain in charge

9 Learned Helplessness When a child is told over and over again they are not capable of learning, or accomplishing a task, or told they are stupid, etc. they will eventually believe that it is true. Isn’t that sad?

10 Conclusion It inspires students to do their best
Students give it their all Having a teacher believe in you helps a student achieve Set high standards and students will gain confidence in themselves SET HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR YOURSELF TOO! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

11 Due Dates This paper is due on Friday, January 9th.
For your midterm, make sure you have your portfolio completed (including artifacts) up to B4 (you will complete this paper before midterms) Your portfolio up to this point will be counted as your midterm grade (it is very important to get it all put together…use the break time wisely if you have fallen behind!)

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