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1 Germany

2 Federal Republic of Germany
Largest country in the European Union Population: 82 Million Capital: Berlin Federal Democratic Republic Government Currency: Euro National Anthem: Deutschlandlied

3 Religion Christianity accounts for 67% of the population
34% Roman Catholic 33% Protestant Islam follows with 5% Third largest Jewish population in Europe

4 Holidays and Observances
Oktoberfest- 2 week celebration late Sept. to 1st Sunday in Oct. National Day of Mourning- 2 weeks before Advent, remembrance of Nazi victims and war casualties German Unity Day- Oct. 3, reunification of East and West in 1990, German 4th of July Only federal & national holiday in Germany

5 Family Structure Patriarchal
90 percent of the population the family comes first in their list of personal priorities One and Two child families most prevalent

6 Traditional Outfits Women: Dirndl Dress, Blouse, Apron
Men: Lederhosen, Suspenders, Vests

7 Spargel (white Asparagus)
Food Fare Wurst (sausage) Wiener Schnitzel Pretzels Potato Pancakes Spargel (white Asparagus) Spätzle (noodles) Bier (Beer)

8 Fun Facts Work Week is Monday-Saturday
More football clubs in Germany than anywhere else in the world Count with thumb first Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival in the world Germany’s Autobahn has sections with no speed limit Over half of Germans are fluent in English

9 German Language Sampling
Guten Tag Guten Morgen Guten Nacht Bitte Danke Sprechen sie Deutsche? Auf Wiedersehen Good Day / Hello Good Morning Good Night Please Thank you Do you speak German? Goodbye Children’s Counting Song

10 German School System Kindergarten Grandschule Hauptschule Realschule
Gymnasium University


12 Teaching Strategies Field Independent Learning Hands-on learning
Problem solving/Real world situations

13 Implications for the Mainstream Teacher
Not enough parent involvement Cooperative Learning groups Improper English

14 Parent Involvement and Communitcation
Have an open house Invite parents in for culture week Translate notes, memos, and newsletters Family Oriented Do not ask for a home visit Take interest and be respectful

15 Hansel and Gretel Introduce German culture through a German fairy tale
Build Gingerbread houses


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