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The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank

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1 The Play of the Diary of Anne Frank
Act 1, Scene 5

2 Act 1, Scene 5: It is Hanukkah, a Jewish celebration.
Traditionally, presents are handed out: “We are all here, alive. That is present enough.” [Mrs Frank] Anne surprises everyone by making presents for everyone.

3 Act 1, Scene 5: The Hanukkah celebrations are interrupted by an intruder in the offices below. Peter knocks over a chair while trying to reach for the light. This frightens the burglar off … BUT … he knows that people are there.

4 Act 1, Scene 5: Otto Frank refocuses everyone on God by singing a traditional hymn.

5 Act 1, Scene 5: The themes that are explored through the characters and incidents in this scene are: Generosity Triumph over Adversity

6 Questions & Answers: Make a list of the presents that Anne gave each person.  Mr Frank got a muffler; Mrs Frank got a voucher for ten hours of doing whatever she says; Margot got a crossword puzzle book; Mr van Daan got cigarettes; Mrs van Daan got hair shampoo; Peter got a ball for Mouschi and a safety razor; Mr Dussel got earplugs. When Mrs Frank receives her present from Anne she says: “This is the most precious gift I’ve ever had.”  What does she mean by this?  The most precious gifts are the ones that show thought and effort because they come from the heart. How does each person react to the intruder? Mr Frank shows bravery and leadership. Mrs Frank turns to God and prays. Margot and Anne are afraid for their father. Peter shows courage in being prepared to face the intruder. Mr van Daan refuses to help and blames Peter. Mrs van Daan prepares to bribe anyone in an attempt to escape. Mr Dussel thinks ahead and realizes that they are in danger because someone knows where they are.

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