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NotableVstream (echo360)GoSoapBoxScopiaGoogleDocsMahara myPortfolioPreziDropboxBlackboard Available tools……

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2 NotableVstream (echo360)GoSoapBoxScopiaGoogleDocsMahara myPortfolioPreziDropboxBlackboard Available tools……

3 NotableVstream (echo360)GoSoapBoxScopiaGoogleDocsMahara myPortfolioPreziDropboxBlackboard

4 Vstream – Echo 360 What is it?Video streaming technology. Record audio, video and screen capture from desktop computer or in teaching space. Upload media into central server. Automatically publish content through Blackboard courses What does it allow me to do? Making podcast and vodcast recordings for, communication, content delivery and demonstration. Capturing more than just lecturing: presentations, guest lectures, interviews, demonstrations How do I get started?Log a call with Service Desk (5050) to get Personal Capture software loaded onto machine and request training on software for desktop and teaching space use

5 NotableVstream (echo360)GoSoapBoxScopiaGoogleDocsMahara myPortfolioPreziDropboxBlackboard

6 GoSoapBox What is it?Online Student response system Polls, quizzes, discussions and Q&A with students in real time. Results of polls can be displayed Confusion barometer allows students to inform anonymously of difficulty What does it allow me to do? Get real engagement from students during teaching time Get feedback and discussion on real-time response to teaching material Pull off response data for review How do I get started?Log a call with Service Desk (5050) to get training Go to To get a VUW license login Open browser and tell students the event code.

7 NotableVstream (echo360)GoSoapBoxScopiaGoogleDocsMahara myPortfolioPreziDropboxBlackboard

8 What is it?Learning/course management system that supports flexible learning and teaching by providing tools and facilities for creating, administering and delivering courses online. What does it allow me to do? Make teaching and learning content available to students securely with access form any webbrowser. Mobile learn allows access through any device How do I get started?See hp/Blackboard for resources and contact Centre for Academic Development for further development support and training hp/Blackboard

9 NotableScopiaGoogleDocs Mahara myPortfolio PreziDropbox Other tools used…… Online annotation and note sharing User: Stuart Brock KAREN network video conference and meetings conferencing Support: Service Desk Online cloud document storage creation, sharing and collaboration Support: Online and LRTT Online portfolio and personal learning environment to build evidence and reflect log in with VUW organisation Support: CAD & LRTT Online multilayer presentation creation User: Beth Smith & Jane Barratt Cloud file storage and sharing Support: Jonny Flutey

10 Others coming or to explore… Online communities, eg.

11 Who can help? ITS Service Desk / 5050 services php/Main_Page Colleagues in school/seminar series Centre for Academic Development Online communities and research Learning and Research Technology Team

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