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“EWE” Kick Off Meeting in November 2013 SANTA COLOMA DE GRAMENET (SPAIN)1 Home inside Soul Foundation.

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1 “EWE” Kick Off Meeting in November 2013 SANTA COLOMA DE GRAMENET (SPAIN)1 Home inside Soul Foundation

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3 3 total population of Hungary: less than 10 million people the unemployment rate is 9.8% (age 15–74) 54.3% of unemployed people had been searching for a job for one year or more the average duration of unemployment was 19.3 months age17-7415-2425-5455-74 Total (1000) 434,288,7300,644,9 Male (1000) 231,949,5157,924,5 Female (1000) 202,339,2142,720,4

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5 History: 2007: Home inside Soul Foundation and Oriold & Co. Publishing Company Basic dates: Status: NGO Place: Budapest Mission: psychological help, counselling (life, work etc.), suicide prevention, protection of interests Target groups: people with mental disorders, depressed people, family members of schizophrenic people, long term unemloyment people, people with mental illness risks Activities: sevice clubs, self helping, job seeker trainings, consulting, information system ( website with 10 thousand click per a month) 5 Home inside Soul Foundation

6 Job centers Partners The population of Budapest is circa 1,700,000 The Bp metropolitan area was home to circa 2,500,000 people The population of 1th, 2nd and 3th disticts is circa 240,000 The number of Job Center clients with metropolitan area is nearly 300,000 6

7 Mental health institutes: Hungarian Psychiatric Assotiation Hungarian Psychological Association Partner organizations (NGOs): public psychiatry NGOs of bipolar disorders and family members of schizhophrenic peoples etc. National Patient Forum Partners 7

8 Mental health and unemployment „More than 1 in 10 EU citizens suffer from depression at some point in their life and they commonly experience symptoms such as lack of attention, memory loss and difficulty planning and taking decisions. These cognitive symptoms can have a significant impact on quality of life and the ability to function professionally and socially.” European Depression Association (EDA) 8

9 Mental health and unemployment Depression as a consequence of the economic crisis by Prof. George N. Christodoulou, p. 14-18. „By 2020, depression will be the second leading cause of world disability (WHO, 2001) and by 2030; it is expected to be the largest contributor to disease burden (WHO, 2008).” 9

10 Disability rate in working age population: - OECD countries: less than 6% - Hungary: 12% Employment rate in people with reduced work capacity: - EU: either 40% - Hungary: 12-15% Activity level of labour market: - EU: 73% - OECD: 72,4% - Hungary: 62,4% Mental health and unemployment: Hungary 10

11 Hungarian population: less than 10 million Number of disability people: nearly 800 thousand Mental health and unemployment: Hungary Main cause of disabilities: behavioral disorder or mental disease (partly or whole) Women Men Age< 3940–5555 < Rate14,5%63,4%22,1% Age< 3940–5555 < Rate22%60,7%17,3% 11

12 Thank you! 12

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