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An Introduction to the new course: Language and Literature A1.2.

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1 An Introduction to the new course: Language and Literature A1.2

2 Laes A1 Why has there been a new course introduced? It had long been felt at IB that students with multi- lingual backgrounds would benefit from a course with more language variety, but still containing challenging literature content. This new course offers an alternative in Group 1 for students who may still enjoy literature, but who also enjoy language variety. Language and Literature also opens the door for more use of emerging texts such as electronic texts and so is more up to date. This new course is still designed for students who may have previously taken A2 but is also as vigorous and as challenging as A1.

3 Languages and Literature A1.2 Focus and content. Focus of the course is “To explore the role of context in the construction of meaning of a text.” Part 1 Language in Cultural Context. Part 2 Language and Mass Communication. Part 3 Literature in Translation. Part 4 Literature.

4 Part 1- Language in Cultural Context. The role of context is vital to the meaning of a text. In this part of the course, students will analyse closely the role of context in creating meaning for the reader. Texts will be varied and will include blogs, emails, photos, films and other emerging electronic texts. As Part 1and Part 2 progress, this use of context and themes will be analysed in comparison with literature texts from Part 3 and 4, in order to give a full understanding of the power of context in texts.

5 Part 2-Language and Mass Communication. Focus is on how the use of language creates the context, rather than the context itself. Part 2 is closely related to Part 1, with the focus again on students understanding the importance of context in understanding a text. However, Part 2 focuses more on how a context is created using language. Texts will include news reports, advertisements, newspaper reports, universal signs and images etc.

6 Part 3 Literature in Translation. Focus is on responding to texts using themes previously studied in Part 1 and 2. e.g. gender issues, political issues, the individual and society, conflict etc. Two texts will be studied at Standard level, at Higher level three texts. One of these texts will be in a language other than English (in translation) taken from the IB PLT, the other(s) will be originally in English.

7 Part 4 Literature. P Focus of Part 4 is close textual analysis of established literary texts. Part 4 involves the detailed study of 2 texts at SL and 3 texts at HL, all of which are written in English and taken from the IB PLA. (Prescribed list of authors.) These texts will also come from different genres, be in different forms and from different times.

8 Assessment. (Written.) Written tasks: students must complete at least 3 written analytical tasks at SL of 800-1000 words in length in part 1 and 2. (4 at HL) These are not essays. One of these is sent off to IB for external assessment. These tasks must include a rationale of 2-300 words. These tasks could be role plays, skits, extension of text types and are worth 20%

9 Assessment. (Examination.) Paper 1 – Textual analysis. (SL 90 minutes/ HL two hours.) SL analysis of two unseen texts. HL comparative analysis of one pair of unseen texts. (25%) Paper 2- Essay. ( SL 90 minutes/HL two hours.) Written essay based on both literary texts studied in Part 3. (SL) In HL essay is based on two literary texts from Part 3. (25%)

10 Assessment. (Orals) Individual Oral Commentary (IOC) Students comment on an extract of a text from Part 4. Students are given two guided questions. (15%) Further Oral Activity (FOA) Students complete at least two FOA’s based on both Part 1 and 2. These may be role plays, skits, dramatic monologues etc. One of these is submitted for final assessment. (15%)

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