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KOC Scripters present POWER BOT TOWER. CLICK BOT CLICK TOWER Notice the window that pops up.

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1 KOC Scripters present POWER BOT TOWER

2 CLICK BOT CLICK TOWER Notice the window that pops up

3 Tower Alerts The first thing you see is your cities listed in a row with red or green bars under them. Red “Def=ON” or Blue “Def=OFF” shows the defending status of your city. – Click a red bar and you will change it to green (not defending) – Click green bar and it changes to red (defending)

4 Tower Alerts Click the A0|S0 The name of the city you picked the A0|S0 for is in the upper right corner. The yellow section is marches out by you. The Green section is troops you have in your city. Troops you have defending your city are in the purple row If you have reinforcements they will show individually in the purple row. The information pertaining to any incoming attacks will be in the last section. Who, what, when, where, how many…

5 Tower Alerts During an incoming attack to stop any sirens sounding because of the attack CLICK “STOP SOUND ALERT”

6 Configuration

7 The Text Message Away from your computer but have a cell phone? Want to know you need to return to your KOC game? Check mark the Text box Select a country from the drop down menu. Select a Cell phone provider Type in your 10 digit phone number Close BOT Now you will never miss knowing or whoever’s cell phone you have programmed here, will always know if your under attack. Standard Text Messaging rates apply, not all countries or cell carriers are listed. KOC Scripters are not responsible for any cell phone charges that may incur due to use.

8 Configuration Auto Tower Reporting Place a checkmark in the “Automatically post incoming attacks to alliance chat” You can place a custom message in the “Message Prefix” field or use the default. Check mark all types of attacks you want posted in the alliance chat. Type in the minimum amount of troops you want your alliance to know about in alliance chat. If you want to automatically stop raiding barbs check mark the option Checking this option stops only the raids in the city receiving attacks Remember in order for your troops “Raiding troops” to defend they must deleted from the rally point not just stopped.

9 Configuration Incoming attack SIRENS! Check mark “Play sound on Incoming attack/scout If you know of a different sound downloaded on the internet place the address in the “Sound file” field and click Load, otherwise the default air siren will play on every attack. “Checkmark the Repeat every _____ minutes” if you want the file to repeat. How many seconds do you want the noise to repeat? Type in the number in this field. To test the sound file, click “Play Now”

10 THE END This has been a presentation brought to you by the KOC Scripters. These methods are not guaranteed to work with any script created or modified by any other non official KOC Scripter. Use caution when downloading someone else's scripts as they may conflict with the correct use of this script. Use these scripts at your own risk as the developers do not assume any liability for improper use of the scripts. David Larson - Contributor

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