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Company Profile 502,Nilakantha Nagar Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar-12.

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1 Company Profile 502,Nilakantha Nagar Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar-12


3 1

4 This Firm, namely D.S.Consultants formed in the year 2003, initially started with small civil consultancy firm and it grew with the flow of time due to the Commitment, Quality and Timely delivery of the assignment. In this process more experience personnel from different field joined the organization. Hence the field of activities grew and firm picks up and delivers more important assignment. quipped with all sophisticated instruments, latest software and a g For the smooth operation of the firm, Other than the sophisticated infrastructure assets, the firm has much more valued, dedicated, experience human assets. Through Civil Consultancy is the main area of operation of this firm initially, it has extended to other allied fields like Architectural/Structural design, Topographic and Hydrographic Survey with latest equipment, Soil Exploration, Quality control, All type of construction material testing, Plate/Pile load testing, Structural care and rehabilitation, Soil stabilization, strengthening all type of damage structure and Industrial Safety management planning. The firm has office at Bhubaneswar eovernment approved laboratory with all modern facilities for testing of soil and all type of construction materials and field laboratory to do the field testing on the site. The firm always marches ahead its goal and never failed date with his client. Sincerity, Punctuality and Commitment to clients’ satisfaction are never in sort supply in the firm. And the same attitude is maintained with all its clients, starting from the most humble to the multinational. Presently the firm has seven units looking the different field of consultancy work. Introduction 2

5 We have a complete infrastructure in Topographic Survey, Hydrographic Survey, Structural Planning and Design, Land Scaping, Town Planning, Architectural Design, Testing of all type of Construction Materials including soil testing, Non-destructive Testing of all type of structure, Soil Exploration, Industrial Safety Management Planning and other allied fields. We can handle any type of project of any magnitude within the given time frame to the entire satisfaction of the client. Highly qualified and experienced personnel professionally manage the organization. These specialized services are being provided to various reputed Government/Public Sector, Industries, Builders, Institutions, Hotel & Resorts, Architects and other Private sector organization. We have a good number of young dedicated Engineers, Surveyors and Professionals to meet the goal at the stipulated time with the proper guidance of the of the highly experienced retired advisor group. Capabilities 3

6 1. Brig. B.K.Singh : Survey of India, (Retd.) 2. Gopabandhu Rath: Chief Engineer, Mechanical, (Retd.) 3. Niranjan Sahu: Deputy Director of Factory & Boiler (Retd.) 4. Sadasiv Dash: Senior Scientist (Retd.) (State Government Laboratory) Advisor Group 4

7 D.S.CONSULTANTS Adviser Group Technical UnitManagement Unit Architectural/ Structural Unit Survey Unit Quality Control Unit Base Laboratory Material Section Bitumen Section Soil Section Chemical Section Field Laboratory Soil Exploration Unit Industrial Safety Management Planning Unit HRD & Marketing Finance 5

8 1. Architectural / Structural Units 6

9 b. Printer 1. HP Laser Jet M2727 MFP 1 no 2. HP Color Laser Jet 1600 1 no 3. Plotter – HP Design Jet 500 Plus 1 no 4. Scanner – HP Scanner 2300C 1 no 5. Digital Camera 2 nos 6. Handy Cam 1 no 7. Ammonia Printing Machine 1 no A. Technical Strength 1.Consulting Architect (B.Arch.)1 2.Consulting Engineer (B.Tech, Civil)1 3.Architectural Asst. (Drafts Man)4 B. Facilities a. Computer 1. Dual Core Multimedia System 3 nos 2. Pentium -4 Multimedia System 3 nos 3. IBM Laptop – Centrino Mobile Technology3 nos c. Transportation 1. Mahindra Logan 1 no 2. Indica 1 no 7

10 2. Survey Units 8

11 A. Technical Strength 1. Sr. Survey Engineer2 2. Surveyor6 3. Assistant Surveyor.6 4. Survey Technician15 5. Temporary Skilled Labours25 B. Facilities a. Equipment 1. Global Positioning System (GPS) Hand Held 2 sets 2. Global Positioning System (GPS) RTK 2 sets 3. Total Station with 1” Accuracy & Reflector Less (Sokkia Japan) 2 sets 4. Total Station with 2” Accuracy & Reflector Less (Sokkia Japan) 2 sets 5. Total Station 3” Accuracy 3 (Sokkia Japan) 2 sets 6. Digital Theodolite (DAD, China) 1sets 7. Special Target Set Level 3sets 8. Automatic level c-14, c32 (Sokkia, Japan) 5 sets 9. Digital Level (Leica, England) 2 sets 10. Plain Table Set Complete with Sight Rule, Chain, Pt Level, Compass, Measurement Tapes etc 3 sets 11. 30 mt. Tape (Fibre Glass) 12 nos 12. 30mt. Tape (Steel) 5 nos 13. 15mt. Tape (Steel) 5 nos 14. Eco Sounder (Garmin, Germany) 2 nos 9

12 b. Data Processor 1. Dual Core Multimedia System4 nos 2. Acer Laptop – Dual core processor6 nos 3. Soft ware (Auto Plotter, Auto Civil, Cardian Arch., AutoCAD)3 nos c. Printer 1. A0 Plotter – HP Design Jet 500 Plus1 no 2. Scanner – HP Scanner 2300C1 no 3. Digital Camera2 nos 4. Ammonia Printing Machine1 no d. Transportation 1. Tata Sumo, Indica etc on hire basis 10 nos 10

13 3. Quality Control Unit (Base Laboratory) 11

14 A. Technical Strength 1.Consulting Engineer (Lab.)2 2.Sr. Scientist & Quality Manager (Lab.)2 3.Technical Assistance (Lab)6 4.Technical Attendant6 B. Facilities a. Computer 1. Pentium -4 Multimedia System 3 nos b. Printer 1. HP Laser Jet M2727 MFP1 no 2. HP Color Laser Jet 16001 no 12

15 A. Material Section Testing Equipment:- SL. NO. DESCRIPTIONQNTY 01 Cube Mould 70mm X 70mm X 70mm Made Of Mild Steel ISI (As Per IS -10080-1982) 10 nos 02 Cube Mould 50mm X 50mm X 50mm Made Of Mild Steel ISI (As Per IS -10080-1982) 10 nos 03 Cube Mould 150mm X 150mm X 150mm Made Of Mild Steel with ISI mark (As Per IS No-10080-1982) 25 nos 04 Cement Vibrating Machine With Calibration Certificate IS: 4031- 1968 With ISI Mark Mould Complete With Time Switch 1 no 05Vicat Apparatus with despot with ISI mark1no 06Pycnometer2 nos 07Balance:- 10KG of LC 1gm1 no 08 Digital Weighing Machine of max 30kg, LC=1gm & max 500gm, LC=0.01gm 1each 09Sieve Shaker Hand Operated1 no 10 Standard Test Sieves of 200mm dia (Brass Frames) 4.75mm,3.35mm,2.80mm,2.36mm,2.00mm,1.70mm,1.40mm, 1.18mm,1.0mm,850micron,710 micron,600 micron,500 micron,425 micron,355 micron,300 micron,250 micron,212 micron,180 micron,150 micron,125 micron,106 micron,53 micron,50 micron,45 micron,40 micron,25 micron,75 micron & Lid with pan. 2 set 11Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus With Counter1 no 12Thickness Gauge IS : 2386 (Part1)1 no 13Length Gauge1 no 14Hot Air Oven2 no 13

16 15Compaction Factor Machine1 no 16 Standard Test Sieves of 450mm dia (GI Sheet Frames) 90mm, 45mm, 26.5mm, 22.4mm, 20mm, 16mm, 10mm, 6.3mm, 5.3mm, 2.8mm, 1.7mm, 25mm, 40mm, 5.6mm, 6.7mm, 12.5mm, 125mm, 11.2mm, 37.9mm, 50mm, lid & pan 1set 17 Compression Testing Machine Electrically Cum Hand Operated With Digital Pressure Gauge Of Capacity 2000kn With Brick Testing Attachment 1 no 18 Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated With Two Pressure Gauge Of Capacity 1000kn With Brick Testing Attachment 1 no 19Slump Test Apparatus IS:7320-19741 no 20 Variable Flow Type Air Permeability Apparatus (Blaine type) with ISI mark IS: 5516-1969 1 no 21 Shrinkage Bar Mould (Single) IS: 4031-1698,2386(P-VII)- 1963,10086-1982, ASTMC-151 1 no 22Le-Chatelier Mould1 no 23Le-Chatelier Water Bath2 nos 24Gauging Trowel2 nos 25Tube Sampler2 nos 26Los Angles Abrasion1 no 27High Speed Stirrer1 no 28Cement Tensile Testing Machine1 no 29Concrete Vibrating Table1 no 14

17 31Plat Form Weighing Machine (Cap-150Kg, LC=10gm) Digital1 no 32Vernier Caliper1 no 33Small Cement Mixture1 no 34Sand Density Cone1 no 35Density Bucket1 no 36Standard Sand For Cement Testing3 nos 37Measuring Cylinder of Capacity 500ml & 1000ml5set 38Measuring Cylinder (Torson) 100ml20 nos 39Measuring Cylinder (Borosil) Capacity 100ml30 nos 40Non Destructive Hammer1 no 15

18 B. Bitumen Section Testing Equipment:- SL. NO DESCRIPTIONQNTY 01 Marshall Mould 15 nos 02 Ductility Test 1 no 03 Marshall Stability Apparatus With Complete Set 1 no 04 Ring & Ball Apparatus For Softening Point 1 no 05 Standard Viscometer 1 no 06 Flash & Fire Point Apparatus 1 no 07 Bitumen Lab Mixer 1 no 08 Bitumen Extractor Hand Operated 1 no 09 Softening Point Electric Operated 1 no 10 Determination Of Water Content 1 no 11 Flash Breaking Point Apparatus 1 no 12 Bitumen Constant Temp Bath 1 no 13 Specific Gravity Bottle 6 nos 14 Penetrometer 1 no 15 Muffle Furnace 1 no 16 Water Bath 1 no 17 Refrigerator 1 no 16

19 23Measuring Cylinder (Borosil)30 nos 24 Hot Air Oven 2 nos 25 Standard Test Sieves of 200mm dia (Brass Frames) 4.75mm, 3.35mm, 2.80mm, 2.60mm, 2.36mm, 2.00mm, 1.70mm, 1.40mm, 1.18mm, 1.0mm, 850micron, 710micron, 600micron, 500 micron, 425 micron, 355 micron, 300 micron, 250micron, 212 micron,180 micron, 150 micron, 125 micron,106 micron, 90micron, 53 micron, 50 micron, 45 micron, 40 micron, 25 micron, 75 micron & Lid with pan. 1 set 26 Weighing Machine of capacity 30kg,LC of 1.0gm & capacity of 500 gm, LC of 0.01gm 2 sets 17

20 D. Chemical Section Testing Equipment:- Sl. No. DescriptionSizeQNTY 01Digital pH Meter With Accessories2 nos 02Digital Soil-Water Teat Kit With All Accessories1 no 03Distillation Unit (Borosil) With All Accessories1 no 04 Measuring Cylinder100ml40 nos 05 Beaker100ml30 06 Beaker250ml20 07 Beaker500ml10 08 Conical flask500ml7 09 Filtering flask500ml6 10 Funnel50mm10 11 Funnel75mm8 12 Funnel100mm6 13 Burette50ml8 14 Pipette50ml6 15 Pipette25ml10 16 Pipette10ml10 17 Pipette graduated25ml6 18 Pipette graduated10ml6 19 Wash Bottle500ml3 20 Wash Bottle1000ml2 21 Burette stand2 18

21 4. Quality Control Unit (Field Laboratory) 19

22 b. Field Equipment A. Technical Strength 1. Consulting Engineer (Field) 1 2. Field Laboratory Assistance 5 3. Temporary Skilled Labours 10 B. Facilities a. Computer 1. Acer Laptop – Dual Core Processor1 no SL. NO DESCRIPTIONQNTY 01 Static Cone Penetro Meter1 set 02 Dynamic Cone Penetro Meter1 set 03 Field Vane Shears Apparatus1 set 04 Electrical Resistivity Test Apparatus1 set 05 Field Density Apparatus by Sand Replacement Method3 sets 06 Field Density Apparatus By Core Cutter Method3 sets 07 Hydraulic Jack :- 50ton3 sets 08 Hydraulic Jack :- 150ton2 sets 09 Plate/Pile Load Test Accessories3 sets 10 Field Permeability Test Apparatus1 set 11 Field CBR apparatus1 set 12 Rapid Moisture Meter2 nos 13 Rebound Hammer (NDT)1 no 14 Electronic Weighing Machine (Max-30kg, LC-1 gm)1 no 15 Bitumen Centrifugal Extractor4 nos 16 Pickup Van, Tata 909 etc on hire8 nos 20

23 5. Sub-Soil Exploration Unit 21

24 a. Field Equipment A. Technical Strength 1. Consulting Engineer (Soil Investigation)1 2. Technical Asst. (Soil Investigation)7 3. Temporary Skilled Labours28 B. Facilities Sl. No. DescriptionQNTY 01Wash Boring Equipment- Includes All Accessories3 sets 02Rotary Drilling Equipment with All Accessories3 sets 03Diamond NX Bit10 nos 04TC bit20 nos 05Soil Cutter20 nos 06Thin Wall Sampler Tube (UDS)100 nos 07Standard Penetration Test Sampler (SPT)10 nos 08Stand by 5 HP Engine2 nos 09Stand by 5 HP Engine with Pump1 no. 22

25 6. Industrial Safety Management Planning Unit 23

26 A. Technical Strength 1.Sr. Safety Officer1 2.Safety Officer1 3.Technical Assistance2 B. Facilities a. Computer 1. Pentium -4 Multimedia System 2 nos 2. HP Laser Jet M2727nf1 no 3.. Software ( i CASS)2 nos b. Transportation 1. Two Wheeler3 nos 24

27 7. (A) Management Unit (HRD & Marketing Section) 25

28 A. Technical Strength 1.Consulting Engineer (Lab.)2 2.Sr. Scientist & Quality Manager (Lab.)2 3.Technical Assistance (Lab)6 4.Technical Attendant6 B. Facilities a. Computer 1. Pentium -4 Multimedia System 3 nos 1. Pentium -4 Multimedia System 3 nos b. Printer 1. HP Laser Jet M2727 MFP1 no 1. HP Laser Jet M2727 MFP1 no 2. HP Color Laser Jet 16001 no 2. HP Color Laser Jet 16001 no 26

29 7. (A) Management Unit (Finance Section) 27

30 A. Financial Group 1.Charted Accountant1 2.Accountant2 3.Peon3 B. Facilities a.Computer 1. Pentium -4 Multimedia System 2 nos 2. HP Laser Jet M2727nf1 no 3. Software (Tally 9.0, MS Office 2007)2 nos b. Transportation 1. Two Wheeler 3 nos 28

31 Client List 29

32 30 A. Govt. / Public Sector 1.OTDC Ltd.,BBSR 2. Executive Engineer R&B Division, Baliguda. 3. Paradeep Port Trust(Building Construction Division),Paradeep 4. Paradeep Port Trust(Harbor Work Division), Paradeep 5.Hindustan Steel Work Construction Ltd., Bhubaneswar 6.Irrigation Division, Bargarh 7.Irrigation Division, Balangir 8.National Highway authority of India 9.Orissa Hydro Power Corporation Ltd, Bhubaneswar B. Private Sector a.Industries b.Builders c.Architect d.Institution e.Hotel & Resort f.others a.Industries 1.United Breweries Ltd, Khurda 2.Brahmani River Pallets Ltd., Bhubaneswar 3.Deepak Steel & Power Ltd., Barbil 4.O.S.L. Ltd., Cuttack 5.B.R.G. Iron & steel Company Ltd., Anugul

33 31 6.Dinabandhu Steel & power Ltd., Anugul 7.Rawmet Ferrous Industries Ltd., Antapur 8.MESCO Steel, Jajpur 9.MESCO Kalinga Steel Ltd., Jajpur 10.Shyam DRI Power ltd., Sambalpur 11.Aryan Ispat & Power Pvt. Ltd., Sambalpur 12.Krishna Ferro Pvt. Ltd., Rajgangpur 13.Baitari Power Project Ltd., Keonjhar (Hydro Power Survey) 14.Navabharat Venture Pvt. Ltd., Dhenkanal 15.MGM Steels Ltd, Denkanal 16.Hindal Co Industries Ltd., Hirakuda (Coal Mine Working Survey) 17.Bhusan steel ltd., Dhenkanal 18.Utakal Galvaniser Ltd., Denkanal 19.Jindal steel & Power Ltd., Bhubaneswar 20.MSP Sponge Iron Ltd., Keonjhar 21. GMR Energy Ltd., Anugul 22.Maheswari Ispat Ltd., Khuntuni 23.Shree Metalicks Ltd., Keonjhar 24.International Auto Ltd., Maniha 25.Ardent Steel Ltd., Keonjhar 26.Orissa Industries Ltd., Baranga 27.Aditya Sponge, Telkoi

34 32 1.J.J Group, Bhubaneswar 2.Mahaveer Multiplex (O) PvT. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 3.Eastern India Construction Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 4.Meridia Build Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 5.Metro Builder (O) Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 6.Shibani Estates & Prompters Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 7.Krishna Group of Company, Bhubaneswar 8.Trishna Builder Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 9.Arnnapurna Realcon Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 10.Panda Infra Structure Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 11.Jagannath Promoters & Builder Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 11.A.K.Das Associates Ltd., Bhubaneswar 12.S.J. Developer Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 13.Manjeera Construction Ltd., Hydrabad 14.Arcon Engicon Pvt. Ltd., Gujrat 15.SurajBhan Home & Commercials Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 16.Odyssa Home & Commercials Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 17.Bijaya Laxmi Pvt. Ltd., Jharsuguda 18.ELSMEX TWS SNC (JV), Balasore b. Builders

35 33 c. Architect 1.SPARC, Bhubaneswar 2.IL & FS Eco Smart Ltd., New Delhi 3.Aakar Architects, Bhubaneswar 4.Sourastra Das Consultant, Bhubaneswar 5.GMS Powerpacks Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 6.Sthapati Associates Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow 7.Industrial Consultancy Ltd., Bhubaneswar 8.Designer’s Forum, Bhubaneswar 9.Architects Collective, Bhubaneswar 10.Ratha Architectonic, Bhubaneswar 11.Buildsol, Bhubaneswar 12.Creative Design Group, Bhubaneswar 13.S.Kumar & Associate, NewDelhi 14.Ideaz, Bhubaneswar 15.Ori Tech Consultants, Bhubaneswar 16.Senior Consortium, Bhubaneswar 17.Architect Points, Bhubaneswar

36 1.Kalinga Bharati Residential College, Cuttack 2.C.V.Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar 3.Institute of Technical Education & Research, Bhubaneswar 4.Basanti Das Educational Trust, Bhubaneswar 5.Alakanada Philanthropic Trust, Bhubaneswar 6.D.A.V. Public School, C.S.Pur, Bhubaneswar 7.Royal School of Management, Bhubaneswar 8.NSHM Academy, Durgapur, West Bengal 9.Purusattam Education Resarch & Charitable Trust, Bhubaneswar 10.D.J. groups of Institution, Bhubaneswar 11.International Management Institute, NewDelhi 12.Priyarani Institution of Engineering Science & Technology, Bhubaneswar 13.Bhubaneswar Institution of Technology, Bhubaneswar 14.Saraswata Educational Trust, Bhubaneswar 15.Aryan Educational Trust, Bhubaneswar 16. Oneness Educational & Charitable Trust, Bhubaneswar 17.ITER Engineering College, Bhubaneswar 18.Institute of mathematics and application, Bhubaneswar 34 d. Institution

37 35 e. Hotel & Resort f. Others 1.Royal Hotel Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 2.Safari Retreats Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 3.Mayfair Hotel & Resorts, Bhubaneswar 4.Forum Project Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 5.Bharat Spa & resort, Jharsuguda 6.Prachi Resort Ltd., Bhubaneswar 7.Safari Retreats Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar 8.Tosahli Sand, Puri 1.O TV, Bhubaneswar 2.AABSYS, Bhubaneswar 3.CSM Technology, Bhubaneswar 4.Puri Jagannath Temple Trust, Puri

38 36 Sl. No ClientScope Of WorkValue 01National Highway Authority of India Alignment, Section Survey and Land Acquisition 15 lakhs 02Tosahli Sand, PuriTopography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 1.1 lakhs 03ITER Engineering college, Bhubaneswar Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 1.4 lakhs 04Institute of Mathematics and Application, Bhubaneswar Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 1.7 lakhs 05Aditya Sponge, TelkoiTopography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 2.78 lakhs 06C.V.Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 2 lakhs 07OTDC LimitedTopography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 7.65 Lakhs 08Mayfair Hotel & Resorts, Bhubaneswar Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 3.0 Lakhs 09MESCO Steel, JajpurTopography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 6.93 Lakhs 10Dinabandhu Steel and Power, Jajpur Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 3.28 Lakhs 11Brahmani Rivers Pellets Ltd., Jajpur (Stemcor Group, UK) Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 8.0 Lakhs 12MESCO Kalinga Steels Ltd.,Jajpur Topography, Contouring survey5.28 Lakhs 13Puri Jagannath Temple Trust, Puri Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 3.8 lakhs 14Irrigation Division, BargarhAlignment and Section Survey of canal 14 Lakhs 15Irrigation Division, BalangirAlignment and Section Survey of canal 8.6 Lakhs 16Rawmwt Ferrous IndustriesTopography, Contouring survey3.55 Lakhs 17Bhubaneswar Institue of Technology, Bhubaneswar Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 1.3 Lakhs 18International Management Institute, NewDelhi Topography, Contouring survey and Soil Investigation 3.8 Lakhs Brief Description of Some Major Work Done

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