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2 Cloud Product

3 Step 1: Algorithm Decision -JMA/MSC has reviewed the algorithms of cloud products for MSG by NWC SAF and for GOES-R by NOAA/NESDIS -JMA/MSC plans to create the new algorithm based on that of NWC SAF -Some part of NOAA/NESDIS algorithm will be introduced Step 2: Coding Software -Cloud mask, cloud type/phase: almost completed -Cloud height: completed Step 3: Threshold Values -Preparation of Look Up Tables -Adjustment of threshold values Step 4: Validation CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06 Development of Cloud Product (Plan)

4 Examples CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06 RGB Image R: A0.64 G: A0.86 B: T11.2 1512UTC 7 th Apr. 2012 Cloud Mask

5 CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06 1512UTC 7 th Apr. 2012 fractional very high opaque high opaque medium opaque low opaque very low opaque semi-trans p. thick sem. meanly thick semi-trans p. thin Cloud Type Cloud Top Altitude (m) Examples

6 Volcanic Ash Product

7 Development of Volcanic Ash Retrieval Software for Himawari-8/9 (Plan) Step 1: Introducing EUMETSAT Volcanic Ash Retrieval software for MSG in JMA/MSC by March 2013 -JMA/MSC has installed software on the computer system and applied it to MTSAT-2 in collaboration with EUMETSAT -The new volcanic ash product started to be provided for VAAC/Tokyo in pre-operation mode (March, 2013) Step 2: Introducing NOAA/NESDIS Volcanic Ash Retrieval software in JMA/MSC in collaboration with NOAA/NESDIS -JMA/MSC and NOAA/NESDIS had a technical meeting on the Volcanic Ash Retrieval algorithm and software -Procedure to install NOAA/NESDIS software is ongoing Step 3: JMA/MSC will operate above two products in parallel and provide to VAAC/Tokyo after Himawari-8 will be in operation Step 4: Further verification and improvements will be done in cooperation with EUMETSAT and NOAA/NESDIS CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06

8 Progression Status of Volcanic Ash Product since Nov. 2012 LUT from EUMETSAT (November, 2012) First VA retrieval experiment for Mt. Shinmoe, Mt. Bulusan and Mt. Tolbachik (December, 2012) Technical meeting with EUMETSAT and UKMO (28 th January – 1 st February, 2013) Technical meeting with NOAA/NESDIS (25 th February – 1 st March, 2013) Volcanic ash product started to provide for VAAC/Tokyo in pre-operation mode (March, 2013) WMO 6 th Volcanic Ash Science Workshop (11-15 March, 2013, Indonesia) CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06

9 Examples Mt. Sarychev 2009.6.14 0300UTC Mt. Shinmoe 2011.1.27 0000UTC Mt. Merapi 2010.11.11 2000UTC Mt. Bulusan 2011.2.21 0400UTC CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06

10 Dust Product

11 Development of Dust Product (Plan) Product will be developed for the purpose of monitoring of Asian dust Two different approaches, one from visible and near-infrared data and another one from infrared data, will be taken for the product Algorithm for visible data product has been developed based on NOAA/NESDIS Aerosol algorithm NOAA/NESDIS volcanic ash algorithm will be applied for the product from infrared data CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06

12 Progress on Development of Visible Data Based Dust Product Reviewed ATBD for NOAA/NESDIS aerosol product (2012.4-6) Designed LUT for aerosol retrieval and generated 1 st version of LUT (2012.8-11) Experimental retrieval from MODIS L1B data (2012.12) Mie scattering and radiative transfer calculation tools for LUT calculation developed by JMA/MRI are being installed to JMA/MSC computer system Algorithm and/or LUT will be adjusted using Himawari-8 data after the data becomes available CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06

13 Example (Optical Depth, 01 May 2011) CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06 New Algorithm with MODIS/Terra (0430 UTC), without cloud mask Current Algorithm with MTSAT-2 (0500 UTC)

14 Plan for infrared based Dust Product MSC is planning to use NOAA/NESDIS volcanic ash algorithm for aerosol Product Development will be started after MSC received the NOAA/NESDIS software for volcanic ash The β-ratio of Asian dust for the software will be calculated in advance by the end of this year CGMS-41 2013/7/8-12JMA-WP-06

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