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Verb a0kou/w (+gen. of person, acc. of thing) I hear.

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2 Verb a0kou/w (+gen. of person, acc. of thing) I hear

3 Verb e0qe/lw (+infinitive) I am willing; I wish

4 Verb e1xw I have; I hold

5 Verb qewre/w I watch; I see

6 Verb poie/w I make; I do

7 Noun o9 a1ggeloj messenger

8 Noun o9 a0nh/r man, husband

9 Noun h9 gu/nh woman; wife

10 Noun h9 e9orth/ festival

11 Noun h9 quga/thr daughter

12 Noun o9 kairo/j time; right time

13 Noun h9 krh/nh spring; fountain

14 Noun h9 mh/thr mother

15 Noun h9 u0dri/a water jar

16 Noun o9 xoro/j dance; chorus

17 Adjective fi/loj, -h, -on dear; friendly

18 Preposition a0po/ (+gen) from; away

19 Preposition pro/j (+ dat.) at; near; by (+ acc.) to; towards

20 Adverb i0dou/ look!

21 kai/ even; also; too Adverb

22 ma/la very

23 Adverb mo/lij with difficulty; scarcely; reluctantly

24 Adverb prw=ton first

25 Adverb taxe/wj quickly; swiftly

26 Particle a0=ra introduces a question

27 Expression e0n nw|= e1xw (+ infinitive) I have in mind; I intend

28 Proper Name ta\ Dionu/sia the Festival of Dionysus

29 Expression ta\ Dionu/sia poie/w I celebrate the Festival of Dionysus

30 Proper Name h9 Me/litta Melissa, daughter of Dicaeopolis

31 Proper Name h9 Murri/nh Myrrhine (Myrtle), the wife of Dicaeopolis

32 Let’s Review!

33 Verb a0kou/w

34 Verb e0qe/lw

35 Verb e1xw

36 Verb qewre/w

37 Verb poie/w

38 Noun o9 a1ggeloj

39 Noun o9 a0nh/r

40 Noun h9 gu/nh

41 Noun h9 e9orth/

42 Noun h9 quga/thr

43 Noun o9 kairo/j

44 Noun h9 krh/nh

45 Noun h9 mh/thr

46 Noun h9 u0dri/a

47 Noun o9 xoro/j

48 Adjective fi/loj, -h, -on

49 Preposition a0po/

50 Preposition pro/j

51 Adverb i0dou/

52 kai/ Adverb

53 ma/la

54 Adverb mo/lij

55 Adverb prw=ton

56 Adverb taxe/wj

57 Particle a0=ra

58 Expression e0n nw|= e1xw

59 Proper Name ta\ Dionu/sia

60 Expression ta\ Dionu/sia poie/w

61 Proper Name h9 Me/litta

62 Proper Name h9 Murri/nh

63 Again- Faster!

64 Verb a0kou/w

65 Verb e0qe/lw

66 Verb e1xw

67 Verb qewre/w

68 Verb poie/w

69 Noun o9 a1ggeloj

70 Noun o9 a0nh/r

71 Noun h9 gu/nh

72 Noun h9 e9orth/

73 Noun h9 quga/thr

74 Noun o9 kairo/j

75 Noun h9 krh/nh

76 Noun h9 mh/thr

77 Noun h9 u0dri/a

78 Noun o9 xoro/j

79 Adjective fi/loj, -h, -on

80 Preposition a0po/

81 Preposition pro/j

82 Adverb i0dou/

83 kai/ Adverb

84 ma/la

85 Adverb mo/lij

86 Adverb prw=ton

87 Adverb taxe/wj

88 Particle a0=ra

89 Expression e0n nw|= e1xw

90 Proper Name ta\ Dionu/sia

91 Expression ta\ Dionu/sia poie/w

92 Proper Name h9 Me/litta

93 Proper Name h9 Murri/nh

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