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2.4 RBX430-1. BYU CS 124RBX4302 Topics to Cover… MSP430F2274 RBX430-1 Development Board Interfaces ADC10 Ports USART I 2 c Peripherals Timer_A/B Watchdog.

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Presentation on theme: "2.4 RBX430-1. BYU CS 124RBX4302 Topics to Cover… MSP430F2274 RBX430-1 Development Board Interfaces ADC10 Ports USART I 2 c Peripherals Timer_A/B Watchdog."— Presentation transcript:

1 2.4 RBX430-1

2 BYU CS 124RBX4302 Topics to Cover… MSP430F2274 RBX430-1 Development Board Interfaces ADC10 Ports USART I 2 c Peripherals Timer_A/B Watchdog FRAM Switches Speaker

3 Ultra-low Power + High-Performance Modern 16-bit RISC CPU 1K to 128KB+ ISP Flash 14- to 100-pin options Intelligent peripherals boost performance Embedded emulation 0.1µA power down 0.8µA standby mode 250µA / 1MIPS <1µs clock start-up Zero-power BOR <50nA pin leakage BYU CS 124RBX4303

4 BYU CS 124RBX4304 Handheld Measurement Air Flow measurement Alcohol meter Barometer Data loggers Emission/Gas analyser Humidity measurement Temperature measurement Weight scales Medical Instruments Blood pressure meter Blood sugar meter Breath measurement EKG system Home environment Air conditioning Control unit Thermostat Boiler control Shutter control Irrigation system White goods (Washing machine,..) Misc Smart card reader Taxi meter Smart Batteries Utility Metering Gas Meter Water Meter Heat Volume Counter Heat Cost Allocation Electricity Meter Meter reading system (RF) Sports equipment Altimeter Bike computer Diving watches Security Glass break sensors Door control Smoke/fire/gas detectors MSP430 Typical Applications MSP430F2274

5 BYU CS 124RBX4305 IMPORTANT!!! Beware of static electricity, don't touch the components directly. Never disconnect a target board from the USB programmer if still plugged into the computer or from the battery unit with jumper on. Otherwise you destroy the board! MSP430F2274

6 BYU CS 124RBX4306 Computrol Facilities Development Board

7 BYU CS 124RBX4307 Printed Circuit Boards Development Board

8 BYU CS 124RBX4308 Apply Solder Paste Development Board

9 BYU CS 124RBX4309 Robots Place Parts Development Board

10 BYU CS 124RBX43010 Discrete Parts Added Development Board

11 BYU CS 124RBX43011 Flow Soldered Development Board

12 BYU CS 124RBX43012 276  Solder Bath Development Board

13 BYU CS 124RBX43013 Final Inspection Development Board

14 BYU CS 124RBX43014 MSP430F2274 Development Board

15 BYU CS 124RBX43015 RBX430-1 Development Board Development Board External Battery External Power LaunchPad USB Hookup MSP430F2274 160 x 160 Pixel LCD AccelerometerFerrite RAM Headphone Jack Speaker LEDs Digital Thermometer Potentiometers Real-time Clock w/crystal 8-bit PortServo Hookups Power Source Push Buttons

16 BYU CS 124RBX43016 RBX430-1 Hookups Development Board J15 Header (External 6VDC) J1 Header (External Battery) J7 Header (Strain relief end) RBX430 Power Switch (EXT, BAT, USB) Use USB to Program Board J3 Header (Disable Speaker) J12 Header (Enable RTC) J8 Header (Ports) J9 Header (8-bit I/O) J16 Header Servo Power (Rev E only) J2-J5 Header (Servos) J6 GND to Vcc USB Cable Cross-over Cable (Rev D only)

17 BYU CS 124RBX43017 PinDescriptionI/ONameBoard DescriptionFunctionJ6J7J8J9LCD 31P1.0 (TACLK/ADC10CLK)I SW1 SW_1 3 32P1.1 (TA0)I SW2 SW_2 4 33P1.2 (TA1)I SW3 SW_3 5 34P1.3 (TA2)I SW4 SW_4 6 35P1.4 (SMCLK/TCK)I INT1ADXL345 INT1 36P1.5 (TA0/TMS)I INTA AUX INT 37P1.6 (TA1/TDI)O SVO1 Servo #1 (J2)TA1 – PWM 38P1.7 (TA2/TD0/TDI)O SVO2 Servo #2 (J3)TA2 – PWM 8P2.0 (ACLK/A0/OAxx)I/O LCD_DB0 26 9P2.1 (SMCLK/A1/OAxx)I/O LCD_DB1 25 10P2.2 (TA0/A2/OAxx)I/O LCD_DB2 24 29P2.3 (TA1/A3)I/O LCD_DB3 23 30P2.4 (TA2/A4)I/O LCD_DB4 22 3P2.5I/O LCD_DB5 21 6XIN/P2.6I/O LCD_DB6 20 5XOUT/P2.7I/O LCD_DB7 19 11P3.0 (UCB0STE/A5)O LCD_A0 7 28 12P3.1 (UCB0SIMO/UCB0SDA)I/O SDA i2c Datai2c 8 13P3.2 (UCB0SOMI/UCB0SCL)O SCL I2c Clocki2c 9 14P3.3 (UCB0CLK)O LCD_RW 10 27 25P3.4 (UCA0TXD/UCA0SIMO)O TX/D5 TXD0 / LED_5 (Green) TX  66 11 26P3.5 (UCA0RXD/UCA0SOMI)I RX RXD0 RX  18 12 27P3.6 (A6/OAxx)I RPOT Right PotentiometerA6 – A/D 11 28P3.7 (A7/OAxx)I LPOT Left PotentiometerA7 – A/D 17P4.0 (TB0)O D1 LED_1 (Green) 13 18P4.1 (TB1)O D2/SVO3 LED_2 (Orange) / Servo #3 (J4)TB1 – PWM 14 19P4.2 (TB2)O D3/SVO4 LED_3 (Yellow) / Servo #4 (J5)TB2 – PWM 15 20P4.3 (TB0/A12/OAxx)O D4 LED_4 (Red) 16 21P4.4 (TB1/A13/OAxx)O Q1 LCD_BacklightTB1 – PWM 22P4.5 (TB2/A14/OAxx)O U5 SpeakerTB2 – PFM 23P4.6 (TBOUTH/A15/OAxx)O D6 LED_6 (Red) 24P4.7 (TBZCLK)O LCD_E 10 RBX430-1 Pin-outs Development Board Push button Switches 160 x 160 Pixel LCD Potentiometers LEDs I2c Communication FRAM, RTC, Temp, Accelerometer, I/O Servos Speaker LCD Backlight

18 Computer Peripherals/Interfaces A computer peripheral is an electronic device connected to the CPU via a computer interface. Printer LCD Disk Real-time Clock A computer interface is an electronic device that connects the CPU with a computer peripheral. Serial Port Parallel Port A/D or D/A Convertor Voltage Amplifier JTAG or Spy-by-wire BYU CS 124RBX43018 Computer Peripherals

19 BYU CS 124RBX43019 RBX430-1 Interfaces / Peripherals A/D Converter (ADC10) Potentiometers (Left & Right) Thermistor (10k  ) Operational Amps (OA0-3) Ports (P1-P4) LEDs Switches LCD LCD Backlight Servos Speaker Power Module Digitally Controlled Oscillator (DCO) Very Low Frequency Oscillator (VLO) 4.5v AC Line Power 4.5v DC Battery Power Interfaces / Peripherals Timers A/B PWM LEDs PWM Servos PWM Speaker USCI A/B USART – Universal Serial Asynchronous Rx/Tx SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface IrDA – Infrared Data i 2 c – Inter-Integrated Circuit FRAM (8k) 3 Axis Accelerometer RTC (w/battery backup) Temperature Sensor 8-bit I/O Parallel Port Watchdog+

20 BYU CS 124RBX43020 ADC10 High-performance 10-bit analog-to-digital conversions More than 200k samples/sec Programmable sample & hold Initiation by software or Timer_A 8 external input channels Selectable voltage reference (1.5v or 2.5v) Internal storage Peripheral Interface

21 BYU CS 124RBX43021 Ports - Digital I/O Independently programmable individual I/Os 4 ports (P1 – P4) Each has 8 I/O pins Each pin can be configured as input or output P1 and P2 pins can be configured to assert an interrupt request 01234567 Input Register PxIN Output Register PxOUT Direction Register PxDIR Interrupt Flag Register PxIFG Interrupt Enable Register PxIE Interrupt Edge Select Register PxIES Function Select Register PxSEL Port1 Port2 Port3 Port4 yes no yesno yesno yes Peripheral Interface

22 BYU CS 124RBX43022 USART - Serial Port The Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receive/Transmit peripheral interface supports two serial modes with one hardware module UART SPI (Synchronous Peripheral Interface) IrDA I 2 C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) Double-buffered Baud-rate generator Peripheral Interface

23 BYU CS 124RBX43023 i 2 c – Inter-Integrated Circuit Inter-Integrated Circuit 2-wire serial interface (Serial data SDA, Serial clock SCL) master/slave (slaves have unique 7-bit address) 100-400 kbit/sec (relatively slow) Master provides clock Slave acknowledgment Read SDA Write SDA SDA stable SDA may change Stop condition Start condition Peripheral Interface

24 Peripherals A computer peripheral is a auxiliary device that connects to and works with a A peripheral expands the computer's capabilities but does not form part of the core computer architecture

25 BYU CS 124RBX43025 Timer_A/B Timer_A/B are 16-bit timer/counters with three capture/compare registers Capture external signals Compare PWM mode SCCI latch for asynchronous communication Peripheral

26 BYU CS 124RBX43026 Watchdog Timer WDT module performs a controlled system restart after a software problem occurs Can serve as an interval timer (generates interrupts) WDT Control register is password protected Note: Powers-up active Peripheral

27 BYU CS 124RBX43027 FRAM (Ferrite RAM) Ferro-electric Non-volatile RAM i 2 c serial bus, address 0x50 8192 x 8 bits 100 times faster than flash using half the power Ultra-fast writes Unlimited R/W cycles (10 14 = 100 Trillion) Immune to magnetic fields – no iron! Addresses 21 st century macro trends Wireless Low Power Security Endurance Peripheral

28 BYU CS 124RBX43028 Switches MSP430F2274 Peripheral

29 BYU CS 124RBX43029 Speaker MSP430F2274 Peripheral

30 BYU CS 124RBX43030

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