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Green Button Initiative GREEN BUTTON TECH STATUS Marty Burns and Dave Wollman 1/9/2013.

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1 Green Button Initiative GREEN BUTTON TECH STATUS Marty Burns and Dave Wollman 1/9/2013

2 Agenda Green Button Organizationally  Initiative Nick, Chris, Monisha, Dave, Ian, Marty  Standards and Testing and Certification SGIP PAP20, NAESB, UCAIug OpenADE Green Button Technology  Information Model  XML Tools – XSD, XSLT  GBDMD  GBCMD  Utility Back End Infrastructure Tools  SDK  OpenESPI   Testing and Certification  Green Button Test Plan  Green Button Test Plan SW Tools 2

3 Green Button Organizationally 3

4 Green Button Green Button is  A policy Whitehouse initiative  A brand Green Button Logo implies specific capabilities Interoperability standards and testing and certification ensure those expectations are met  A set of technologies and associated standards Green Button Download My Data (ESPI data file) Green Button Connect My Data (ESPI automated exchange) Green Button is an industry-led effort to provide electricity customers with access to their energy usage data via a "Green Button" on electric utilities' websites. 4

5 An overnight success … years in the making OpenADE (Open Automated Data Exchange)  Early requirements effort for securely sharing energy information with third parties NIST SGIP Priority Action Plan  Accelerates issue resolution and consensus development OpenADE / SGIP inputs to NAESB standard REQ21  Energy Services Provider Interface (ESPI)  Privacy: REQ22 Third Party Access to Smart-Meter- based Information Flexible file format basis for Green Button  initial implementation use a subset of ESPI and energy usage information. 5

6 Key US Government Roles in Smart Grid Standards Developing Organizations Regulatory Structure NERC – North American Electric Reliability Corporation NAESB – North American Energy Standards Board $ R&D (and ARRA – stimulus funding), National Labs Industry Coordination, R&D OSTP/CEQ & Smart Grid Task Force Interagency Coordination State Regulators NARUC – National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Public Consultation, Utility Engagement, Agency Coordination Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 6

7 NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Public-private partnership created in Nov. 2009 Approx. 750 member organizations, 1900+ participants Open, public process with international participation Coordinates standards development  Identifies Requirements  Prioritizes standards development programs  Works with over 20 SDOs including IEC, ISO, ITU, IEEE, …  Significant international participation Web-based participation 7 SGIP Twiki: sggrid/bin/view/SmartGrid/SGIP

8 Role of NAESB Maintains the Energy Usage Information standard REQ18/WEQ19  Maintenance Update Maintains the Energy Services Provider Interface REQ21  Errata update  Lessons learned enhancements 8

9 Role of UCAIug Establish Green Button brand  Guard brand on behalf of certificate holders  Pool marketing resources to promote brand  Work with DOE/VA on Branding  Organize interop tests and manage marketplace feedback Provide for certification of implementations  Establish an ITCA (based on NIST’s SGIP IPRM V.2)  Implement testing and certification processes  Develop the test plan specifications and software tools to enable certification by authorized test labs 9

10 SGIP PAP20: Green Button ESPI Evolution Roadmap Going Forward … 10 Standards (NAESB) T&C (UCAIug) Implementation (EnergyOS) Specification Deliverables: SGIP PAP Activities: Requirements for Green Button and ESPI Rollout Facilitate/Coordina te SGIP interactions Privacy assurance recommendations Cybersecurity recommendations for EUI exchanges CSWG Test plan consistency ITCA assurances SGTCC Coordinates with PAP 20 Requirements for standards and test criteria Education on implementation strategies, standards, use cases and test criteria SGIMC

11 How to Reduce Barriers to Penetration Activation Energy Potential Energy Barriers Impede Penetration of New Technology Benefits Drive Penetration of New Technology Green Button as Catalyst Speeds Penetration NAESB UCAIug Users Groups Implementation agreements Labeling and Test Certifications Issues resolution OpenESPI Reference Implementations Open Source Running Code Development projects “golden unit”

12 Green Button Technology

13 Accurate but useful? 13

14 Indirect But Fascinating: Green Button spurs innovation in new areas Insight: entrepreneur-created web portals analyze energy usage and provide actionable tips; Heating and Cooling: customized heating and cooling activities for savings and comfort; Education: community and student energy efficiency competitions; Retrofits: improved decision-support tools to facilitate energy efficiency retrofits; Verification: measurement of energy efficiency investments; Real Estate: provide energy costs for tenants and/or new home purchasers; and Solar: optimize the size and cost-effectiveness of rooftop solar 14

15 Composition and Atom Feed Note: This information is multidimensional. Many different reading types, summaries, and readings possible. i.e. not “flat” UsagePointUsagePoint ServiceCategory MeterReadingMeterReadingIntervalBlockIntervalBlock IntervalReading ReadingQuality ReadingTypeReadingType ElectricPower Usage Summary ElectricPower Quality Summary 1 0..* 1 Syntactic Model Atom Feed View Information Model Profile View 0..1 LocalTime Parameters AtomFeedAtomFeed Entry:UsagePointEntry:UsagePoint Entry:MeterReadingEntry:MeterReading Entry:ReadingTypeEntry:ReadingType Entry:IntervalBlockEntry:IntervalBlock Entry:ElectricPowerUs ageSummary links entrys LocalTime Parameters

16 Roles and Relationships in Green Button Connect My Data 16 Data CustodianThird Party Web Service Provider Web Service Consumer Retail Customer Web Portal User (agent) Green Button Download My Data Green Button Connect My Data One-time Authorization Automated Transfer

17 Download/Connect My Data and the Utility Enterprise MDMA Has EUI Billing System Has Cost Web Portal Green Button Data W/O Cost Green Button Data W/ Cost GUI Web Interface RESTful Web Services Utility EnterpriseWeb Green Button Download My Data Green Button Connect My Data Edge

18 Tools

19 Web Technologies for Definition and Presentation of EUI File Format 19 X XML Schema (XSD) Describes the rules of file format XML Contains customer EUI data in standard file format and references to XSD and XSLT XSLT Defines how to transform for humans Standard EUI file Format

20 Alternate paths to EUI – single format Acknowledgements to graphics owners Single Data Format: all at once Single Data Format: as sequence Sources of EUIUses of EUI Via: ESPI, SEP2, Web Portal Power Utility

21 SDK: Sample Data File Generator Simulated Data Table Driven Data 21

22 SDK: Green Button Data File Generator 22 Set the structure of the intervals and blocks Set weightings for weekdays and weekends

23 SDK: Green Button Data from Table 23

24 SDK: VBA Sample VBA code implementing Green Button File Generation 24

25 SDK: Green Button Sample XSLT XSLT XML HTML 25

26 SDK: GreenButtonDataStyleSheet.xslt 26 UsagePoint ElectricPowerUsageSummary MeterReading IntervalBlock IntervalReadings Parses XML File for components and renders:

27 Green Button Data Test Site  15 minute load profile for 15 days.  daily load profile for 45 days.  hourly load profile for 32 days.  Additional data sets Gas usage Water usage Daily Profile for one year Sequence of 12 months contiguous data files for same UsagePoint 27

28 Select Sample Data Set View Sample Data Download Sample Data See

29 Green Button SDK Golden Unit Implementations Test Tools

30 0Button%20Apps 0Button%20Apps 30

31 Testing and Certification

32 Why We Need Certification Testing and Certification affords implementers confidence that they will likely interoperate with other independently developed implementations Minimum agreed performance threshold gives interoperability value and therefore increases the value of the brand Dispersion of implementations costs implementers  Exception handling code quickly exceeds implementation code  Differences risk functionality apps depend on Dispersion of implementations costs Data Custodians  Need to deal with Third Parties with different needs and expectations  Unwanted support calls from consumers about difficulties with their apps due to inconsistent implementation 32

33 Conformance Testing vs. Certification Conformance testing evaluates all implemented features of the standard including implementation agreements Certification testing evaluates a subset of conformance tests based on one or more specific profiles using protocol implementation conformance statements (PICs) 33

34 ITCA) Interoperability Testing and Certification Authority (ITCA) UCA International Users Group (UCAIug) is seeking Accreditation Bodies (AB), Certification Bodies (CB), and Conformity and Interoperability Test Laboratories (TL) to participate in implementing UCAIug’s Green Button product certification program. This program will include:  Design and implementation of one or more UCAIug certification test programs based on the ESPI NAESB REQ.21 Standard and the UCAIug Quality Assurance Program (see Section 1.3 for reference)  Collaboration with the UCAIug certification test tool partner to smoothly implement the certification test tools and promptly report any errors found during the process  Advise UCAIug on program implementation 34

35 How Testing And Certification Is to be Accomplished OpenADE Task Force develops requirements and implementation agreements for ESPI and produces a test plan that encompasses  Green Button Download My Data  Green Button Connect My Data OpenADE Task moves test plan matrix (spreadsheet) forward to provide basis for test plan and tools EPRI Green Button Download and Automated Data Exchange Conformance Suite  Builds out test plan to deliverable status  Builds implementing test tools 35

36 Green Button Test Plan Requirements Hierarchy 36 Applications Profiles Section 3 GBTP Function Blocks Section 5 GBTP Test Requirements Rows of GBTC spreadsheet From source documents From experience Test Cases Rows of GBTC spreadsheet GBTP – Green Button Test Plan Document GBTC – Green Button Test Cases Spreadsheet

37 Green Button Test Plan Application Profiles  Green Button Download My Data  Green Button Connect My Data  Smart Device acquires Green Button Data from Data Custodian  Third Party acquires large batches of Green Button Data from single Utility  Original reads (Catch up data)  Collecting Sub-metering Data Function Blocks  [FB_1]Common Data Custodian Role  [FB_2]Green Button Download My Data  [FB_3]Green Button Connect My Data  [FB_4] Interval Metering  [FB_12] Cost of Interval Data  [FB_13] Security and Privacy classes  [FB_14] Authorization and Authentication  [FB_15] Usage Summary  [FB_16] Usage Summary with Cost  [FB_17] Power Quality Summary  [FB_18] Multiple UsagePoints  [FB_19] Partial update data Third Party Role  [FB_20]Green Button Download My Data  [FB_21]Green Button Connect My Data  [FB_22] Security and Privacy classes  [FB_23] Authorization and Authentication – Third Party Role  [FB_24] Request bulk of UsagePoints from DataCustodian  [FB_25] Request of Partial Update Data 37

38 What do we have Green Button SDK  Data set generator  Simulated data sets  Derived Schema(s) to define conformance profiles  OpenESPI realization of Data Custodian and Third Party Test Plan So Far  Test Plan Document (GreenButtonTestPlan.docx)GreenButtonTestPlan.docx  Test Plan PICs Starter (GreenButtonProformaPICS.docx)GreenButtonProformaPICS.docx  Over 160 draft individual test case descriptions (GreenButtonTestCases.xlsm)GreenButtonTestCases.xlsm 38

39 Testing of Green Button Green Button Download My Data  Library of unit conformance tests for Data contents Internal reference consistency Self description of data file (e.g. units of measure included with measurements)  Implementation Profiles Based on CA IOU implementation agreements plus lessons learned PICs for implementation assertion Green Button Connect My Data  Green Button Download My Data for baseline  Protocol tests for 12 Use Cases 39

40 Composition of Test Plan Test Plan Document  Identifies standard and background  Identifies profile definitions and implementation agreements Includes PICs statement proforma  Describes the test library  Has machine readable annex with test descriptions Test Plan Software (implements test descriptions)  Schema  Schematron  Test Vectors (know good files) 40

41 GreenButtonTestCases.xlsm Each Row of spreadsheet (simplified)  Test ID – unique id of test  Test Requirement – identifies requirement for test  Test Method – demonstration, test, analysis, inspection  Test Procedure – how to conduct the test (script, steps, etc…)  Test Results – how to interpret results Spreadsheet has macro to:  Generate Test Cases part of Test Plan document  Generate Test Requirements part of Test Plan Document (macro tbd) 41

42 Testing Green Button Download My Data Green Button Data is XML  XSD Tests the structure and composition of a file (XML) against a data type description  Schematron is based on XSLT and XPATH to allow for assertion based assessments of the contents of an XML file  42

43 Other Tests Inspection  View of web sites  File names  Inidicia icons notices Demonstration  User Interface requirements as needed Analysis (if needed) 43

44 Testing Green Button Connect My Data Scenario testing  Protocol evaluation  Success scenarios “connect” establishment “connect” removal “connect” data exchange  Push  Pull  Batch  Failure scenarios Dropped tokens Lost messages state 44

45 Green Button Connect My Data 45

46 Test Environment: Example with ThirdParty under test 46 UUT: ThirdParty Proxy: DataCustodian Proxy: DataCustodian Test Stimulus Engine Instrumentation OpenESPI with Test Aspect Subproject of OpenESPI Test Harness These are expected virtual URL-links used to exercise/test the implementation remotely There needs to be one “Proxy” for each role to use in testing the specific UUT role.

47 Green Button Download and Automated Data Exchange Conformance Suite UCAIug EPRI Project Team Contributions OpenESPI / Green Button Apache Licensed Open Source Development Project OpenADE Task Force Requirements and Test Plan SW Development Test Implementation Commercial Products ESPI Implementations Commercial Products Certification Test Tools UCAIug Certifications Tools Commercial $$ Products and Services Open Source Apache 2.0 License Link to EPRI project description 47

48 Technical Activities 48 Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) SGIP PAP20 Green Button ESPI evolution: sggrid/bin/view/SmartGrid/GreenButtonESPIEvolution sggrid/bin/view/SmartGrid/GreenButtonESPIEvolution SGIP Green Button Initiative TWiki: SGIP Green Button FAQ: Standards: NAESB PAP10 Task Force Project Page : NAESB ESPI Task Force Project Page : NAESB ESPI and PAP10 email lists: to subscribe contact Denise Rager at NAESB - NAESB Green Button Portal - Users Group: UCAIug OpenADE Task Force Home Page: UCAIug OpenADE Mail List: UCAIug OpenADE Meetings: tuesdays at 3:00 EST -, 415-363-0070 #844- 935-738 UCAIug OpenADE Green Button Issues List: Open Source Implementations and tools: EnergyOS OpenESPI Mail List: EnergyOS OpenESPI Web Site: EnergyOS OpenESPI Meetings: mondays at 12:00 EST -, +1 (516) 453- 0010 #129-392-235 EnergyOS OpenESPI GitHub: EnergyOS OpenESPI GitHub Issues List: General OpenESPI information: Energy OS home page: Other: NREL OpenEnergyInfo Green Button Apps Repository: Green Button Data Sample/Developmental Web Site: http://www.greenbuttondata.org

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