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Hardware and software developments

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1 Hardware and software developments
3.3.6: Implications of ICT Hardware and software developments

2 This presentation aims to:
Help you understand how to: Discuss hardware and software developments that are changing, or might change, the way we live.

3 Introduction This is a discuss topic and relies on you having kept up to date with your background reading whilst studying on this course. OCR provided this list of possible topic areas: Examples might include: Advances in treating injuries or diseases Leisure activities The environment The home Education Freedom of speech and movement. It is important to remember that this list is not exhaustive as questions will reflect the current use or abuse of ICT in society.

4 Remember… In order to achieve high marks in a Discuss question you must do the following: Pick at least two things to talk about. Do not answer bounce (i.e. listing as many things as possible) Look at different points of view. If this is too difficult, look at the pros and cons. If you look at pros and cons, don’t just list them…justify why they are a pro or a con. Form a balanced conclusion. You can only form your own opinion IF you have considered the views of different people and have demonstrated a clear understanding of the topic you are talking about.

5 FAIL Injuries and Diseases
The 20th Century saw some huge advances in the medical industry, including: Artificial hearts and pace makers. Keyhole surgery. CT or CAT (Computerised (Axial) Tomography) scans. Patient aftercare also improved with things like: TV and internet access at the bedside. Texting patients with appointment reminders. Improved surgery resulted less time spent in hospital. FAIL Failed cat:

6 Injuries and Diseases But what will the 21st Century hold?
Check out this video about Nano technology.

7 Injuries and Diseases Other developments include: Digital x-rays
No longer a need to wait for the images to be printed…time saves lives. Stem cell research The full extent of how stem cells can impact on our health is not fully known yet…but there is the potential to cure a lot of diseases. Genetic engineering This is probably the best topic to be talking about as it is easy to see that it has pros and cons and people have strong views as to whether it is morally and ethically sound…

8 Genetic Engineering The Advantages
Imagine…being able to prevent a child from developing a physical or mental disability whilst in the womb… To prevent disorders which are hereditary… There is clearly a huge advantage to this type of development… It is no surprise that some people would consider this to be a huge advantage as they can feel assured that their child would not develop a disease that perhaps their parents have.

9 Genetic Engineering The Disadvantages
Some people claim that scientists are trying to play God. Is it morally or ethically correct to change a person as they are growing without their consent – even if it could benefit them in the future? Being able to dictate the sex, eye colour, hair colour… Who was it that actually tried to have the perfect race?... Oh yeah…Hitler.

10 So how does this fit in? The topic is about hardware and software developments. Simply put: Hardware: You need the hardware in order to work on such a small scale: Powerful microscopes Possibly robotic instruments to handle the cells Software: You may need software to handle and process the images from the microscopes. Advanced software that can calculate properties of the cell… Software might be needed to control the hardware.

11 Questions Discuss the impact of ICT on the medical industry.
[11 marks]

12 Leisure Activities Technology has, and continues, to impact on our leisure activities. Influences can be found in: Theme park rides Technology such as image and video cameras Computer games Travel Movies

13 Leisure Activities Technology has, and continues, to impact on our leisure activities. Influences can be found in: Theme park rides Technology such as image and video cameras Computer games Travel Movies We’ll look at the two that are highlighted.

14 Computer Games Project Natal: Microsoft’s attempt at changing the way we interact with computer games. Check out this video to see it in action.

15 Wii revolution The Wii has become a household name with more and more families buying the console. It is seen as the family console as it has intuitive controls and a simplicity that allows younger and older gamers to enjoy it. Care homes are even using them to help the elderly find new and fun ways to exercise!

16 Addictive? Some people find computer games very addictive.
Some people have even died because they have been so obsessed with the game they are playing. Schools are finding that students are playing games more and more and spending less time revising, doing coursework and sleeping!

17 Computer games Pros Cons Can be a lot of fun to play.
Can improve hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Can be a social activity between friends either online or playing on the same console. Cons Possibly anti-social as people may not go out to see their friends. Can be very addictive Computer games have been linked to poor behaviour in young people.

18 Space Travel Richard Branson has a vision…
He wants regular people to travel into space and enjoy the great experiences that it offers. However, the experience only lasts a short time and the cost is extremely high…

19 Space Travel This could be one of the first steps that is required to get people living on other planets. There are two main problems: How to build on the surface of planets and satellites (e.g. the Moon) – how to get materials and equipment there. How to get people to those locations. Perhaps this new type of technology could help answer one of those questions? Check out this YouTube clip about moon colonization.

20 Space Travel Pros Cons Super cool experience!
Wouldn’t need to be a professionally trained astronaut. Could potentially pave the way to off-world interplanetary travel. Cons Really expensive – only the richest of the rich can afford to travel. Dangerous? – You are strapped to a rocket after all!

21 Questions Discuss the impact of ICT on the way we play computer games.
[11 Marks] Discuss the impact of ICT on travel.

22 The Environment Global warming is a very topical issue at the moment.
It is widely believed that humans have helped to increase the natural rate of global warming through burning fossil fuels. What results from this burning process is an increase carbon dioxide emissions.

23 Global Warming So what is causing it? Burning of fossil fuels.
Increase in the amount of energy we are using. Deforestation Melting of the ice caps And other natural reasons (volcanoes etc)

24 Carbon Capture Trees
The above article talks about this technology. Essentially, these artificial trees could capture the same amount of CO2 produced by 15,000 cars. They don’t release oxygen like real trees but they could be used to help clean up our atmosphere.

25 Synthetic Life Scientists have been able to create synthetic life.
Researchers hope eventually to design bacterial cells that will produce medicines and fuels and even absorb greenhouse gases. You can read more information about this from here: And the ethics about it from here:

26 Wind Power The use of wind power has been around for a while…
But modern wind powered generators are able to power whole villages… And often actually add more energy to the national grid.

27 Solar Power The Sun’s power is very reliable.
You know that the Sun will appear every day… And you don’t even need direct sunlight for solar panels to work. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for homes across the country.

28 Wave Power A new technology in development…
The ‘Sea Snake’ bobs in the ocean and generates power from the natural, and constant, movement of the ocean surface. Check out this video to see how it works!

29 What will power cars? Cars currently use fossil fuels to generate power. Hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius uses both a petrol motor and an electric motor. Newer developments will allow cars to run on hydrogen gas – the most abundant element known to man. Honda’s new hydrogen car, the FCX The problem is…hydrogen is usually attached to something…like oxygen (which forms water). Removing the hydrogen from other elements requires a lot of energy…and at the moment…that energy is coming from fossil fuel and nuclear power stations.

30 Questions Create a table which compares the advantages and disadvantages of: Wind power Solar power Wave power Discuss the impact that ICT might have on the environment. [11 marks]

31 Home Internet fridges Internet oven Download recipes
Order food automatically Leave messages! Internet oven Control your oven over the internet or using your mobile phone. Ovens can cook food perfectly based on the type of food it is and by its weight.

32 Pros and Cons Pro Con Fridge:
Makes use of Remote Frequency Identification tags (RFID) which allows it to know what is in the fridge. It can then automatically reorder stock when it runs low or provide recipes. Can provide visual warnings about which food needs to be eaten soon before it goes off. Can send text messages to the owner saying what extra ingredients they might want to get so they can make a different meal. Stock orders might occur at different times because food gets stock gets consumed at different times.

33 Pros and Cons Pro Con Oven, baths, curtains, windows, doors etc:
Things in the house that can be controlled remotely over the internet or using mobile technology. People can control devices in their home from a mobile device. They can run a bath and set the temperature just before they arrive home, or preheat the oven etc. Owners can turn on lights and close curtains, lock doors and shut windows to ensure their house is secure. If someone managed to get your device they could gain access to your home. Although the technology exists, the cost is very high (at the moment).

34 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Cleans the house whilst you are out. Parks itself in a charging bay. Very quiet. Doesn’t have the same power as a regular vacuum cleaner though… But the aim is to clean little and often.

35 Pros and Cons – Complete
Robotic devices e.g. Lawn Movers and Vacuum Cleaners: Complete this table…

36 Wireless Power Wireless powered devices around the home…
Is it really possible? Check out this video to see it in action!

37 Pros and Cons – Complete
Wireless Power: Complete this table…

38 Questions Discuss how ICT will impact they way we live in our home.
[11 marks]

39 Education This area should be fairly apparent to you…so I’ll let you do some of the hard work in this section… You could look at areas such as: Use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Virtual teachers Podcasts Recorded lessons Online tests and marking They way teachers and students communicate

40 Activity Complete the table by listing three different ways in which ICT is being used in your school at the moment. Then explain the pros and cons for each one you have listed. Innovative use of ICT Pro Con Use 1: Explain what it is. Use 2: Use 3:

41 Virtual Learning Virtual Learning in action…
Check out this video from Teacher’s TV…

42 Activity Now do the same thing but thinking about possible future developments. It is here you might want to look at virtual teachers etc. Remember…an examiner can not say something will not happen…so be creative in your answer! Again, explain the pros and cons for each one you have listed. Future use of ICT Pro Con Use 1: Explain what it is. Use 2:

43 Freedom of speech and movement
This section has huge ethical and moral implications… Areas that you could look at include: Tracking criminals and children. Monitoring people Phone calls s Things to remember: Issues of privacy Pros and cons of the technology (different points of view) Moral implications

44 Tracking Criminals Tracking criminals already happens using electronic tags that are secured to their ankles. Check out the next step in criminal tracking…

45 Question Discuss how hardware and software developments could affect the freedom of speech and movement of criminals. Do not limit your answer to current technologies, but instead, look at future developments. [11 marks]

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