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MISP: Multi-Annual Integrated Statistical Programme Johan Selenius.

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1 MISP: Multi-Annual Integrated Statistical Programme Johan Selenius

2 Why MISP l Set directions and priorities l Meet new needs l Ask and allocate resources l Co-ordinate activities l Plan changes l Improve management and decision- making l Increase credibility and efficiency l Lower risks

3 MISP: l Multi-annual: 3-5 years ahead l Integrated: covers all statistical activities and domains, also the ones outside NSI l Statistical: concerns statistics l Programme: gives objectives and action plans

4 Contents of MISP l Strategic framework l Multi-annual objectives l Annual action plan

5 Contents of MISP (cont.) l Internal programme for the organisation and its staff l External program to be submitted to the Government

6 Strategic framework l Analysis of the external environment l Mission of official statistics l Vision for the future l SWOT analysis

7 Multi-annual plan l Description of the present situation l Multi-annual objectives l Actions needed l Programme by statistical themes

8 The annual action plan l How to implement the multi-annual plan l Detailed listing of the actions l What NSI is trying to achieve l By statistical themes l Resources

9 Programming and planning process l Continuous annual exercise l Top management involvement l Staff and units involvement l Debate l Involvement of external organisations l Performance reporting

10 Eurostat activities l Part of our long term strategy in TACIS and CARDS co-operation l Part financing seminar in Moscow last autumn l Discussion in the Steering Group in Baku 2002 l Plans for TACIS task force next year l Strategic planning part of grant agreements for certain Western Balkan and NIS countries launched this autumn

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