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EEVL: Subject-based portal Internet Librarian 2002 Monday 18 March 2002 Roddy MacLeod EEVL Manager

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1 EEVL: Subject-based portal Internet Librarian 2002 Monday 18 March 2002 Roddy MacLeod EEVL Manager

2 EEVL: Subject-based portal Development of EEVL –Subject gateway –Growth in subject coverage –Part of the RDN –EEVL’s purpose Define Subject Gateway EEVL’s activities and latest promotion Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER) –Complex information landscape EEVL and Subject Portals Project Define Subject Portal ‘EEVL-ution’ from gateway to a portal

3 EEVL: Background EEVL launched in 1996 as an Engineering gateway –Internet Resources Catalogue to quality Web sites Additional services added: –e-journal search engine –Recent Advances in Manufacturing database –Offshore Engineering Information Service Free service - Originally funded for UK Higher Education by Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) through eLib Programme

4 EEVL: Background EEVL relaunched in autumn 2001 –“Internet guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing” –Now covers Mathematics and Computing, as well as Engineering Funded by JISC, as part of the Resource Discovery Network (RDN) Free service - Lead partner - Heriot Watt University –Cranfield University –University of Birmingham –University of Ulster –Several other contributing institutions

5 EEVL: Background Resource Discovery Network –Co-operative network –Central organisation (RDNC) –Hubs –Free Internet service dedicated to providing effective access to high quality Internet resources for the learning, teaching and research community –Eventually cover all subjects –

6 EEVL: Background Resource Discovery Network –BIOME –EEVL –HUMBUL –SOSIG –PSIgate –Altis (forthcoming) –Gesource (forthcoming) –Artifact (forthcoming)

7 EEVL: Background EEVL the Internet guide for Engineering, Mathematics and Computing Free

8 EEVL: Purpose Aims to enable academics, researchers, students and others to make better use of available Internet resources by improving accessibility to them Arthur C Clark “trying to get information from the internet is like standing under a waterfall to get a drink” Problems: –Too much information –Often US biased –Unfocused and unselective search tools

9 Subject Gateway Subject Gateway: An online database of subject- specific links to resources which have been reviewed, usually subject-specific Subject Gateway: Primarily a searchable and browsable database of Internet resources, selected according to strict guidelines, in order to meet user’s requirements. User explores the gateway and identifies likely resources of interest from descriptions. Mouse click takes him/her out of gateway and into external resource. Further interaction takes place outwith gateway. A gateway, therefore ‘shallow mines’ resources.

10 EEVL: Gateway Internet Resource Catalogue: 8,500 + records Also additional services: –Full text search engine –e-journal search engine –Recent Advances in Manufacturing –Bibliography of engineering Internet resources –USTLG database –Web tutorials (VTS) –Offshore Engineering Information Service –Maths Secondary Home Pages –Hot Links (Learning & Teaching Resources, Jobs & Recruitment, Events, News)

11 EEVL: Latest promotion £7,500 new engineering, maths & computing books free: Engineering magazine, E2, Mathematics Today, Computer Bulletin, Kluwer, Springer, Pearson, Wiley, Taylor & Francis and Butterworth- Heinemann

12 The need for subject portals JISC 5 Year Strategy- Key aspect –“To build an on-line information environment providing secure and convenient access to a comprehensive collection of scholarly and educational material” The Information Environment –“…the set of network services that support publishing and use of information resources” Distributed National Electronic Resource (DNER) –Distributed learning and research resources Purpose of the environment –Enable students and staff to access and use those resources in ways meaningful to them and to take away barriers

13 The need for subject portals Subject portals - One method of simplifying the information landscape Subject portals - Provide seemless access for users to DNER Collections: –1) JISC funded or joint-funded, JISC purchased, or JISC sponsored datasets and content collections. –2) Available as a national service, hosted by one of the JISC's data centres or information services. Subject portals - Access to other information as well Other types of portals - e.g. Institutional, will do similar, from another perspective

14 Information Landscape: now Web Content, e.g. Datasets, etc End-user End-user needs to join services together manually - as well as learning multiple user interfaces Authorisation Authentication

15 Information landscape: now Web of Science Ei Compendex Emerald CSA Databases ZETOC ScienceDirect Ingenta Digital Dissertations Index to Theses ASTI Construction & Building Abstracts (CBA) ICONDA RICS Library Direct Thomas Telford Publishing Wiley Interscience BRE Bookshop ASCE Civile Engineering Database “Information frustration” Information World Review, March 2002, p. 28 Different usernames, different interfaces, different locations

16 Information Landscape: future Web Content, e.g. Datasets End-user Subject Portal Broker or Aggregator Access to content is simplified from user perspective Authorisation User Profiles Thesauri Authentication Collection Description Service Desc.

17 Functions Authentication User profiles Cross-searching –Discover relevant target databases –Search targets –Locate appropriate copy –Deliver full text “Deep mine” resources

18 SPP Project Subject Portal Project (SPP) –Biome - Health & Life Sciences –EEVL - Engineering –Humbul - Humanities –SOSIG - Social Sciences Maths Portal Project –Integrated into EEVL – Computing - not funded to portalise

19 SPP Project SOSIG EEVL BIOME HUMBUL PSI-Gate Maths Authorisation The Participants Cross-SearchNews FeedsUser Profiling Subject Portals ‘Tool Kit’ Other community tools SPPDNER Portals

20 Portal Architecture

21 SPP Project Prototype Engineering Portal

22 SPP Project Prototype Engineering Portal

23 SPP Project SPP aims: –Allow searching seamlessly from the RDN Hubs across a wider range of resources. –Develop community-building services Survey Focus Groups Feedback and involvement

24 SPP Portal survey Conference/Events lists Aggregated news service Sources of research funding Press release submission service Register of research Reviews - software, books Subject software tools Professional society news Job announcement service Short course announcement service Personalised I-journal Aggregated product directory Web-basede learning resources catalogue

25 Portal products Not competing with commercial publishers Cross search service encourages use of the data within the databases. Native interfaces still important for full searches Community services aimed at the academic community, but open to all Promote external sources of information Work together with commercially available information services. Simpler information landscape, better exploitation of information Portals for Engineering and Mathematics

26 Subject Portals "Portal", a web site which offers a range of services as well as the traditional searchable records directory. “Subject Portal”, a service which accepts requests from users and interrogates services held elsewhere. It accepts results and presents tyem to the user from within the service. Where applicable the full text is presented from within the portal. A subject portal thus ‘deep mines’ resources. It allows customisation, and in addition, provides various community services.

27 EEVL Engineering Portal Work in progress RAM database Search Engines RSS feed News feeds from Learning & Teaching Subject Networks (LTSN) SearchLT - learning & teaching resources –

28 EEVL Engineering Portal SearchLT

29 EEVL Engineering Portal SearchLT Record

30 EEVL Engineering Portal EEVLSearchLT Records linked together Engineering Cross-search

31 EEVL Engineering Portal SearchLT cross-searched by EEVL Engineering

32 EEVL Engineering Portal Cross search results

33 EEVL-ution to a portal

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