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Horizontal Directional Drilling Training Course 2009.

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1 Horizontal Directional Drilling Training Course 2009

2 HDD Safety Emergency Procedures Electrical Strike Exposed Drill Rod Open Pit Danger Transporting Communication Show the Hole Boring Story Video


4 Emergency Procedures Section

5 Show HDD Safety Video

6 Emergency Procedures Section Continued

7 Emergency Procedures Section Continued


9 It’s the Law! Call before you dig.

10 Use Ditch Witch Electronics to Sweep for Live Power Before you Bore.

11 Electrical Strike Section Continued

12 Electrical Strike System Drill Rod Passes through Coil Current sends signal to indicator box Electrical Strike Section

13 Continued

14 Electrical Strike Section Continued

15 Electrical Strike Section Continued Show Anatomy of a Strike Video


17 Minimum Drill Rod Exposed Always! Drill Rod Safety Continued

18 Minimum Drill Rod Exposed Always! Less than 1-full Drill Rod Exposed Continued

19 Minimum Drill Rod Exposed Always! Continued

20 Exposed Drill Rod Danger Drill Rod Safety Continued



23 What Is Bend Radius?

24 JT Power Pipe PinBox Pipe BodyWeld Fluid Miser Tube

25 What Is RBF Testing? R otational B ending F atigue ROTATE

26 Rig Alignment Rig Alignment Should be Checked and Adjusted.

27 Check Saver Subs Daily Check for thread wear and rotary shoulder damage

28 Life-Reducing Damage

29 Spiral Gouging !

30 Over-Tightening

31 Improper tightening and Over Bending

32 Over- Tightening Lack of tool joint compound

33 Exceeding Bend Radius

34 Tool Joints Inner Rotary Shoulder Outer Rotary Shoulder

35 Inadequate Torque Shoulder separates when pipe is bent Pin carries the bending load Fretting from movement in the joint

36 Drill Rod Safety Continued DRILL MODEL BEND RADIUS JT52070’ JT922105’ JT1220105’ JT2020130’ JT3020175’

37 Drill Rod Safety Ditch Witch Drill Rod is tested to bend at a maximum percent pitch. Continued Ditch Witch Drill Model Maximum Pitch Change Per Rod Drill Rod Length JT5207%5’ JT9226%6’ JT12209%10’ JT20207%10’ JT30205%10’

38 Drill Rod Safety Continued

39 Drill Rod Safety Continued

40 Show Drill Pipe Maintenance Video Drill Rod Safety Entry @ -24% requires 40’ to level off


42 Open Pit Danger  Never enter “any” pit with live drill string (machine must be shut off!)  Keep all rigging to a minimum  Use proper slings, duct pullers, shackles and swivels. Continued

43 Inspect Rigging for Wear Continued




47 Swivels are directional and require inspection & maintenance Watch Digging Dangers VIII Video


49 Quick Wrenches Continued



52 Show Quick Wrench & EZ Connect EZ Video


54 Transport Tire Air Pressure Lug Nuts Torque Chains & Binder Inspection Continued


56 Transport Continued


58 Communication Clear Consistent Simple Quality Continued

59 HDD Safety Electrical Strike Emergency Procedures Exposed Drill Rod Open Pit Danger Transporting Communication Subsite Next


61 Tracker Control




65 Beacons Beacon is Destroyed @ 200 degrees Warning Thermometer Flashes on Display 100 degrees Beacon Buddies Melts @ 100- 153 degrees

66 Calibration – 120” or 10’ Depth estimate is + 4” @ 10’, + 5% @10-20’, + 10% beyond 20’



69 Ghost Signals Both Arrows Must Show

70 Pipe & Cable Locating Transmitter Optional Available Used in Conjunction with 752 Tracker Accuracy Verify Locates, Time Efficient

71 Why We Pothole

72 Show Vacuum Excavation Safety Video

73 Electronics Tracker Control Channel Select Sweeping For Power Calibration and Confirmation Pipe and Cable Locating


75 Machine Walk Around Complete Machine Maintenance Review all Maintenance Intervals Review and Wearables Track Adjustments Mud Mixer Maintenance



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