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Greencard for First-Level Nurse becomes true.

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1 Greencard for First-Level Nurse becomes true.



4 For Example at Or in one of the 3000 hospitals under contract at this moment.

5 Open Hearts Our partner is an American recruitment agency and coordinator for jobs in the nursing field, in nursing institutions and hospitals with its headquarter in Miami/Florida. Within the scope of its wide-ranging integration program, Open Hearts sees to fast socialization, continuous further training and higher-than-average salaries.

6 Target group First-level nurses (minimum age 21 years) with or without working experience.

7 Placement All qualified applicants sign a two-year working contract with Open Hearts. The program includes a job rotation system which offers excellent opportunities to gain work experience in various fields. This job rotation system is well known as “Per Diem” It is possible to extend the working contract after the two years.

8 Comparison of Gross Salary and Costs The cost of living in the USA (average costs per month) compared to a monthly gross salary of US$ 3.250,00* (40 weekly working hours): Costs: US$ 600.00Rent for an apartment US$ 300.00 Food and semi-luxury goods US$ 50.00Electricity US$ 40.00Telephone US$ 150.00Local transportation US$ 45.00Insurance (employee’s proportion 50%) - depending on the coverage, this amount may rise up to US$ 90.00 US$ 249.00 Social Security / Medicare (7,65%) US$ 585.00Income tax: estimated tax rate of 18% for an annual salary of US$ 39,000 (deducted directly by the employer) US$ 2.019,00in total This includes a possible volume of savings of US$ 1,231.00! * US$ 600.00 extra payment per week is possible being on weekend duty!

9 Administration Application Procedure Application Form (5 pages) CV (in English) Skills Check List  Letter of Approval from Open Hearts

10 Application Form Personal details Immigration history Employment history Job qualifications Educational background Other information (5 pages)

11 Curriculum Vitae * Objectives * Professional experience * Education * Further vocational training/seminars * Languages

12 Skills Check List (8 pages) * Basic Competency * Medical Surgical * Orthopedics * Airways * Care of patients * Care of surgical patients * Critical care * Neurology * Pulmonary * Cardiovascular * Pediatrics

13 Application Process a.Application Form  Letter of Approval b.Letter of intent to sign a two-year working contract with e2/Open Hearts c.Documentation of senior secondary education as well as of any further vocational training as well as documentation of original and current nursing registrations/licenses directly from the appropriate licensing authorities d.Get prepared and sign in for the TOEFL+TSE  pass the exams e.Sign in for NCLEX-RN or CGFNS Exam  pass the exam f.Nursing board licensing, application for Green Card (US Residence)

14 Credentials

15 Timeline It is expected that participants could start working in the USA approx. 6 - 12 months after acceptance of the application by medCARE24. 1 st step:submission of the application dossier 2 nd step: Preparation for the TOEFL + TSE submission of credential package 3 rd step: NCLEX-RN or CGFNS 4 th step: Green Card process 5 th step: arrival in the USA

16 Exams TOEFL ( T est o f E nglish as a F oreign L anguage) TSE ( T est of S poken E nglish) CGFNS ( C ommission on G raduates of F oreign N ursing S chools) NCLEX-RN ( N ational C ouncil L icensure Ex amination for R egistered N urses) US$ 295.00US$ 110.00US$ 220.00US$ 125,00

17 Service provided by Open Hearts 1. Evaluation of the application dossier 2. Scheduling for the NCLEX and CGFNS examination 3. Organization of host family accommodation (half board) for up to 5 days to candidates coming to Miami to write the NCLEX 4. Nursing Board Licensing 5. Provision of full time employment (36-40 weekly working hours) 6. Provision of the Green Card 7.Provision of free accommodation for the nurse for 1month upon arrival in the USA/Florida 8. Provision of full benefit insurance package 9. Counseling and assistance in the USA

18 Full insurance in the USA * Medical Insurance * Disability * Life and Personal Accident Insurance * Voluntary Group Universal Life Insurance * Mal Practice Insurance

19 Working Permit Green Card (US Residence) Social Security Medicare

20 Situation in the USA Press Trade union...Officials have said if current trends continue, the nation will face a shortage of half a million nurses by 2020... U.S.Government-AP Congress, Washington, 07.22.02...five states have passed legislation to limit mandatory overtime for nurses, and 18 others are considering such laws... SEIU Nurse Alliance...the ratios they proposed included: 1:1 in the operating room and trauma emergency; 1:2 in all critical areas; 1:3 in pediatrics,... and 1:6 in postpartum and well-baby nursery... SEIU:FLORIDA:Safe staffing Ratios introduced

21 Result Open Hearts co-operates with the main leading groups within the health system. The following are an example of three of them. Columbia Group Tenet Group HealthSouth Group In total, 2000 hospitals are united within these groups. The need of nurses is immense. Over 500 applicants and 25 participants already! (Information could be provided)

22 So......just get started End

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