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The Bunny Takes on Duracell Design of Experiments By Mike Newtown.

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1 The Bunny Takes on Duracell Design of Experiments By Mike Newtown

2 Before we start which battery is the best? Energizer Max Duracell Coppertop Energizer e 2 Duracell Ultra

3 HYPOTHESES Expensive batteries will last longer than the inexpensive ones Temperature being at high will produce the longest duration of useful voltage. Cleaning the contacts before use will prolong the duration of voltage.

4 Test Circuit

5 Test Procedures The circuit board was placed into the freezer. A period of thirty minutes was allowed for the board to acclimate to room temperature or the freezer. The environmental change in temperature on the equipment was not considered in the original design.

6 Test Procedures The battery was placed in the circuit, stopwatch was started. When the light no longer exhibited an amber-orange glow time was recorded.

7 StdRunBlockFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3 A: Battery Brand B: Temperature C: Clean Contacts Deg. Fahrenheit 71Block 1 Duracell Coppertop AmbientNot Clean 52Block 1Energizer MaxAmbientNot Clean 43Block 1Duracell UltraColdNot Clean 114Block 1 Duracell Coppertop ColdClean 35Block 1 Duracell Coppertop ColdNot Clean 156Block 1 Duracell Coppertop AmbientClean 67Block 1Energizer e2AmbientNot Clean 28Block 1Energizer e2ColdNot Clean 109Block 1Energizer e2ColdClean 810Block 1Duracell UltraAmbientNot Clean 1211Block 1Duracell UltraColdClean 1612Block 1Duracell UltraAmbientClean 113Block 1Energizer MaxColdNot Clean 914Block 1Energizer MaxColdClean 1315Block 1Energizer MaxAmbientClean 1416Block 1Energizer e2AmbientClean Randomization of Test Runs

8 StdRunBlockFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3Response 1 A: Battery BrandB: Temperature C: Clean Contacts Time to Discharge Deg. Fahrenheit Minutes 71Block 1Duracell CoppertopAmbientNot Clean41.1 52Block 1Energizer MaxAmbientNot Clean54.4 43Block 1Duracell UltraColdNot Clean54.8 114Block 1Duracell CoppertopColdClean33 35Block 1Duracell CoppertopColdNot Clean32.3 156Block 1Duracell CoppertopAmbientClean45.25 67Block 1Energizer e2AmbientNot Clean56.1 28Block 1Energizer e2ColdNot Clean36.7 109Block 1Energizer e2ColdClean36.7 810Block 1Duracell UltraAmbientNot Clean59.5 1211Block 1Duracell UltraColdClean49.7 1612Block 1Duracell UltraAmbientClean63.1 113Block 1Energizer MaxColdNot Clean38.6 914Block 1Energizer MaxColdClean37.3 1315Block 1Energizer MaxAmbientClean55.2 1416Block 1Energizer e2AmbientClean56.7 Response Results

9 TermDOFSum SqrMean SqrF ValueProb>F% Contribution ModelA3714.7555238.25 44.42 ModelB1787.5039787.50 48.94 ErrorC10.7439060.74 0.05 ModelAB377.1867225.73 4.80 ErrorAC35.8517191.95 0.36 ErrorBC113.7826613.78 0.86 ErrorABC39.3079693.10 0.58 Residuals00 Choosing the Model

10 Response:Time to Discharge ANOVA for Selected Factorial Model Analysis of variance table [Partial sum of squares] Sum ofMeanF SourceSquaresDFSquareValueProb > F Model1579.457225.6460.81< 0.0001significant A714.763238.2564.21< 0.0001 B787.501787.50212.22< 0.0001 AB77.19325.736.930.0129 Residual29.6983.71 Cor Total1609.1315 The Model F-value of 60.81 implies the model is significant. There is only a 0.01% chance that a "Model F-Value" this large could occur due to noise. ANOVA





15 Economics of Batteries Duracell Ultra and Energizer e2 are priced at $4.17. Duracell Coppertop is priced at $3.24 Energizer Max is $2.84. All Prices are for four packs from Walmart.

16 Additional Considerations A factor for voltage drop could be investigated. Use of automated recording devices would make this experiment easier. The influence of the chemical reaction on the battery. Most important, verify the results before making recommendations.

17 It keeps going and going… but which brand?

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