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Título da Apresentação

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1 Título da Apresentação
Subtítulo loren ipsum dolor sit amet loren ipsum dolor sit amet

2 The Brazilian Innovation Agency Ministry of Science and Technology
FINEP The Brazilian Innovation Agency Ministry of Science and Technology June, 2010

3 Ministry of Science and Technology
National S&T Council 15 Research Institutes

4 Action Plan MCT PACTI & PDP
R&D challenge focusing competitivity construction; Articulate use of low-taxing incentives, regulation, buying power and technical support; Available resources to all the steps of the innovation cycle; Shared goals with the scientifical-technological sector and the private sector. PDP PACTI MCT/FINEP MDIC/BNDES inovação State Politics

5 FINEP – The Brazilian Innovation Agency
Publicly owned company linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT). Mission To encourage and finance innovation, and scientific and technological research in business, universities, institutes of technology, research centres, and other public or private institutions, mobilizing funds and integrating financial instruments to promote Brazil's economic and social development.

6 FINEP’s activities R, D & I supporting agency
Grants provided for public R&D institutions Innovation supporting agency Economic subvention for enterprises Innovation financing bank Credit, Venture Capital, Funds for enterprises

7 Finep: financing of science, technology and innovation
Credit parity capital, partnership university-business, scholarships, incentives, subsidies Grants (FNDCT)‏ Seed Money (K and FNDCT)‏ Venture Capital and other instruments Seed Money (K and FNDCT Scientific Research and Infra- Structure Incubation of business start-ups Pre- incubation Emerging business Expansion and consolidation (concentrated segments)‏ INOVAR Innovative “clusters” INOVAR Semente PRIME/Subvention PAPPE Juro Zero Subvention INOVA Brasil Subvention 7


9 Cases of Success

10 CRISTÁLIA Founded in 1972 Revenues up to U$ 352 Millions in % Brazilian Firm 10

11 CRISTÁLIA Pharmaceutical Graphic Pharmochemistry Toolling
Cristalia’s industrial facility comprises: Pharmaceutical Pharmochemistry Biotechnology Graphic Toolling Injection Molding 2.200 Employees 11

12 Conditions for R,D & I new products development
Venture capital About US$ 55 millions investment in new equipments and infrastructure, part of them financed by Government innovation funds such FINEP Open Innovation Partnership with Public Research Institutes and Universities for complex or complimentary steps during new products development process 12

13 Open Innovation – Institutional Partnerships

14 Anesthesics Microemulsion Formulations
Microemulsions For Intravenous use Isoflurane Sevoflurane Halothane Propofol Emulsion CONVENTIONAL Propofol Microemulsion THERMOSTABLE BRPI 14

15 Antirretrovirals Minicapsules - Ritonavir
ADVANTAGES Capsule size reduction 26,6 mm →14,5 mm Same dosage Package size reduction Change to a more anatomical Shape Oblong → Oval Cold Chain elimination (thermostable product) CN C IN 15

16 Embraco Specialized in cooling solutions, Embraco is the world leader in the hermetic compressor market for refrigeration. It is headquartered in Joinville (SC) - Brazil, and has plants in Italy, Slovakia and China, and three sales and technical assistance offices, in the United States, Mexico and Italy. Founded in 1971, it employs globally, about 9 thousand people. With production capacity of approximately 30 million compressors per year, it sells hundreds of models tailored to different markets in over 80 countries. Its biggest differential is the focus on research, in the search for products with greater energy efficiency, low noise and reliability. With 910 patents granted in the world, it applies up to 3% of annual net revenues in research and development.

17 Cooperation Universities – Embraco (FINEP)
FINEP/Embraco partnership: 130 students / researchers directly involved in partnership More than 400 people indirectly involved in the partnership (undergraduate classes, graduate courses, etc.). Approximately 21 laboratories in 6 research groups Development of a State of the Art R&D Center at University of Santa Catarina (POLO) Case of Success – POLO Laboratories Embraco has a partnership with a Brazilian University (UFSC) that has last over 28 years 2.500m2 of built area with 15 laboratories 17 PhD Thesis and 70 Master Dissertations 17

18 Embraco - FINEP Project subsidized “Micro compressor”
Refrigerated Docking Station for laptops Project subsidized “Micro compressor” Goal: design of new compressor for the global refrigeration market Refrigerated Vestments Portable Coolers Refrigeration of the car seat

19 Thanks for your attention
Luis Manuel Rebelo Fernandes President FINEP

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