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ECE 1201 Engineering Lab II.

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1 ECE 1201 Engineering Lab II

2 Taaruf Nor Farahidah Za’bah Room number : E2-2-13.12
Phone number : address : The lab technicians are Br. Ahmad Suhairi and Br. Rosley Mahadi Course website:

3 Tentative Week Experiment No. (Title)
1 Introductory class – Briefing on the organization of the course 2 Introduction to PSPICE 3 PSPICE 4 Experiment No. 1 & 2 (Diode Characteristics & Zener Diode Characteristics) 5 & 6 Experiment No. 3 (Wave Rectifier & Clipper Circuit) 7 & 8 Experiment No. 4 (BJT Characteristics & Common-Emitter Transistor Amplifier) 9 & 10 Experiment No. 5 (BJT Biasing Circuits) 11 Experiment No. 6 (MOSFET - Common Source Amplifier) 12 Experiment no. 7 (Inverting and Non-Inverting OP Amp)

4 Assessment Pre-lab 10 % Quiz 15 % Final Test 30 % Lab Report 45 %

5 Safety Please wear Kulliyyah jacket and covered shoes – NO SLIPPER. Otherwise, you will be asked to leave the lab. Power must be switched off whenever an experiment or project is being assembled, disassembled, or modified.

6 Tidiness When the experiment has been satisfactory completed and the results approved by the instructor, the students may disconnect the circuit and return the components and instruments to the locker tidily. Chairs are to be slid in properly. DO NOT WRITE anything on the table

7 Pre-Lab Questions and Preparation
Please complete the pre-lab questions before each lab sessions. It serves as guidance for you while doing your experiment Read the entire experiment and research any required theory beforehand. Many times an experiment takes longer that one class period simply because a student is not well prepared. The experiment is performed in pairs (max=3 students per group) but the final exam is performed individually One group = one lab report

8 Lab Reports Reports have to be handwritten for submission.
Writing should appear on one side of each sheet only. The students’ name & matric number, section number, lab session and the lecturer’s Please indicate the author of each section in your report. This must be followed in the middle of the sheet by: The course code The experiment number The title of the experiment The date on which the student carried out the experiment.


10 Report format and evaluation

11 Preparation for PSPICE Tutorial
Tentative Week Experiment No. (Title) 1 Introductory class – Briefing on the organization of the course 2 Introduction to PSPICE – Tutorial 1 3 PSPICE - Tutorial 2 Please download the PSPICE software and its tutorial from the website into your laptop. One group will need only need one laptop

12 Preparation for PSPICE Tutorial
Download 16.6_OrCAD_Lite_Capture& from the any computer in the lab It is a zipped file, you have to extract the files into a designated folder Once you have extracted, go to Disk 1 and look for SETUP (it is an application file) to install the software.

13 Introduction to Lab Equipment
Bread board and its connections


15 Function Generator To create AC signals such as Sine-Wave, Triangular Waves etc The user can alter its frequency and amplitude Example of a function generator

16 Oscilloscope An equipment to show the obtained result. Has 2 channels
One for input signal One for output signal

17 DC power supply To provide DC supply to your circuit which you can measure using digital multimeter

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