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© 2006 Palm, Inc. All worldwide rights reserved. Quick Glimpse Library.

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1 © 2006 Palm, Inc. All worldwide rights reserved. Quick Glimpse Library

2 © 2006 Palm, Inc. To facilitate the group environment, please turn off all cell phones and pagers during our session. Thank you!

3 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Prepare your handhelds for the course Charge your handhelds Optional Digitize screens and set Location, Date and Time

4 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Agenda for Quick Glimpse Educational Relevance Handheld orientation Entering text Using the menu system Quick Tour of built-in applications Test your knowledge!

5 Educational Relevance

6 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Educational Relevance? Palm Pilot PDA Palm™ handheld computer

7 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Challenges of desktop computers? Cost Size Access Simplicity

8 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Why handhelds makes sense Challenges of the desktop computer Benefits of the handheld computer! = Cost Size Equity Simplicity Cost Size Equity Simplicity Cost Size Equity Simplicity

9 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Beyond the PDA to the handheld & smartphone Hardware and software that extend the power of your handheld! FunctionSoftware Application Word processingPalm wireless keyboard, Docs to Go SpreadsheetSheet to Go, QuickSheet DatabaseMobileDB, ScheduleFinder, ePrincipal PresentationPitch Duo Digital PhotographyZire™ 72, SD, Media, Treo™ 650 Internet ConnectivityWiFi (802.11), BlueTooth, Treo™ 650 PrintingPrintBoy, TealPrint CalculatorsImagiMath, powerOne Graph Drawing & PaintingTealPaint, Diddlebug, Sketchy Scientific ProbesImagiProbe, Vernier Stories, Texts, & AuthoringeReader, Palm eBook Studio, Classics Collection Email & TelephonyOutlook, VersaMail, Treo™ 650, SendWordNow AssessmentMaking the Grade, mClass:Reading, Tango

10 Handheld Orientation

11 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Handheld Orientation Please don't use your handheld during this tour!

12 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Handhelds are like your (other) computers Stylus Mouse Categories Folders 5-Way Navigator Mouse wheel Home/Launcher Hard drive/Desktop Menu area Menus Function Keys Soft Buttons Hard Buttons Shortcuts/alias

13 © 2006 Palm, Inc. A lot alike (and a little bit different) Common applications across all models: Calendar Contacts Memos Tasks T|XLifeDriveTungsten E2Treo

14 Application Buttons

15 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tungsten E2 Buttons launch major applications* = Calendar = Contacts *Buttons vary by model = Tasks = Note Pad = Home/Launcher

16 5-way Navigator

17 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Get around with the 5-way Navigator Push Center to open or select Up Down RightLeft

18 Soft Buttons

19 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Soft Buttons* quickly open key functions You'll learn what these mean as you go through the course * Tungsten E2 handhelds

20 Turn on power, digitize, set date and time

21 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Please press the Power button LifeDrive T|X Tungsten E2

22 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Digitize the screen

23 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Set the Location, Date and Time Tap to make changes

24 Home button

25 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Home is like your PC's hard disk

26 © 2006 Palm, Inc. To open it, tap the Launcher* button Tungsten E2 *Also called Home or Applications LifeDriveT|X

27 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tap the Home button to switch categories… Each tap rotates to the next named category AllMainSystem

28 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tap Category MenuSelect category You can create up to fifteen categories plus the "Unfiled" category … or use the Category pop-down

29 Entering text

30 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Entering Text Create a new memo. Enter text using the Soft Keyboard. Learn how to use the menu system.

31 Creating a new memo

32 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Open Memos* and create a new memo Tap MemosTap New

33 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Here's a blank new memo Insertion point On-screen writing indicator

34 Letters and numbers

35 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Letters and numbers either side

36 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Capital letters must cross the center line

37 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Practice: Capitals 12 QUICK FOXES Capital letters must cross the center line! either side

38 Punctuation

39 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Some punctuation you write on the left… These are usually used with words

40 © 2006 Palm, Inc. … and other punctuation on the right These are usually used with numbers

41 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Write periods or commas on either side

42 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Practice: Write 3+4=7

43 Making the Soft Keyboard visible

44 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tap Writing Area Make the Soft Keyboard visible Tungsten T|X and LifeDrive Tap 123 to see number view Tungsten E2 Tap ABC

45 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tap and hold Writing Area icon Select input type Tungsten T|X and LifeDrive have three ways to input text Keyboard Three-cell Graffiti Classic Graffiti

46 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tap buttons to switch views TextNumbersInternational Explore the three views of the keyboard

47 © 2006 Palm, Inc. TextNumbersInternational Tap Done to close the keyboard* Tap Done *Tungsten T|X and LifeDrive : Tap the Writing Area button

48 Selecting text

49 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Selecting text is similar to your desktop Drag selects letters Double-Tap selects a word Triple-Tap selects a line

50 Using the menu system

51 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Tap here to open the menus…

52 © 2006 Palm, Inc. … or use the Menu button LifeDriveT|XTungsten E2

53 Application Tour

54 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Quick Tour of Applications Calendar Contacts Tasks Note Pad

55 Launch Calendar

56 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Launch Calendar with a button… LifeDriveT|XTungsten E2

57 © 2006 Palm, Inc. … or use and tap the Calendar icon

58 © 2006 Palm, Inc. You'll see today's Agenda view Most Palm handhelds open to the Agenda View

59 © 2006 Palm, Inc. AgendaDay Week Month Tap to switch between these four views…

60 Contacts

61 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Launch Contacts with a button… LifeDriveT|XTungsten E2

62 © 2006 Palm, Inc. … or use and tap the Contacts icon

63 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Enter textTap New Tap these scroll buttons to move up and down the page Add your name

64 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Complete your entry Tap DoneContact appears in List view

65 Tasks

66 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Launch Tasks with a button… Tungsten E2

67 © 2006 Palm, Inc. … or use and tap the Tasks icon

68 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Enter text Create a new task* Tap New

69 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Set priority if desired Select priorityTap number

70 Note Pad

71 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Launch Note Pad with a button… Tungsten E2

72 © 2006 Palm, Inc. … or use and tap the Note Pad icon

73 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Note Pad automatically creates a new note Automatic time stamp Automatic date stamp

74 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Just draw on the screen Three pens and an eraser If this box is filled, then tap on it

75 Test your knowledge

76 © 2006 Palm, Inc. 1.Categories 2.Soft buttons 3.Writing Area 4.5-way Navigator 5.Hard buttons 6.Menus Test your knowledge! A DD C E B E F

77 Close

78 © 2006 Palm, Inc. Thank You!

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