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Orlando 2013 Bradmore Comprehensive School. The Night before the Flight.

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1 Orlando 2013 Bradmore Comprehensive School

2 The Night before the Flight

3 The Morning of the Flight

4 Dress Code for Flights

5 The Flight

6 Granting Entry to the States Every child will be granted entry to the States by a Visa slip that staff will fill in for each child. At the back is a form that is essential for this trip, please pick one up, fill it in and return to the Finance Office with your child’s passport by Friday 31 st August 2012, If your child brings in their passport before the morning registration bell, it will be ready for collection at the end of the day.

7 Attractions! We will be visiting:

8 Groups The children will be split up into 5 groups of 8 children, these will be called their actvites group. A list will be up in E3 where they can sign up to go into a group. There will also be another list which is the rooming list where they will sign up who they want to be in a room with.

9 Meals Children will have three meals a day: Breaksfast – Served at the hotel Lunch – Served near the park where we are Dinner – Served in a restaurant of the groups choice! The children will have a $15 limit to spend at lunch at $30 at dinner, if they only spend $2.50 at lunch the can add it to their dinner price. Only $45 per child per day, money cannot be rolled over to the next day.

10 Spending Dollars The current conversion rate is $1 = 64p. We recommend no more than $100, but there is no limit to this! They are responsible for their own money and we will not be lending any money to any students. All they need money for is if they want to spend some dollars in the Outlet Malls, Souvenir Shops & Walmart, they don’t need money for food as its all included in the price you pay!

11 C- Children Park Visit LUNCH Free Time* ParkVisit Calm Activity FT/Get Changed Evening Meal Evening Actvity GROUP ONE 09.10-11.4512.00-12.3012.50-14.0014.10-16.0016.20-18.0018.10-18.4018.50-19.3019.45-21.30 Night before FlightSTAFF BE AT BRADMORE FOR 4PM5.50-Meet6.34- Train8.06-Arrive8.45-Holi.9.15- Lighs Day OneHOLIDAY INN INFO IN PACK11.00-Flight4.30-Hotel6.30-MeetDINERFUN SPOT Day TwoUNIVERSALCITY WALKWALMARTWET N WILDOUTLETNBookedLONGHORNISLAND OA Day ThreeDISN. MGM Brown Derby N BookedSEAWORLDWONDERWNBookedHOOTERSFUN SPOT Day FourAQUATICABAHAMA BRUD-HOUSEBLIZARD BWET N WILDNBookedCHARLIE SHISLAND OA Day FiveEPCOTEpcot REST.EPCOT BARGIN HWALMARTCORAL REEFSEAWORLD Day Six BUSCH GARDENS IN TAMPA BAY FREE/TypLaTypLa/OMANBookedDiNER

12 Kit Lists…. Shorts (at least 4 pairs) Trousers (at least 4 pairs) Swimming Clothes (at least 3 pairs) Short Sleeved tops (at least 4 pairs) Evening Wear (at least 4 sets) Waterproof Coat (at least 1 coat) Long Sleeved Top (at least 3 pairs) Underwear (at least 12) Socks (about 4 pairs) FlipFlops (at least 1 pair) Plimsolls (at least one pair, Primark £2) Trainers (at least 2 pairs) Towels (at least 3 towels) Rucksack (one rucksack) Sunglasses (VERY IMPORTANT(at least one pair)) Sunblock (VERY IMPORTANT(Factor 30+(2 bottles))) Sunhat/cap (VERY IMPORTANT(One Hat))

13 Going to the train station All staff will be at Reading Train Station from 5.45pm, last year many children and parents got to the train station by another train which gets into Reading at 5.40pm. Children are to find their Group Leaders (which they will be told) outside the main entrance of the station next to Stewed. Please make sure your with your child and has their passport and non- British visas, they will need their bags.

14 Picking Up Pick up is at Reading Station at 11.20am. A member of Bradmore Staff will once again have our logo where you wait for your child. Please be at Reading Station for 11.15am. If there is any delays, the member of staff there will give a shout out, when you see your child, please take them to your child's group leader to be signed out.

15 Early Mornings

16 What to have in Hand luggage

17 What is not to be in hand luggage or bought into the UK and USA

18 Passports All children need an in date passport valid before 4th July 2013 and expires after 5th September 2013. If your child has a non-British passport, it will need to be handed in to the Finance office when you pay your final instalment (don't worry yet) Visas During our flight to Orlando, the Virgin Atlantic crew will give staff Visa forms which let us enter the USA, there will be one visa per British child and the staff will fill them in, a form will follow this.

19 Insurance Insurance will be by the Post Office and will cover medical claims of up to $15,000, this is included in your price. Time Difference The time difference for GMT Summer time to EST is –5 hours, children will be encouraged to sleep on the flight to Orlando as we have activities booked for our first day. Weather The weather in Orlando in August is very hot with some rain and thunder storms. Children will need a waterproof coat too!

20 Flights We will be travelling with Virgin Atlantic Airways economy class from London Gatwick to Orlando International Getting to London Gatwick We will be travelling by train from Reading to Gatwick Airport the night before the flight as it is an early morning flight, the service will be operated by First Great Western. Getting around in Orlando The whole group will be split up to 5 groups of 8, these will be called their activities group, there will be one 12 seater minibus per group

21 Holiday Inn at Gatwick Airport We will be staying at the Holiday Inn at Gatwick Airport the night before we fly out to Orlando as it saves waking up at 2am in the morning and catching coaches to Gatwick Airport. There will be 8 family rooms (5 children per room) this means the children will be sharing beds with who they chose! 1 student will sleep on a sofa bed. Hotel in Orlando We staying at Homewood Suites.

22 Staff There will be a total of 10 members of staff on the trip as follows: Mr S. Hensley Book & Mr M. Jordan Group One Leaders Mrs S. Groves & Mrs S. Whitethread Group Two Leaders Mrs L. O’Donovan-Lynch & Miss K. Lynch Group Three Leaders Mr S. Phillippo & Miss L. Langue Group Four Leaders Mr D. Payne & Mrs L. Filsell Group Five Leaders

23 We will arrive in to Orlando at 3.25pm local time (9pm GMT time) and we will go through customs, collect our bags and we will split the children into their groups and into their minibuses, the journey to the hotel should take around half an hour, we have rented the minibuses and will be driven by a member of their group leaders (the member of staff underlined on the staff page is the member of staff driving). We should arrive into the hotel at 4.30pm all being well. The children will then have time to unpack and have free time (this includes having a dip in the pool! BUT staying on site) until 6.30pm when the children will be meeting their leaders at the front ready to go out

24 Is there any questions about the trip?

25 Thank You very much for coming and listening to us! Remember to collect all the forms at the back of the room when leaving and return them ASAP!


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