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City of Newport News EMS Program Internal Auditing.

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1 City of Newport News EMS Program Internal Auditing

2 Why establish an EMS if you fail to check your progress with internal audits and corrective action? 2

3 Overview EMS Internal Audits are Opportunities For Environmental Improvement 3

4 City Wide Program -6 City Departments involved in EMS development and implementation -10 EMS Programs developing or implemented -9 recognized in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program 4

5 Audit success is a combined effort: City Leadership City Department EMS teams EMS Program Management Staff 5

6 Newport News Audits Theme- “Positive and constructive” Process for performance Management focus Information and technology transfer Organizational development 6

7 Auditing in NN Who is audited- E3 programs annually E2 programs when appropriate 7

8 Auditing in NN What is audited- Procedures and records Employee interviews Physical inspection 8

9 Auditing in NN When are audits- Low intensity operational tempo Lead time for annual report Prep for Senior Management Review 9

10 Audit team EMS Program Manager Environmental Scientists EMS Team Leaders (not from fenceline) 10

11 Audit Reports Draft audit findings reviewed Draft audit report Final Written Audit Report Develop Action Plans 11

12 Senior Management Annual EMS review 12

13 Long term: Programs to audit will increase Auditing does not need to be difficult Be ready for people to fear the worst Present findings as constructive 13


15 City of Newport News EMS Program

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