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HCL INVENTS A NEW DATA QUERY LANGUAGE FOR THE WORLD’S LEADING AVIATION COMPANY Prem Sundar a highly skilled database professional with HCL Technologies,

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Prem Sundar a highly skilled database professional with HCL Technologies, manages product lifecycle for ASCENT–a tool that the customer uses for capturing avionics Data. The captured data used to get updated on Objectivity, However, querying data from this database wasn’t an easy task, To retrieve data from the database, the team had to write a new code for the query. The customer is the world’s largest aerospace and defense company primarily providing avionics and information technology systems to governmental agencies and aircraft manufacturers. The customer wanted to optimize its database and improve database query performance. The innovative idea saw an over-whelming response from the customer, who has saved $5.02 mn revenue which was wasted before. The language is now customer’s intellectual property and their filling a patent for the same. The techy insight of Prem made him come up with an idea of new query language and spent 18 months for developing it which resulted in AQL (Ascend Query Language), using which a query code could be written in just five minutes, For AQL he designed & developed; a parser that understands the query syntax; a query engine that outputs data based on the query; and a client user interface.

4 Pulakesh Bhattacharya A leading P&C Insurance Company
$3.1 M win through LeadGen How LeadGen helped Pulak spotted a staff aug opportunity in Worker’s Compensation Policy Project which he entered in LeadGen. LeadGen team aggressively followed up and tracked this opportunity as per the program SLAs to ensure that the opportunity was closed in xxx days. For Pulak INR 25,000 monetary reward Company and account level recognition Appreciation from sales team and delivery leadership For Account The account became a transformational initiative in FS Turnaround from Staff Aug to Managed Services Executive sponsorship for the account For HCL $3.1 M in booking A big reference for staff aug to managed services transformation Increased sales and delivery collaboration to boost account synergy Congrats Pulak. This is a huge contribution to our revenue and reference-able customer Ramki Venkatraman, AVP (Pulak’s RM) Quotable Quotes Leadgen is a great example of sales and delivery collaboration program. An amazing initiative which I haven’t seen in any other organization Atul Athavale, ASD, FS Customer Background The customer is a leading P&C Insurance company, providing insurance to over 700,000 people in NJ and Eastern Pennsylvania. As far as the relationship with HCL, the customer operated primarily in staff Aug mode. Pulakesh Bhattacharya Employee Name E3 Employee Band A leading P&C Insurance Company Customer Description

He proactively analyzed customers current business & identified tremendous business opportunities. His customer, a leading online company’s search engine only had 20% market share as it was only configured to own web browser. Anupam Anand, works at the helm of new technology, but somewhere within him Is an ace marketer. Anupam’s ideas have been well-received by the customer and are expected to generate a comprehensive business impact of $15 mn for the customer in FY”13. Moreover, the Universal Installer fetched the customer 758 mn unique clicks from across the globe in just one year. Anupam identified the problem and came up with an idea to install a default pack in all customer products that would set customers search engine as the default search engine in users’ systems. And at the same time came up with the idea of the Universal configured to all browsers to maximizse user base.

Mirror Mirror Trust through Transparency Inverting the pyramid Recasting role of CEO BEHAVIORS Behaviors that Seed, Nurture and Harvest ideas with entrepreneurial energy PROGRAMS Both management & employee led initiatives to impact customers, company and the Ideapreneur OUTCOMES Successful business outcomes further strengthen our culture tenets Our Values lead to behavior patterns that leverage programs to deliver successful outcomes in a virtuous cycle making… HCL ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST IDEAPRENEURSHIP

VALUE CREATION Grassroots Service Innovation LEAD GENERATION Grassroots Opportunity Spotting MAD JAM Transformation Board FLSLs/ Partnerships VALUE CREATION and NOT VC Council White Spaces


9 After Customer Approval Customer Feedback/ Rating of Idea
Structured Value Creation Process Workflow Enabled via Value Portal & Customer Portal Value Portal Generator Generator Project Manager Value Council Implement the Idea Case Study Upload Ideate Review Approval After Internal Review of Idea After Implementation of Idea After Customer Approval of Idea Customer Portal Customer Customer Customer Approval Customer Feedback/ Rating of Idea

10 Project & Account Level Ideation – Difference
Project Ideation Account Ideation (New!) What Ideas specific to a project Example: cost reduction, cycle time optimization, effort reduction or may result in a simple reusable tool Ideas impacting cross functional teams or high Business impact Example: Business process optimization, Transformational ideas leading to competitive position Who Employee assigned to project through RAS can login Idea Any HCLite is able to login Ideas. Cross functional teams can collaborate and login a single idea Example: SME from CoE, Domain/Technology experts, Specialists Customer Participation Approving an idea Star Rating an implemented Idea Customer can login Ideas and get involved at every stage of Ideation Idea Enrichment Only Idea reviewers and chosen Account stakeholders will be able to contribute to idea enrichment Social collaborative platform on Value Portal – wherein Like & Comments can be given by any HCLite to Enrich ideas.

11 Value Creation Culture
FY 13 283 active engagements 8400+ idea generators 18% employees from key active a/c 4000+ reviewer and approver $162Mn customer signed value delivered EMPLOYEE CONTRIBUTION

12 Value Creation Outcomes
Growth Chart FY % (on 50K base) FY % (on 65K base) Employee Contribution CAGR (5 years) 157% Value Delivered 44% Idea Generation 104% Idea Implementation 6% to 30% Idea Conversion

Certificate signed by engagement head Trophy for Best Ideapreneure Orange color Lanyards T-shirts which says “you are an Ideapreneur” Appreciation mail by LOB head Appreciation mail by Sales head Value creation News letter with top Ideaprenuers pictures Ex-tra miles for top innovators MONTHLY RECOGNITION Acknowledging Ideapreneurs in ODC’s by engagement head Chocolate baskets Appreciation mail by senior leaders YEARLY RECOGNITION Annual Value creation award ceremony for top innovators Book of Ideas REWARD PLAN HR and Marketing is working out on a reward plan to reward all the ideapreneurs who generate and implement idea worth $ 1 million and above. Plz use pictures to donate certificate , t-shirts , lanyards , choclates etc 1. QUATERLY RECOGNITION Generate 5 ideas and get it reviewed 1 implemented idea with customer star rating 2. MONTHLY RECOGNITION Generate 3 ideas in value portal and get it reviewed

14 Be an Ideapreneur…Create your own Chronicles… Login to Value Portal NOW

15 LeadGen

16 What is the need for LeadGen?
What is LeadGen? Program for employees to contribute business opportunities through their personal and professional contacts Monetary reward and company/ account wide recognition What is the need for LeadGen? Comp. kill through sales and delivery collaboration Decreased sales cost for new business acquisition Alternate channel for sourcing business opportunities for HCL HCL Opportunity to earn up to INR 1,50,000 OR USD 11,250 and company wide recognition Gain visibility and get better growth opportunities at HCL Chance to directly contribute to HCL’s revenue Faster fulfillment of customer’s demand Increase account level share of wallet vis-à-vis the competition Facilitate cross selling and up selling within the account Your Engagement You

17 Use Cases LeadGen is applicable for a wide range of opportunities which are confirmed by the customer and which can generate revenues for HCL. Following are some of the cases where one can use LeadGen New Project with existing customer New Customer Customer is satisfied with HCL’s existing service and wants to evaluate the possibility of increasing HCL’s scope of work. E.g. Customer is impressed by our L2 support and wants to outsource L3 support as well Another vendor’s contract is due for renewal and the customer is evaluating other vendors for this requirement. E.g. TCS’s ASM contract is due for renewal and HCL could get the project A customer from your previous organization or a personal contact wishes to evaluate HCL as a vendor for their IT needs Idea generated by employee Customer accepts and is willing to pay to implement an idea given by an employee to optimize the customer’s IT practice. E.g. A patch to an application to save $1M for a customer every quarter Staff Augmentation Requirement of additional resources in existing or new projects. E.g. 6 extra resources in the existing ERP testing project.

18 What is a good lead? What is a good lead? What is not a good lead?
Customer representative has spoken to you about a requirement which he wants HCL to fulfill You know the customer contact details ( ID, Phone number), which can be shared with HCL Sales HCL Sales can cite your reference to the customer while taking the lead ahead The lead description clearly tells us what the customer is looking for An idea Lack of customer contact details Lack of clarity in customer requirement Deliverables within an existing SOW/ MSA Information available in the public domain (RFPs on websites, newspapers, etc.) Lead resulting in violations of NDA signed with the customer (if any) What is not a good lead?

19 Process Lead closure R&R for the employee on successful closure of deal Reward amount to be processed in the next month’s payroll Reward amount is taxable 5 Qualified lead assigned to sales Qualified lead is assigned to respective AM Connect with LM for an update on your lead 4 3 Sales connects with the customer contact & qualifies the lead. AM connects with your customer contact to qualify the lead A lead ideally takes 2-5 months to get closed Guaranteed response and closure to each lead 1 2 You enter your lead in the portal Enter correct and complete customer info Exact lead description Qualified business leads Enter lead at prospecting stage Retrospective leads Ideas LM team will call you to qualify the lead A lead manager will be assigned to your lead LM will call you to qualify the lead EE opportunities Employees above the band of E6 Opportunities with no customer confirmation

20 Lead Form

21 Reason to believe in LeadGen – FY13 Performance

22 Rewards Recognition Key Highlights
8X increase 2X increase Offshore Onsite FY14 FY13 Max. reward amount increased from INR 74,000 to USD 11,250 for onsite employees INR 1,50,000 for offshore employees Key Highlights Significant increase in monetary rewards COLA for onsite employees Company level and account level recognition through multiple campaigns Executive sponsorship from CHRO provides increased visibility

23 What happens without LeadGen?
Employee Name Employee Band Customer Description Not known Not known A leading Business Jet Aircraft Maker Customer Background Customer background The customer is a leading business jet aircraft maker in the world, and is also one of the biggest customers for HCL. Major portion of the revenues comes from Infra services. What happened? One of the HCL-Axon employees was able to identify a $700k key SAP project. This strategic project, along with the efforts of the sales team have resulted a revenue of $16 Mn from this account in the SAP domain Though HCL got the revenues, the employee lost out on the individual reward and recognition through LeadGen. Following are some more scenarios which might occur without LeadGen Loss of a breakthrough deal due to disconnect between sales and delivery Loss of motivation for delivery to participate in the account mining resulting in loss of wallet share Lesser avenues for up-selling and cross-selling Lack of executive visibility for the account



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