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February 22nd main agenda

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1 February 22nd main agenda
HMI products offering DisplayPort, industrial monitors portofolio update By Marco Zampolli Introduction of AdvantechAVS Series Products By Maurice van der Aa

2 Marco Zampolli HMI product sales manager
HMI products offering DisplayPort… the End of an Era, but Beginning of a New Age We are in next HMI generation Implementing the latest technology Remembering our HMI knowledge Marco Zampolli HMI product sales manager February 2013

3 Video output technologies
Connector PRO CONS VGA 1- Wide spread technology 1- Old technology going to be phased out DVI 1-Digital technology 1- Connector big footprint HDMI 2-Audio signal integrated 1- No connector retention DP (Display port) 2-Connector retention 3-Connector small footprint 4-Longer distance w/o repeater 5-Native in new architectures

4 Why displayport in industrial applications
Digital technology Connector retention 1 cable for multimonitor connection DiplayPort advantages Connector small foot print Longer distance w/o repeater Native in new architecture Royalty free

5 Technology trend AMD and Intel are going to phase out VGA output from their architecture by 2014. The already designed replacement is Display Port (AKA DP). INTRODUCTION DisplayPort is a digital display interface developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The VESA specification is royalty-free. VESA designed it to replace VGA, DVI, and LVDS. Backward compatibility to VGA and DVI by using adapter dongles enables consumers to use DisplayPort fitted video sources without replacing existing display devices. Although DisplayPort has much of the same functionality as HDMI, it is expected to complement the interface, not replace it. MARKET SHARE Figures from IDC show that DisplayPort was on 5.1 percent of commercial desktops and 2.1 percent on commercial notebooks in However, they predict that the figure for commercial desktops will grow to 89.5 percent, and for commercial notebooks to 95 percent by 2014.[29] The main factor behind this is the phase out of VGA, and that both Intel and AMD will also stop building products with low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), by 2013.

6 Technology evolution Starting from Sandy bridge mobile platform Intel introduced display port as native video output. Several Advantech products are/will be equipped with DP connector UNO-2184G: Sandy Bridge AIMB-582: Ivy Bridge PCE-5128: Haswell platform AIMB-784: Haswell platform ASMB-584: Haswell platform

7 DP market nowadays Thanks to the small connector’s footprint up to 2 connectors can be placed on a LP PCI bracket. Example: Matrox M9128 LP PCIe x16 Graphical cards Intel latest mobile chipset are equipped with DP. No conversion is needed. Example: Advantech UNO-2184G Embedded PCs

8 Matrox lineup Matrox is using DP more and more in his product line…

9 Advantech product portfolio
Advantech already introduced DP in its FPM-51x2G series since June Beside the standard version (FPM-5xx1G series) offering VGA and DVI inputs, Advantech is offering Display port solution. Same features just different input options LCD SIZE VGA+DVI input DP input 15” FPM-5151G-R3BE FPM-5152G-R2AE 17” FPM-5171G-R3BE FPM-5172G-R2AE 19” FPM-5191G-R3BE FPM-5192G-R2AE IMPORTANT Prices between 51G and 52G series will be aligned

10 Product details

11 FPM-51x1G vs FPM-51x2G I/O FPM-51x1G series FPM-51x2G series

12 FPM-51x1G revision change
New revision for FPM-51x1G series R3AE to R3BE Only modification is backlight: Backlight technology is going to be phase out by main backlight manufacturer New revision is using LED backlight technology LCD SIZE A version B version 15” FPM-5151G-R3AE FPM-5152G-R3BE 17” FPM-5171G-R3AE FPM-5172G-R3BE 19” FPM-5191G-R3AE FPM-5192G-R3BE

13 Competition analysis-Industrial monitors
IFP1500 IFP1900 IFP2200 SIMATIC series PN List price Difference % SIMATIC IFP1500 1,075 € +41% SIMATIC IFP1900 1,225 € +45% SIMATIC IFP2200 1,550 € N/A DP standard is becoming more and more common in consumer market. Industrial market is moving towards this technology, few competitors are offering this solution. Advantech is ready to offer latest technology

14 New wide industrial monitor series FPM-7xx1W-WP
Features 18.5” 21.5" Industrial Monitor with Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Truly-flat touch screen with IP65 compliance Slim type design for Panel mount / Wall mount easy installation Supports industrial 24VDC power input Supports panel, wall, desktop and VESA arm mounting PN Description FPM-7181W-P3AE 18.5" WXGA Ind Monitor w/PCT TS (RS-232, USB) FPM-7211W-P3AE 21.5" Full HD Ind Monitor w/PCT TS (RS-232, USB) MP 18,5”-> April 2013 21,5”-> April 2013

15 When embedded fanless CPU power is not enough….
Even if we are always talking about Intel I series, There are 2 families Mobile platform Less powerfull Can be fanless Desktop platform More powerful Must be cooled with fan VGA DVI DP

16 Touchscreen technology
Resistive Multitouch Projected-capacitive Multitouch is becoming required also in industrial application Projected-capacitive technology allows to use a hardened glass Most of the SCADA are now supporting Multitouch gesture Zenon, Win-CC, Wonderware, Iconics, Movicon - Projected-capacitive can be used also with thin gloves

17 Application examples

18 And control rooms ITS main control management rooms
Air traffic control rooms Substation control rooms Are just examples…

19 FPM-2xxx: entry level industrial monitor-4:3-
FPM-2120G: 12’’ monitor with resistive TS FPM-2150G: 15’’ monitor with resistive TS FPM-2170G: 17’’ monitor with resistive TS Same design as TPC 50/51/71 series 12”-> March2013 15”-> Q2 end 2013 17”->March 2013 Specifications: ƒ Anti-reflective screen with tempered glass ƒ Supports Panel, Wall, Desktop, Rack or VESA arm mounting ƒ Front Panel NEMA4/IP65 Compliant ƒ Combo RS-232 & USB interface for touchscreen function

20 Layout front & rear FPM-2k series
Input VGA Input 12VDC PSU included

21 Automation industrial monitor
FPM series

22 Where TPC CPU in not enough and we need to add a separate PC
Slim and Compact Design Where TPC CPU in not enough and we need to add a separate PC 6 cm

23 Webinar dated 22 Februari 2013 - Google Drive
Questionnaire Questionnaire Advantech AVS & New Display Port Webinar dated 22 Februari Google Drive

24 Questions ?

25 Maurice van der Aa Product Sales Manager
Introduction of Advantech AVS Series Products Maurice van der Aa Product Sales Manager

26 Agenda Introduction of Video wall Matrox Mura MPX Product introduction
Advantech AVS & Value Proposition AVS Product overview & Competitors Examples FAQ & Naming Rule Roadmap Q & A

27 Introduction of Video wall
Video Wall Simplified Definition One large specialized display or an array of N x M displays organized as one large visualization surface. Video Wall Controller Definition The device that lets you capture, manipulate, and manage the content displayed on your Video Wall. N Video Wall Controller N x M Video Wall M

28 Introduction of Video wall
1. Video Wall Controller with Inputs & Outputs Capturing video contents and display them on a video wall, such as control rooms, command centers, digital signage, Public Information System (PIS). 2. Video Wall Controller with Outputs Only Simply displaying contents on a video wall such as stage backgrounds. Video Wall Controller Video Outputs Video Inputs Video Wall Controller Video Outputs

29 Matrox Mura MPX Product introduction

30 Matrox Mura MPX Product Introduction
1. Full Duplex PCI-Express Gen2 bandwidth. 2. First architecture to combine INPUT and OUPUT channels on the same HD cards. 3. Provide load balancing options for unparalleled HD captured stream performance. 4. Support HDCP. 5. Network API for remotely controlling the video wall. 6. Long life. MPX 4/0: 4 HD Outputs MPX 4/2: 4 HD Outputs plus 2 HD Inputs MPX 4/4: 4 HD Outputs plus 4 HD Inputs (a market-leading 8 HD channels per card!!!) MPX SDI: 2 HD Outputs plus 2 Native 3G SDI Inputs MPX VID16: 16 Standard Definition Inputs MPX VID8: 8 Standard Definition Inputs

31 Mura Inputs Universal Inputs
Each Mura MPX card has one or two high density (KX-20) connectors. Matrox breakout cables from KX-20 to 4x DVI-I included Input either DVI, VGA, Component, Composite or S-Video Adapters sold separately Composite Video Input 8 or 16 input on one board SDI Input 2 SDI inputs on one board Composite S-video Component VGA

32 Matrox Mura Control for Windows Take control of your Video Wall
Layout Management Create, save, copy and delete layouts Position streaming windows anywhere on the wall Map source to multiple streaming windows of same or different sizes Supports picture in picture configuration Switch between layouts with a single click Control background colour Create scrolling text across entire video wall

33 Matrox MuraControl for Windows
Source Management Naming of sources Rotation of source (90°, 180°, and 270°. Cropping source Source specific hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast correction

34 MURA Control for iPad Manage your wall remotely
Drag and drop sources to create lay outs Scale sources Switch between lay outs Free to download from App Store

35 What is Advantech AVS Series?

36 What is Advantech AVS Series
Product Introduction 1. AVS series are pre-configured systems for video wall applications. 2. AVS series feature Matrox Mura MPX compatibility, industrial reliability and value-added services to system integrators. 3. AVS series are able to carry multiple Matrox Mura MPX and bring their capabilities into full play.

37 What is Advantech AVS Series
Product Features: 1. Matrox Mura MPX Compatibility: Validated by Matrox. 2. Industrial Reliability: 0 ~ 40°C Operating Temperature. 3. CE/FCC & UL/CB Certifications: Certified with Mura MPX. 4. Longevity & Extended Warranty: 5~7 years life cycle plus Maximum 5 years warranty. Matrox products have 3 year warranty 5. Manageability: Remotely monitor and control the system.

38 AVS Series Value Proposition
Value Proposition By S.I.’s Value Chain Design The Video Wall Install The Video Wall Service & Maintenance Mura MPX Compatibility CE/FCC, UL/CB Certified System Integration Service Longevity & Revision Control Remote Manageability AVS are validated by Matrox, no worry for compatibility and reliability issue, AVS can shorten S.I.’s design in phase. Advantech CTOS service (AVS + Mura + OS/Software) reduces S.I.’s assembly & test efforts. Longevity & extended warranty make S.I.’s after-sale-service easier, remote management reduces S.I.’s on-site maintenance effort.

39 AVS Product overview

40 AVS Series Products Comparison Table
Item AVS-240 AVS-290 AVS-540 AVS-541 Phase-in Available Now March 2013 September 2013 Form-Factor 4U Rack Mount Wall Mount/Desktop Mura MPX Support 2 Mura MPX-4/X 1 Mura MPX-V8/V16/SDI 5 Mura MPX-4/X 11 Mura MPX-V8/V16/SDI Video Outputs 8 Digital/Analog + 2 SDI 8 Digital/Analog 20 Digital/Analog 20 Digital/Analog + 22 SDI Video Inputs 16 Analog or 2 SDI 176 Analog or 22 SDI CPU Xeon E5 2400 Xeon E3 1200 Xeon E5 2600 Xeon E3 1200V2 Memory 96GB, ECC & REG 32GB, ECC 16GB, ECC Expansion (Blue for Mura) 1 PCIe x 16 (4/X) 1 PCIe x 8 (4/X) 1 PCIe x 4 (V8/V16/SDI) 1 PCIe x 1 2 PCI 1 PCIe x 16 (or 2 PCIe x 8) (4/X) 1 PCIe x 4 3 PCI 2 PCIe x 16 (or 4 PCIe x 8) (4/X) 1PCI 5 PCIe x 8 (4/X) 11 PCIe x 4 (V8/V16/SDI) LAN 2 4 Manageability IPMI 2.0/SUSIAccess iAMT/SUSIAccess Operation Temperature 0~40。C

41 AVS-240 Product Introduction
Specification 5.25” Drive Bay Form-Factor: 4U Rack Mount Mura Support: 2 Mura MPX-4/X, 1 Mura MPX- V8/V16/SDI Video Outputs: 8 Digital/Analog + 2 SDI Video Inputs: 8 Digital/Analog + 16 Analog or 2 SDI Processor: Intel® Xeon® E up to 8C/16T Memory: DDR3 1333/1600 MHz up to 96GB 5.25” Drive Bay: 3 External 3.5” Drive Bay: 1 External Remote Management: IPMI, SUSIAccess PSU: 500W 80 Plus Single Power Supply Dual GbE LANs 3.5” Drive Bay 80 Plus 500W PSU IPMI Port Dual LANs 1 Mura MPX-V8/V16/SDI 2 Mura MPX-4/X

42 AVS-290 Product Introduction
Front View Specification Form-Factor: Wall Mount/Desktop Mura Support: 2 Mura MPX-4/X Video Outputs: 8 Digital/Analog Video Inputs: 8 Digital/Analog Processor: Intel® Xeon® E up to 4C/8T Memory: DDR MHz up to 32GB 5.25” Drive Bay: 1 External 3.5” Drive Bays: 2 Removable, 1 Internal Remote Management: IPMI, SUSIAccess PSU: 400W 80 Plus Single Power Supply Quad GbE LANs 2 Mura MPX-4/X Quad LANs 80 Plus 400W PSU

43 AVS-540 Product Introduction
Specification 5.25” Drive Bay Form-Factor: 4U Rack Mount Mura Support: 5 Mura MPX-4/X Video Outputs: 20 Digital/Analog Video Inputs: 20 Digital/Analog Processor: Intel® Xeon® E up to 8C/16T Memory: DDR3 1333/1600 MHz up to 96GB 5.25” Drive Bay: 3 External 3.5” Drive Bay: 1 External Remote Management: IPMI, SUSIAccess PSU: 700W 80 Plus Single Power Supply Dual GbE LANs 3.5” Drive Bay 80 Plus 700W PSU IPMI Port Dual LANs 5 Mura MPX-4/X

44 AVS-541 Product Introduction
Front View Specification Form-Factor: 4U Rack Mount Mura Support: 5 Mura MPX-4/X, 11 Mura MPX- V8/V16/SDI Video Outputs: 20 Digital/Analog + 22 SDI Video Inputs: 20 Digital/Analog Analog or 22 SDI Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3 1200V2 up to 4C/8T Memory: DDR MHz up to 16GB 5.25” Drive Bay: 3 External 3.5” Drive Bay: 1 External, 1 Internal Remote Management: iAMT, SUSIAccess PSU: 810W Front Accessible 3+1 Redundant PSU Dual GbE LANs Rear View Ordering Information 11 Mura MPX-V8/V16/SDI Advantech P/N Description AVS A1E 4U Rackmount Xeon E3-1200V2 Video Wall Controller Supporting Matrox Mura MPX N001 Cooler for Xeon E3-1200V2 series CPU with TDP Up To 95W Dual LANs 5 Mura MPX-4/X

45 Flexible Configuration
Competitor Analysis Item Advantech + Matrox Datapath Barco Jupiter Offering Video Wall Controllers 3rd Party Software Video Cards MB/Chassis Own-brand Software MB Displays (DLP, LCD) Control Room Services Max. Outputs 20 64 288 120 Flexibility Flexible Configuration Fixed Configuration Price Medium Medium to Low Very High High Sys. Op. Temp. 0~40°C 0~35°C HD Capability Excellent HD Performance Normal HD Performance Good HD Performance Strength High performance/cost ratio. Flexibility for all demands. Using latest CPU technology. Industrial Reliability. Cost effective. Medium wall Capability. High performance. Big Wall Capability. Vertically Integrated Solution Good performance. Weak No big wall capability.Note1 Need 3rd party S/W. Note2 Lower HD performance. No validated chassis, PSU. Previous generation CPU. Expensive for mid/small wall. No flexibility configuration. Note 1: New 40 outputs solution will be available in Q Note 2: Matrox partner can support buying 3rd party S/W and S/W after sale service.

46 Examples

47 “In Mura MPX, we found exactly the type of powerful, yet cost-effective solution we were looking for.” -Chris Dodds Managing Director, The P.A. People Installation in 2012 F1 Australian Grand Prix race control room Integrated by The P.A. People 12 Samsung 460UX monitors in a 6x2 configuration Powered by three Mura MPX-4/4 and two MPX-V16s 10 universal inputs and 32 composite video feeds displayed All controlled via the Mura Network API

48 FAQ & Naming Rule

49 FAQ 1. What’s the difference between Matrox Mura cards and nVIDIA, ATi graphics cards? <Answer> Mura features not only output but also INPUT capabilities, it can also flexibly move, scale or organize captured videos on the wall. Commercial graphics cards are only good at local rendering, multiple outputs (< 8 outputs), not suitable for control room applications. 2. What’s the difference between NVR, DVR and video wall controller? <Answer> NVR, DVR are to capture, encode and store video data, they are used in surveillance systems. Video wall controllers is to capture videos and real-timely, flexibly display them on the wall, it is used in control rooms or command centers.

50 FAQ 3. What’s the difference between Matrox Mura cards and Advantech DSP cards? <Answer> Advantech DSP card features video processing capabilities such as encoding, decoding or manipulating video data; Mura card features video input, output capabilities without involving encoding or decoding. It requires strong capability to port DSP card S/W (only K.A. can do) but Mura card has complete off the shelf S/Ws, so even small S.I. can use Mura card solutions.

51 Naming Rule for AVS Series Products
AVS A1E AVS-abc-deA1E - AVS: Prefix for Advantech Video Wall Controllers - a: Video wall size, 2 for less than 8 cubes, 5 for 9~20 cubes, 8 for more than 21 cubes. - b: Chassis form factor, 2 for 2U, 4 for 4U, 5 for 5 U, 9 for wall mount. - c: Serial number, 0~9. - de: Reserved, default is A1: for revision. - E: for RoHS compliant.

52 Roadmap

53 AVS Series Products Roadmap
Developing Planning Available Conceptual 40-Output 4U System Supported 10 Mura MPX-4/X Outputs:40 Digital/Analog Inputs: 40 Digital/Analog Intel® Xeon E3 series 3*External 5.25” HDD + 1 external 3.5” HDD, 1 internal 3.5” HDD AVS-840 Sep‘13 20-Output AVS-540 AVS-541 4U System Supported 5 Mura MPX-4/X Outputs:20 Digital/Analog Inputs: 20 Digital/Analog Intel® Xeon® E series 3*External 5.25” HDD + 1* External 3.5” HDD 4U System Supported Mura MPX-V8/V16 Outputs:20 Digital/Analog + 22 SDI Inputs: 20 Digital/Analog Analog or 22 SDI Intel® Xeon® E3-1200V2 series 3*External 5.25” HDD + 1 external 3.5” HDD, 1 internal 3.5” HDD Mar‘13 Sep‘13 8-Output 8-Output AVS-240 AVS-290 4U System Supported 2 Mura MPX-4/X, 1 Mura MPX-V8/V16/SDI Outputs 8 Digital/Analog + 2 SDI Inputs: 8 Digital/Analog + 16 Analog or 2 SDI Intel® Xeon® E series 3*External 5.25” HDD + 1* External 3.5” HDD Wallmount/Desktop System Supported 2 Mura MPX-4/X Outputs: 8 Analog/Digital Inputs: 8 Analog/Digital Intel® Xeon® E series 1*External 5.25” HDD + 2* hot-swap 3.5” HDD, 1 internal 3.5” HDD

54 Q & A

55 Thank you!

56 Questionnaire Questionnaire Advantech AVS Webinar dated 22 Februari Google Drive

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