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Rejuvenated MiCOM P40 Double the practicality

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1 Rejuvenated MiCOM P40 Double the practicality
Henri GRASSET Summer 2014

2 Double the Practicality
Double the security – further enhanced cyber security with RBAC Double the interoperability – IEC61850 Ed1 & Ed2 Double the availability Dual IP ports – 2 Independent Ethernet Channels Seamless and unparalleled redundancy with HSR & PRP Double the quality Long proven protection algorithms Upgraded with well-known Schneider Electric Quality Double the service – QR code for supporting information Double the ease-of-use – advanced MiCOM S1 Studio tool

3 IEC 61850 based Protection Schemes
Latest standards Fully secure, from product to solution Cost optimized and Reliable Enabled by powerful new Ethernet

4 New powerful Ethernet solutions
Hardware: Dual IP ports (2 IPs) PRP* and HSR* redundancy (IEC 62439) Universal Irig-B port (Modulated and un-modulated) Software enhancements: IEC Ed. 2 (and Ed.1) Cyber Security evolutions E3 requirements (Spain) *PRP: Parallel Redundancy Protocol *HSR: High-availability Seamless Redundancy

5 Cost optimized and Reliable
PRP* and HSR* communication redundancies Choice made via configuration Allows seamless redundancy (no loss of any information) Optimizes the Ethernet network availability and cost Dual port (2 IP Addresses) Allows two physically segregated /independent networks Universal Irig-B (Modulated and un-modulated) Plug & Play: No need of configuration Easy to connect to any kind of Irig-B technology IEC Standard: *PRP: Parallel Redundancy Protocol *HSR: High-availability Seamless Redundancy

6 Fully Secure Cyber Security Not only about ”Cyber” attacks
A “Must have” requirement in many countries and environments Not only about ”Cyber” attacks Enables: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability & Authentication, Non-Repudiation, Accountability, Traceability & Detection Available now! Standard in the latest MiCOM P40 Configuration security enabled by the Security Admin Tool (SAT)

7 Latest Standards IEC 61850 Edition 2.0 (or Edition 1)
Choice made via configuration Open, interoperable and well recognised standard Reduces Engineering time and allows better interoperability Spain E3 requirements: Essential for Spanish Utilities and Spanish influenced markets HSR and PRP CID* file transfer via Ethernet for Ed2 (“MCL” file for Ed.1) Time synchronization configuration and monitoring to E3 requirements *: Configured IED Description

8 Why Dual IP? Ethernet has become the main technology for Protection & Control Redundancy is a fundamental necessity for Protection Schemes based on GOOSE and especially for high availability environments Standardized HSR, PRP (active redundancy) enables: Interoperability and Interchangeability 0 ms reconfiguration time, thus no loss of data (as no reconfiguration) Full compatibility with the IEC requirements LAN B LAN A P40 P40

9 Optimised Network Topology 1/2
HSR for Protection HSR for Protection Ring A Ring B Control RedBox RedBox Network 1

10 Optimised Network Topology 2/2
HSR HSR Ring A Ring B PRP RedBox 1 RedBox 2 RedBox 3 RedBox 4 Network 1 Network 2

11 Implementation Dual IP Ethernet allows 2 fully segregated Station Bus networks Realistic examples include: Duplicated Network for Protection and Control (P&C) Segregated Networks for Control….. And for Protection Segregated Networks for P&C And for Maintenance Segregated Networks for P&C And for Digital Fault Recording System (DFRS) Segregated Networks for P&C And for I/O expansion with P849 DCS

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