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Innovative New Technologies in Building & Construction.

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1 Innovative New Technologies in Building & Construction

2 Press button To Continue Steel Structure Steel structures offer significant advantages over conventional concrete ones such as: Better resistance to shock loading such as blasts or earthquakes Reduced weight Faster Construction & Reduced Labour Cost due to the low weight Concrete Foundation Due to the lightness of our structures, thinner concrete foundations are used with lower percentage of steel reinforcement. This results in low construction cost as compared to conventional structures.

3 Press button To Continue Wooden or Metal Frames Wall and Roof frames can be constructed using metal or wood. However, for higher sound and thermal insulation E3 Technology recommends a wooden structure. These frames are supported on the steel structure by means of bolts.

4 Press button To Continue CLC Internal Wall and Roof Panels Internal wall and roof panels are screwed on the wooden frames. These, besides providing thermal and sound insulation, also protect the wooden frames and steel structures against fire. After this, all electrical and mechanical services are installed within the walls and the roof.

5 Press button To Continue Mineral ECO Wool ECO-Wool is a mineral wool produced 100% from recycled wool and paper, and aims at further reducing the thermal conductivity and enhancing fire protection of the E3 Structure at a very low cost.

6 CLC External Panel 4cm CLC Panel is installed to cover the external surface of the walls and further enhance the thermal, acoustic and fire resistance properties of the building. Press button To Continue

7 Press button To Start Again Architectural Design E3 Technology does not put any constrains or limitations on the architectural design and construction. It can support any architectural finishing.

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