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Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 1 Episode 3 EXCOM # 5 15th December 2009.

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1 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 1 Episode 3 EXCOM # 5 15th December 2009

2 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 2 Agenda TimeTopicWho leads 10:00-10:10WelcomeK. Gryc / P. Leplae 10:10-10:20Project statusP. Leplae 10:20-10:25Final report presentation-structureP. Leplae 10:25-10:45Chapter 3- Tools & validationR. Leemueller 10:45-11:00Chapter 4- ConceptR. Eveleigh 11:00-11:15OperabilityP. Sanchez 11:15-11:30PerformanceG. Murgese 11:30-11:45Technology assessmentP. Lelièvre 11:45-12:00Conclusion, feedback from consortium and ECAll 12:00-12:15Preparation of final management reportsP. Leplae 12:15-12:30AOB, Wrap-upAll

3 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 3 Status WP2 DOD’s nearly finalised (except, G, M1 and M2) WP3 Approval of 3 exercise reports, expert group report, operational scenarios, WP report WP4 completed WP5 Airport expert group report and WP report to approve WP6 Technical scenarios to approve and WP report to complete All approved documents on the public website on the 17th

4 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 4 Status continued Final report status: Sent for approval to consortium on 13th December Last comments on the 16th Transmission to EC on the 17th However: Transversal review still need to take place by more participants Need to assess conclusions in light of WP finalised reports The document is assessed as being too bulky for a high level report, and should be reduced noticeably, with details moved in annexes

5 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 5 Status report (continued) Management and activity reports to be sent end January with cost statements MTR answers already sent, but an MTR report is due to EC Final dissemination actions in January targeted to EP3 partners

6 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 6 Final report structure Introduction EP3 context & scope Tools, techniques and methodologies for validation Concept development Operational and process feasibility Performance aspects Technology aspects Lessons learnt Conclusions Recommendations

7 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 7 Final report presentation

8 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 8 Final cost statements All information to be sent as soon as possible before auditing, so that they can be checked: Form C properly filled in (dates, responsible, cost models, etc…) Travels justified by EP3 meetings or work only Management costs < 7% total costs All meetings properly justified by minutes or at least agenda on the website Audit certificate to be done for whole project of not delivered in year 1. Documents rejected in Yr 1 have to be resubmitted. Rejected costs for year 1 to be resubmitted as « adjustment to previous period » Money to be obtained from QUB, SELEX before distribution of remaining funds Clarifications required by NATS on exchange rate to apply

9 Episode 3 E3-WP3-MWPM20091215-PPT-V0001-EXCOM5 9 Final cost statements

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