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Kevin Wang Product Manager, RAISECOM Last Mile Convergence for Business/Residential Connection and 2G/3G Backhauling.

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1 Kevin Wang Product Manager, RAISECOM Last Mile Convergence for Business/Residential Connection and 2G/3G Backhauling

2 Raisecom creates future T otal solution provider of optical broadband access, focuses on the high-end carrier-grade market worldwide U biquitous Ethernet delivery applications over existing E1/T1, E3/DS3 and STM-1 infrastructure with better flexibility in terms of guaranteed bandwidth, and network QoS. P roviding an easily accessible solution for corporation users. S triving to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced broadband access technologies.

3 Raisecom Global Presence RAISECOM employees Sales180 R&D320 Management 25 Technical215 Manufacture271 Marketing 153

4 Production Facility world class efficiency Shenzhen section: 4,000M 2, mass production. Beijing section 3,600 M 2 Pilot production, SMT, and wave-soldering Typical production period: 10-20 days

5 Global customer reference

6 Carrier Access/DSLAM backhaul Leased line service Carrier Ethernet service Backhaul hybrid for 2G BTS to BSC and 3G NodeB to RNC High speed data communication RAISECOM Targeted Market Carrier and Enterprise application leadership Optical+Ethernet and TDM+multi-service innovation leadership Enterprise Financial & healthcare research & education Government/Federal

7 Quality Assurance : Warranty: 2-year, 6-year, life-time Average problem rate: <0.3%, based on 3-year statistics for over 2,000,000 pc devices Replacement & repair: <30 days Services : Telephone assistance (9:00am to 6:00pm) Remote Internet Analysis for performance on-line On site support Training course Authorized distributors and engineers Quality assurance and services

8 Network Convergence for Operator, Service Provider and Carrier Meeting the ever-growing customer demands Extending presence of major business locations Able to provide cost-effective solution for voice, date, and video services Unified management Providing On demand bandwidth Lowest CAPEX & OPEX : invest as the business grow Trends of Network Convergence

9 Technology Leadership Brings advantages of core competence to operators and carriers One access platform covers almost all services for carriers One access platform hybrid meets access extension using copper (G.SHDSL or E1 technology) and fiber resource All service modules can be deployed into C.O chassis and remote standalone chassis to save the inventory cost and spare/maintenance parts cost and space of cabinet and All service modules is designed for plug&play&manage to maximum save the OPEX of technician training Unified SNMP management platform are available for all service both in C.O and remote site to meet Carrier-class requirement Pay as grow to optimized CAPEX Leads Innovative Access Solution to operators and carriers

10 Ethernet Services and Delivery Multi-Service Modem Pool Multi-Service Access Platform Multi-Service Access Node CWDM system Video Surveillance Raisecom Innovative Solutions with Multiple Product lines

11 Ethernet Services and Delivery Ethernet over Fiber Ethernet over PDH (E1/E3/DS3) Ethernet over SDH (STM1/STM4)

12 Ethernet over fiber- Ethernet service delivery and aggregation

13 RC551 is served as an Ethernet demarcation point between carriers and end-users IEEE802.3ah OAM enhancement End-to-end management and SLA agreement for end-users VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) and QoS guarantee Unique IP stacking technology for network diagnostic and troubleshooting

14 L2/L3 Switches – Ethernet service switching and aggregation Targeted at both carrier and enterprise market

15 Residents: Internet ISCOM 1005M Residents: Internet, IPTV Metro Ethernet Residents: Internet DSLAM ISCOM 2812GF Enterprises: Internet, E-commerce ISCOM 2924GF ISCOM 2826E ISCOM 2852 ISCOM 2828F ISCOM 2826E ISCOM 2126F ISCOM 2016 ISCOM 2008 ISCOM 2026 ISCOM 2926 PSE 12 Power over Ethernet ISCOM 2828F RC551 RC552 VIP: Ethernet Leased Line ISCOM 1008E ISCOM 2126E ISCOM 3026E ISCOM 2008 Residents: Internet, IPTV ISCOM 3026E ISCOM 2026 ISCOM 2017 ISCOM 3012GF IPTV gateway Softswitch gateway OneTouch Network Platform ISCOM 3026E Various applications for Switches

16 FTTH – future-oriented GEPON provides Triple-Play or Multi-Play services 4*GEPON interfaces for tributary and 4*Combo interfaces for aggregation trunk 1:32 ratio in 20km and 1:64 ratio in 10km per PON interface 4k VLAN, QoS, and L2~L4 ACL support for SLA agreement IEEE802.3ah OAM enhanced end-to-end management

17 Ethernet over 1/4/8E1 P-to-MP Carrier Ethernet service deployment and aggregation Effective backhauling IP DSLAMs to SDH network Easy and fast Carrier Ethernet service delivery and aggregation on existing PDH/SDH infrastructure VLAN-unaware and VLAN-aware transparent services with different bandwidth requirement SNMP/Telnet/Local Craft Terminal support for end-to-end management

18 Ethernet over E3/DS3 RC952-FEDS3/E3 Provides 34M/44Mbps; RC959-4FE16E1 provides 32Mbps throughput End-to-end management Ethernet over 16E1 inverse multiplexing

19 Extending Guaranteed Bandwidth Carrier Ethernet over TDM network Accessing diversified services such as IP DSLAM, IAD, WiMax and enterprise customer service from a LAN switch Aggregating up to 96 E1 carrying diversified Ethernet services from remote sites to central chassis

20 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet over SDH STM-1 Backhauling IP DSLAMs to SDH network End-to-end management Gigabit Ethernet over protected SDH STM-4

21 Backhauling and aggregating IP DSLAMs over SDH network End-to-end management Gigabit Ethernet over STM-4 deployment and aggregation

22 Multi-Service Modem Pool

23 All-in-one modem pool – the versatility of access network

24 All-in-one modem pool (cont.)

25 Multi-Service STM-1 CPE

26 Next generation SDH ADM - 16*E1 + 8*FE transportation over STM-1

27 STM-1 Multiplexer Backhaul E1 lines to Microwave STM-1 Backhaul BTS to BSC for Mobile network

28 Multi-Service Access Platform


30 One platform, all services - trunk: up to 4 STM-1/2 STM-4/2GE - tributary: up to 160 E1/80 V.35/20 STM-1/80 FE/80 G.SHDSL

31 Interoperate between Access Backhaul Provider and Wholesale Carrier

32 Multi-Service Access Node

33 Services supported: V.35, FXO, FXS, E&M, Magneto Telephone, 10Base-T, RS232/V.24 128 E1 DXC matrix 96 E1 capacity per RC3000-15 1+1 transmission redundancy Enterprise PCM total solution

34 Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing

35 Expanding fiber capacity effectively and instantly to 40Gbps Point-to-point solution Daisy-chain solution

36 Protection for mission-critical applications Optical Channel Protection Optical Line Protection

37 Video Surveillance

38 Video surveillance with aux reverse control signal Video multiplexer modules are available in 3U & 6U modem pools

39 Raisecom NView NNM5 Platform

40 Topology, device and alarm management


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