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R I C 金 四 U.S. Brazil Collaborative Program E3 B.

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1 R I C 金 四 U.S. Brazil Collaborative Program E3 B

2 2 金 四 国 What is E3 E3 stands for Energy, Economy, Environment E3 is a coordinated initiative that is designed to help communities work with their manufacturing base to focus on and offer solutions for improved sustainability. E3 provides manufacturers with customized hands on assessments of production processes which identify opportunities in the areas of: –energy consumption reduction –carbon footprint minimization –pollution prevention –production efficiency –business growth –business costs

3 3 金 四 国 Typical E3 Schedule 11 Weeks to complete assessment 6 months of follow up to facilitate implementation metrics

4 4 金 四 国 PILOT COMPANIESAGGREGATED RESULTS Identified recurring savings - Annualized Energy Savings - $1.7 MM Environmental Savings - $2.6 MM Lean Savings - $1.033 MM Water pollutants avoided – 257,000 pounds CO2 emissions avoided – 19,000 tonnes SOx Reduction – 215 tonnes Solid waste reduction – 24,000 pounds Realized savings – Annualized $1,050,000 implemented or committed since project began – about $175,000 per company 9,457 tonnes of GHG avoided annually E3 Results: Columbus Ohio Pilot TechSolve has conducted six additional assessments since the beginning of 2010 and has received a contract for as many as 25 additional assessments

5 5 金 四 国 GROUPS involved in 2010 E3 Assessment Evaluation Methods / Templates Contacts for program continuation E3 Training Initial E3 Evaluations Program Guidance E3 Program Continuation in Brazil

6 6 金 四 国 E3: BRIC Observation Exercise During the week of September 27 th, a total of eight individuals [delegation], four from Eletrobras, two of the Federal Universities and two of the SEBRAEs (similar to US SBA) observed an E3 evaluation at Vertis Communications [manufacturer], a 220 employee commercial printing facility with a demand of 3000Kw, served by AEP Ohio. The evaluators were from the DOE’s Industrial Assessment Center located at the University of Dayton and the DOC’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, TechSolve. During the October 1 st meeting, participants included representatives from the delegation, USEPA, USDOE, AEP, Duke Energy, Vertis Communications and NIST MEP.

7 7 金 四 国 E3: Vertis Communications - Energy

8 8 金 四 国 Observing, Analyzing, Brainstorming… The Brazilian Delegation partakes in an E3 evaluation at Vertis Communications

9 9 金 四 国 E3: Vertis Communications - Energy Exemplary practices identified: 8 Energy savings opportunities identified: 23 Key potential savings: –Use compressor waste heat for seasonal heating –Install variable speed drives on trim collector fans to reduce motor energy and heating costs –Use existing heat exchanger and cooling tower to reduce chiller run time in cold weather –Use heated regenerative thermal oxidizer exhaust vent air for dryers power generation using organic Rankine cycle –Filter and return trim exhaust air to building

10 10 金 四 国 E3: Vertis Communications Economy and Environment Two day value stream map event

11 11 金 四 国 E3: Vertis Communications Economy and Environment Waste walk

12 12 金 四 国 E3: Vertis Communications Economy and Environment Improvement opportunities: 39 Just do its: 11 Key potential savings: –Improve paper acquisition logistics –Reduce packaging losses –Improve layout and material handling –Improve dust control –Investigate key process changes UV inks Digital press for small runs Brazilian delegation became part of assessment team and offered suggestions and recommendations

13 13 金 四 国 Premise & method: Energy evaluations will identify savings available from energy efficiency improvements and waste minimization. This is accomplished through using data, engineering methods and detailed analysis. Manufacturers will be provided performance improvement estimations and payback times. Delegation experiences & conclusions: Multi skill set integrated approach (University perspective) Quick solution for manufacturers Manufacturer was engaged Combination of utility, university, consulting company worked well Focus on client needs and perspective Integrated several engineering disciplines E3: Energy Evaluation (feedback)

14 14 金 四 国 Premise & method: Energy evaluations will identify savings available from energy efficiency improvements and waste minimization. This is accomplished through using data, engineering methods and detailed analysis. Manufacturers will be provided performance improvement estimations and payback times. Manufacturer experiences & conclusions: Facilitation was a plus Participation of delegation from Brazil Trained and experienced facilitators was invaluable Fresh set of eyes was beneficial Financial results appear consistent with pilot values E3: Energy Evaluation (feedback)

15 15 金 四 国 Premise & method: This review evaluates a manufacturer for potential areas of waste in manufacturing processes. This is accomplished through reviews performed by walkthroughs, interviews and process mapping. Delegation experiences & conclusions: Collaborative approach including manufacturer Done with customer not to customer Motivation for implementation – ownership of results Manufacturer experiences & conclusions: Helping Vertis to help itself Enabled Vertis to see the waste Limited staff – normally no resources for this type of event Lean and clean opportunities consistent with pilot results E3: Lean and Clean Review (feedback)

16 16 金 四 国 Premise & method: A third component of the E3 evaluation is the training of the manufacturer on how to calculate their GHG emissions. In addition to the training, documents are provided to assist the manufacturer in planning the reduction of these emissions. Baseline carbon footprint will be done post event. Delegation experiences & conclusions: The GHG Emissions training portion of the E3 evaluation was not observed by the delegation. Considered absolutely important Need training on tools Needs adaptation, but tool is very flexible Manufacturer experiences & conclusions: Is an important component that requires follow up and subsequent calculations & data entry into EPA spreadsheets E3: GHG Emissions Training (feedback)

17 17 金 四 国 The delegation, with Eletrobras as both a company and the Brazilian agency mandated for Energy Efficiency program implementation, believes E3 BRIC will be a valuable addition to its portfolio of actions to improve its commercial and industrial electricity users’ efficiency and environmental performance. Eletrobras sees this as an opportunity to gather partners and further expand energy efficiency policies and activities in Brazil. Vertis Communications is pleased to know how it can become more energy efficient and reduce its environmental footprint. Vertis recommends that other Commercial and Industrial electricity users participate in the E3 program. US Federal agencies recognize this week’s progress and will assist and support the furtherance of E3 programs as appropriate. Conclusions – Vertis Assessment

18 18 金 四 国 Delegation Questions Addressed During October 1st Meeting 1.What is the E3 business model: - what are the costs? Who pays what and whom? - what are the results to date? - what is the overall cost-effectiveness? - what is the overall E3 workflow? Brazil already has the technical expertise. 2.What is the relevance of E3 in the E8? 3.Can you suggest ways for funding for the pilot project in Brazil?

19 19 金 四 国 Overall view of E3 Integrates multiple approaches. Clearly benefits all the players involved (a win-win relation). E3 is technically feasible in Brazil with some adjustments to the local reality.

20 20 金 四 国 E3 evaluation observation by Duke team in Ohio – June E3 evaluations by Duke/Eletrobras team in Brazil – August Additional training as necessary for Eletrobras team – August E3 program continuation by Eletrobras E3: BRIC Next Steps

21 21 金 四 国 Kelly Kissock – University of Dayton Perry Stephens – Duke Energy Greg Hume – TechSolve, Inc. 5 August, 2011 E3 Assessment of Whirlpool - Manaus Facility E3 Assessment of Whirlpool - Manaus Facility

22 22 金 四 国 E3 Timeline 2009: Pilots in Ohio and Texas 2010: Brazilian delegation observes E3 assessment in US 2011: Programs in 21 states 2011 Pilot assessment in Manaus, Brazil

23 23 金 四 国 Project Team Senior Engineers Carlos Aparecido Ferreira, Eletrobras Carlos Henrique Moya, Eletrobras Marcella Fuchs Salmao, Eletrobras Fernando Pinto Dias Perrone, Eletrobras Marcio Americo, Sebrae-RJ Jurimar Collares Ipiranga, Eletrobras Amazonas Energia Sergio Meirelles Pena, Cepel Greg Hume, TechSolve Perry Stephens, Duke Energy University Energy Engineers Rogerio Diogne de Souza e Silva, Federal University of Para Vitor da Silva Kataoka, Federal University of Para Antonio Carlos Picanco Jr, Federal University of Para Energy Team Leader Kelly Kissock, University of Dayton

24 24 金 四 国 Energy Assessment Methodology Establish Energy Baseline Identify Savings Opportunities Quantify Savings Opportunities Using Measured Data and Energy Engineering Report Results

25 25 金 四 国 Annual Savings by System

26 26 金 四 国 Overall Simple Payback: 7 months

27 27 金 四 国 Total Savings: 18.6% of Plant Energy

28 28 金 四 国 Lessons Learned Teams of energy engineers with University students can work with manufacturers over a short period to identify and quantify significant energy savings with good returns on investments. Most energy saving opportunities are in energy end-uses, not motors and electrical systems.

29 29 金 四 国 Lean and Clean Process Review Work with plant operations personnel to identify: Process steps Material & energy input Process wastes Process issues Improvement ideas

30 30 金 四 国 Exemplary Practices Kaizen Shop Visual management

31 31 金 四 国 Exemplary Practices Robust recycling program Wastewater management

32 32 金 四 国 Observations Distribution piping Disposition of EPS Excessive conveyor wear

33 33 金 四 国 Value stream map

34 34 金 四 国 Economy & Environment recommendations Annual savingsGHG reduction - tonnes 090 Reconfigure shop floor into U shapex 100 Recuperative burners on paint ovenxx 100 Solar hot water for wash water and sanitary usesxx 100 Use waste heat from oven exhaust to preheat cleaning solutionxx 110 Capture H2 N2 test gasx Indirect 110 Eco-friendly refrigerant Puron, R410A ? x 130 Evaluate better handling technology to replace conveyorxX 130 Limit switch to stop conveyor motorx 990 Design for disassemblyxx 990 DEVap process?350,000 tonnes 990 Redesign of packaging - assume 50% savings on first costVery large

35 35 金 四 国 NREL: Desiccant-Enhanced eVaporative (DEVap) Timeline: 2010: Technology announced -Membrane based -Uses liquid desiccant – no CFC/HCFC -50-80% energy reduction vs. refrigeration technology 2011: Prototypes in production 2015: Large CO2 reduction? Recommended action: Contact DOE to determine availability of technology

36 36 金 四 国 Whirlpool Reaction The Whirlpool Plant Manager expressed his appreciation for the energy savings identified by Dr. Kissock’s team and noted that this was a welcome roadmap to help Whirlpool, Manaus continue to compete in the global marketplace. He also noted that the DEVap technology might be a way for Brazil to move much of the manufacturing work back to Manaus from China.


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