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Telecable welcomes you to the World of

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1 Telecable welcomes you to the World of
ITES and BPO sector as your lifetime industry partner!

2 Executive Summary Who we are Our Strategy
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Executive Summary Company Background Understanding your objectives Who we are Mission, Vision and Goal Our Partners Our Major Clients Our Strategy Telecable works Internationally in the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry.

3 Executive Summary Background
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Executive Summary Background Telecable is humbly proposing to be your industry partner in the ITES & BPO sector. What makes us different? Telecable is proud of our people, the most important company asset, who are highly qualified, well trained, and motivated to satisfy customers. Working with clients across the world gives us the unique capability, to transition processes successfully with essential skill sets. Working with different clients gives us the option for easy scalability. Good transition knowledge for easy migration. Technology being the key for easy and scalable solutions, Telecable always implements certified technology. The technical team on board is proficient with all the innovative solutions and for different scenarios in voice and no-voice process. With Six Sigma orientation, quality of customer support is ensured to the highest levels.

4 Understanding your objectives
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Understanding your objectives Cost effectiveness and quality of service are the two major encouraging factors for services, which is believed by the team Telecable. We add the extra value to our customer support services, which makes a difference to your business. Value can be added in terms of quality, customers handling strategies, product knowledge, and service excellence, adherence to compliance and company policies. This is implemented by understanding your objective towards solutions, which is handled successfully by our Project Management and Development team. We seek a close and strategic relationship with you, that makes us understand of the business today and will help us to strategize for tomorrow. We recognize diverse and changing customer profiles and different skill levels, and are confident of our ability to provide customer support solutions that is sensitive to your business and your organization.

5 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Who we are Telecable is a leading Information and Communications Technology system integrator and service provider, Headquartered in Don Anselmo Bernad, Ozamiz City, the gateway to regional economic zones of Southern Philippines. Established in March 2002 and duly recognized corporation under the existing laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Constantly evolving to accommodate changing market demands, Telecable diversified into providing a technologically advanced innovative and complete I.T. Enabled Services (ITES) solutions and Business Process Outsourcing services in the region. Telecable is dedicated to develop and provides its cost - effective solutions and professional services for the ITES & BPO. A renowned strategic provider of converged IP telecommunication solutions to organizations of all kinds, sizes and dynamics. The ability to upgrade virtually any existing system to support full IP capabilities. Enthusiastic and flexible R&D staff with a commitment to innovative development.

6 with a passion to attain excellence”
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Our Mission “To achieve brand mileage by setting up new standards in the BPO sector with a passion to attain excellence” Strategy We are confident that our approach in conducting business is effective for two reasons: To gain a 100 percent reference able customer base. To never lose a customer due to service issues. Goals to achieve success in any outsourcing deal: Playing a critical role in enhancing customer service functions Exceeding expectations for quality and service levels Becoming an extension of your team rather than just a vendor Offering value rather than service Aligning our objectives with the objectives of our client.

7 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Our Vision To be the industry’s preferred total system integrator and service provider enabling solutions to customers and increase productivity, improve operations efficiency, concentrate on the core business activities and sustain profitability. We believe future of IT is limitless. We will continue with this direction as part of our goal to serve and uphold total customer satisfaction at all cost. The Internet is changing where, when and how people interact and conduct business in the global marketplace. This provides unlimited opportunities and, most crucially, redefines notions of company, commerce, community and customer relationships. The Internet’s influence has provided new opportunities in terms of “where” business is being conducted. The move by leading U.S. technology and other companies to outsource customer services and technical support through offshore facilities is rapidly gaining momentum.

8 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Our Goal Aim to meet the demands of a diversified ITES & BPO market with our formidable array of computer based solution.

9 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Our Global Partners

10 Our Local & International Clients
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Our Local & International Clients

11 What we offer? People, processes and technology
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s What we offer? People, processes and technology People: “People make the difference in any outsourcing deal” We always have focused on skill sets as a major decisive factor, in building an organization in the ITES (I.T. enabled services) sector. People with excellent analytical skills, communication, reasoning abilities with degree as a basic criteria and an excellent team player is always considered as an asset in our organization. The management of Telecable has been in the people management market for a great amount of time. New innovations in people management help keep skill sets stable and maintain consistency in performance. Process: “Prevention is better than cure” We administer regular quality audits, periodic e-service audits, and we also provide benchmarking audits to rank the support we provide you. This helps us to prove a point – You and your customers are the recipients of first-class services from Telecable. Our processes have been standardized to prevent flaws in our service deliverables. Our goal is to manage incidents in advance, not after a problem develops. This approach and set quality parameters have helped us to achieve customer.

12 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Our Experience The team is experienced in different facets of contact center functionality. The onboard team members have varied years of experience in the following facets: Operations, Quality, Training, Transition, Human Resources, Technology, business intelligence and business development. Our team has successfully handled diverse processes in the following sectors: Telecom Healthcare Finance Insurance Banking These are the sectors we focus to procure business and to standardize the processes. We believe in quality service deliveries. With experience in the above sectors we drive our client’s business.

13 Sectors of focus Telecom
Technology Outsourcing, Telecom Billing, Sales & Surveys, Help Desk and Technical Support. Healthcare Customer Support, Sales & Surveys, Health Care billing and Collections Financial Help Desk, Product Support, Sales & Surveys and Transaction Processing 4) Insurance Insurance Claim Processing, Sales & Surveys, Collections, Transaction Processing and Customer Support. 5) Banking Customer Support, Product Support, Service Support, Sales & Surveys, Transaction Processing and Collections

14 Sales and Account Management Team
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Sales and Account Management Team Telecable sales and operational account management team will be in regular contact with you; with frequency to be driven by your company. (We want to ensure sufficient communications occur without being disruptive). The account management is well versed in working with different continental clients, and will also be in regular contact by telephone and . Senior Management Involvement: To assure that we understand your short and longer-term requirements, we will keep our senior management completely knowledgeable and current with respect to your company—reinforcing our commitments and helping foster an environment of mutual understanding and responsiveness. This also enables us to structure and adapt our company in the longer term and ensure readiness to meet and exceed your requirements. Internal Planning: Telecable will make certain that internal processes are affected will ensure flawless planning and execution around your short and longer-term requirements and expectations.

15 Client Side Account Management
Daily Operational Relationships: Our team managers and your counterparts communicate issues and create plans relating to near-term (90 – 120 day) forecasts. Team leads are hired specifically for each project will manage the daily operational relationship. Weekly Conference Calls: Scheduled conference calls reinforce day-to-day relationships and are used as forums to discuss forecasts, requirements and expectations. Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs): Structured quarterly business reviews allow a forum to discuss performance, trends, forecasts and growth requirements for the following several months (30 days to 12 months). In addition to reviews, monthly telephone conference calls are strongly encouraged and will be managed by Team Leads and Project Managers. In addition, the Director of client relations will participate in QBRs with you. A QBR’s typical agenda includes the following topics: Volumes and productivity Customer feedback Improvements needed on processes, communication, and such Reason for dissatisfaction and what needs to be done to achieve 100 percent satisfaction Common problems that are being faced by customers

16 Our Implementation Methodology
Build Detailed Analysis Transition Production Our Implementation Methodology Phase1 – Detailed Analysis by Telecable transition manager Onsite Analysis for requirement mapping Training the trainers of our clients Phase2 – Build Hire agents and leads Create infrastructure LAN,WAN, procure hardware/software Induct new hires Phase3 – Transition of the process by our resident engineer Training Agents and Leads on Product, Process and software Tools Account Management Process and Protocols Mock Sessions Phase4 – Production Go Live with 100% monitoring Begin Account Management

17 Our Recruitment Process
Telecable always orients our clients in recruiting and hiring processes targeting qualified personnel with a commitment to quality service, customer service “soft” skills and experience and technical aptitude noted are set and used. As Telecable builds familiarity with each client, specific skill set requirements are set and used as a staff qualification blue print. We recruit from the best English-speaking colleges and technical institutes in Philippine. Our enforced recruiting process is extremely selective—we accept less than one percent of the applicants, with all recruits having at least a three-year college degree. In addition to recruiting at schools, Telecable has established relationships with reputable recruiting agencies, and as such, a candidate completes a scrupulous screening process before being recommended to our processes. All applicants to Telecable or our clients are required to complete a series of tests administered by our Human Resources department — measuring English competency and other relevant skills defined by the position. A candidate goes through three stages in the interview process, as a result, only a small percentage of well-qualified candidates are invited to be part of our team.

18 Our New Agent Training Process
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Our New Agent Training Process To rapidly deploy our people, we have developed a rigorous training regimen to ramp up to client expectations. Our support training program combines the best of customer service training with the skills required to present information to customers. Our clients training process is scrutinized for the output generated. The mandatory two-week orientation training which Telecable always focuses on and enforced to our clients: Learning great customer service Conversational English skills Basic and chat etiquette Basic technical skills Identify customers’ needs Finding a solution Apply customer service principles to customer support Identify the special needs of customers Communicate clearly and effectively with customers Assess your own proficiency and develop a plan for improvement

19 Comprehensive Employee Benefits
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Comprehensive Employee Benefits A few of the options we give to retain employees Stock options Focus on education Culture of openness Free transportation Promoting diversity Recognition Programs In addition to competitive pay and benefits we also advice to offer recognition programs aimed at rewarding for quality. The strategy behind these incentives is to align the interests of the service delivery team-members with those of the client organization. Employee Incentive Programs Employee incentive rewards are awarded to agents who demonstrate outstanding performances and contributions in areas of productivity and quality.

20 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Quality Assurance The entire company culture is committed to quality and hence reflects in our clients. Specifically, Telecable has developed the following processes to ensure the highest quality outsourced support to our clients, and to their customers which is explicitly followed by our clients unless otherwise they have a better approach. Quality Assurance Team The QA team has a senior manager who keeps track of documentation and is closely involved with every account—all part of our commitment to making sure all QA processes are customer centric. The QA team performs the following activities to help ensure high levels of customer satisfaction: Process compliance Process improvement Audits and recommendations Validation Quality monitoring

21 Why Outsource to the Philippines?
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Why Outsource to the Philippines? The Philippines has now stepped out of India’s shadow to become a competitive Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination. The latest growth spurt in the Philippines’ outsourcing industry doesn’t just come from a mushrooming number of call centers but also from higher-end services such as technology outsourcing, web development, software development, legal services, medical transcription, animation and other services. When you choose to outsource to the Philippines, you reduce and control your operating costs, gain access to world-class capabilities and maximize your productivity.

22 Why Philippines? People Power
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Why Philippines? People Power The Filipino workforce is one of the most compelling advantages the Philippines has over any other Asian country.  With higher education priority, the literacy rate in the country is 94.6% - among the highest. English is taught in all schools, making the Philippines the world’s largest English-speaking country. Every year, there are some 350,000 graduates enriching the professional pool.

23 Strategic Business Location
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Strategic Business Location The Philippines is located right in the heart of Asia – today the fastest growing region. It is located within four hours flying time from major capitals of the region. Sited at the crossroads of the eastern and western business, it is a critical entry point to over 500 million people in the ASEAN market and a gateway of international shipping and air lanes suited for European and American businesses.

24 First-class Lifestyle
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s First-class Lifestyle Discover the best of sun, sea, sand and style in the tropical setting teeming with the best of western amenities. The Philippines is second home to expatriates who enjoy the company of the warmest people in the region, the country’s openness to varied cultures and a decidedly global outlook. Expats enjoy accessible and affordable luxuries – business centers, housing, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, beach resorts, and recreation centers.

25 Low Cost of Doing Business
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Low Cost of Doing Business Wages are typically less than a fifth of that in the U.S. Local communication, electricity and housing costs are also 50% lower compared to the U.S. rates. Foreign companies that are now outsourcing I.T. Enabled Services and Business Processes to the Philippines estimate 30 to 40% business cost savings, 15 to 30% call center services and application systems and 50 to 75% voice process.

26 Our Call Center Facilities
S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s Our Call Center Facilities Telecable has got the best of technologies with full back up and redundancy measures built into the infrastructure, giving the company the edge to compete with the best. Telecable has sophisticated technologies like Automatic Call Distribution, Computer Telephony Integration, Predictive Dialer (Inbound/Outbound), Interactive Voice Response, Web Chat, and screen pop capabilities, management features and reporting tools. In Telecable the Local Area NETWORK (LAN) consists of Alcatel - Lucent Cat-6 cables, Patch panels, Patch cards, Cisco router and Switches, etc. make Telecable LAN a very high-speed reliable and quality network that any international standard company should have. Currently, we have plenty of seats that are still available for the voice and non-voice process on our new site in the City of good life (Oroquieta). Adequate supply in power with back up standby unit, redundant E1 ISP connection, high end and brand new laptops in the workstation area including its state of the art building facilities with ample security.

27 S t r e n g t h e n s y o u r b u s i n e s s
Our Call Center area


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