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Joint Technological Adviser

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1 Joint Technological Adviser
Credible Metrology, Standards, Testing and Quality (MSTQ) and Conformity Assessment Services in Pakistan. by Shehryar Khan Joint Technological Adviser MoST

2 COMPONENT 2 OBJECTIVES Address challenges of requirements of WTO Agreements (TBT/SPS) Increase competitiveness of Pakistan’s export industry

3 National Quality Policy
The cabinet approved the National Quality Policy & Plan in 2004, with a projected expenditure of Rs.10 Billion over the next 5 years.

Partner Institutions & Sectors Standards Development Accreditation/ Quality Assurance Metrology Laboratory Testing PSQCA Consumers Org. CRCP NETWORK CAP Helpline Trust PNAC PSQCA/PSCB NPSL PCSIR (MOST): Labs PSQCA (MOST): Lab PCRWR (MOST): Labs PARC(MINFAL): Labs MFD (MINFAL): Labs NTU (Textile Ministry): lab

5 Share of Pakistan Exports covered by Conformity Assessment Support
Percentage 100 90 Fisheries & Electrical 80 Leather 7% Agro-Foods 10% 70 60 50 Textiles 70% 40 30 20 10 Product Type Total Value of Exports 2005/06 = US$16.6 billion

6 The National Quality Policy & Plan visualized the establishment of a credible MSTQ and conformity system in Pakistan. This one included the strengthening of the component organization in the country. The MoST organization included. PSQCA PNAC PCSIR NPSL PCRWR

7 TRTA SUPPORT TO PNAC The approval of NQP&P conceded with the initiation of the TRTA programme in 2004, with generous support of EU.

8 TRTA Inputs * Potential for South-South Co-operation
Activity Institution Experts Standardization SIRIM (Malaysia) TISI (Thailand) Pedro Vilaseca (Chile) Metrology ITI (Sri Lanka) Accreditation John Gilmour (Australia) Lab upgradation PSB (Singapore) Upali Samarjeewa (Sri Lankan) John McKenna (Australia) Nadia Tadros (Egypt) System Certification Martin Kellermann (South Africa) Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) Zawdu Felleke (Ethiopian) * Acknowledged : UNIDO/TRTA

9 * Acknowledged : UNIDO/TRTA
TRTA Inputs* Activity Institution Experts Standardization DIN (Germany) Metrology NPL (UK) PTB (Germany) Keith Berry (UK) Accreditation Norwegian Accreditation (NA) UK Accreditation System (UKAS) RVA (Netherlands) Lab Upgradation Thermo Labs, Berkshire (UK) Allan Rowley (UK) Francesco Gatti (Italy) Proficiency Testing (PT) FEPAS (UK) FAPAS (UK) LEAP (UK) Norsk Matanalyze (Norway) Swiss Textile Testing (Switzerland) CE Marking SP (Sweden) Lars Anderson (Sweden) Consumer Affairs Consumer International (CI), UK Ken J. Biswell (UK) * Acknowledged : UNIDO/TRTA

10 Establishment of Consumer Liaison Office (CLO)
TRTA ACHIEVEMENTS A. Conformity assessment services covering standardization, certification, calibration and accreditation. PSQCA: Establishment of Consumer Liaison Office (CLO) Establishment of Systems Certification Body (SCB) Establishment of WTO National Enquiry Point (NEP) on standards and technical regulations Preparation of the Microbiology Testing Lab for accreditation Assisting pilot companies to develop the documentation and self-declaration of CE Marking: Sport Goods, Surgical Instruments, Home appliances, Electric Fans & Cutlery

11 PNAC Upgrading PNAC to meet the needs for accrediting conformity assessment bodies ISO requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories ISO criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection ISO requirements for Bodies Operating Assessment and Certification/Registration of Quality Systems. ISO Guide 62. NPSL: Upgrading NPSL labs for mass, dimensional, volume, pressure, temperature and electrical quantities developed Provision of state-of-the-art metrology equipment. E1 Class Weights (national reference standard for mass) and mass comparator.

12 B. Laboratory Accreditation
The TRTA support provided in strengthening this area included: Preparation of the 19 testing labs for accreditation by providing: Expert advice on lab layout, testing activities and quality documentation Technical literature and manuals Reference cultures Participation in international PT schemes Initial assessments by Norwegian Accreditation (NA) Accreditation of labs by NA expected by September

13 Successor EC-TRTA Programme
Requirements To improve Capacity to develop national and international standard by PSQCA Strengthening of National Enquiry Point Strengthening Consumer Liaison Office (CLO) to enable consumer participation in standard setting and comparative product testing To operate credible product and system certification schemes Activities Provision of technical advisory services Training of staff Provision of technical advisory services in information management and dissemination Support towards improvement of NEP as notification service provider as per WTO requirements Training of staff in information systems Linkage of NEP with ISO information system Training of CLO staff Promote consumer-government-private sector involvement Training of external auditors in management systems Pilot application (training and consultancy) of the management systems in selected enterprises in ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, SA 8000 and EUREPGAP Pool of external auditors developed for Pakistan System Certification Body (PSCB) in ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, SA 8000 and EUREPGAP Provision of technical advisory services to improve the product certification scheme Contd…

14 CE marking on export products covering sport
goods, surgical instruments, home appliance and electric fans Provision of technical advisory services in CE Marking Training of industry personnel Enterprises engaged in placement of CE mark on products through self-declaration of conformity Support towards establishment of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing lab in Pakistan Contd…

15 Internationally traceable national measurement (metrology) and calibration services availed in Pakistan National accreditation system becomes internationally recognized through conclusion of Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) of PNAC with ILAC and IAF Provision of metrology equipment Training of metrologists Accreditation of metrology labs for mass, dimensional, volume, pressure, temperature and electrical measurements. Provision of technical advisory services training of staff Support towards pool of external assessors for accreditation of: Laboratories Certification Bodies Inspection Agencies Support towards operation of National PT Scheme in Pakistan Support for international recognition of PNAC through conclusion of MRAs Contd…

16 Impact of services of accredited labs identified
Internationally recognized accreditation achieved by testing labs in Pakistan enhancing sector-based export product diversification Impact of services of accredited labs identified Identification of new testing labs for Accreditation (PARC, PCSIR, PSQCA, PCRWR, WAPDA labs etc.) Preparation of labs for accreditation by providing: Expert advice on lab layout, testing activities and quality documentation Technical literature and manuals Reference cultures and CRMs Participation in international PT schemes Accreditation of labs by internationally recognized accreditation body Surveillance visits and expansion of scopes of accreditation Support the marketing and commercialization of services of accredited labs Promote the establishment of cooperation partnerships with international development organizations.

17 EXPORTS TO EU % OF TOTAL Market 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 TEXTILES EU
30.3 39.4 40.8 39.1 38.3 LEATHER 46.0 56.3 54.9 55.1 47.5 AGRO-PROCESSING 2.5 4.6 3.6 4.1 5.4 FISHERIES 9.5 31.1 25.9 24.9

18 GoP INPUTS PCSIR/ NPSL Project Title Cost
(Million Rs.) PCSIR Industrial Linkage Programme (Food, Textile, Material Sciences, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals) Upgradation/ Strengthening of Minerals & Metallurgy Research Centre (MMRC) of PCSIR to Pakistan Institute of Technology for Minerals & Advanced Engineering Materials (PITMAEM), Lahore. Establishment of Precision Mechanical & Instrument Technology Centre at PCSIR Campus Lahore. Establishment of Technical Training Centre for Precision Mechanics & Instrument Technology at PCSIR Campus, Peshawar. Development and operation proficiency testing program. 36.14 Upgradation/ BMR of NPSL, Islamabad. Establishment of patent Advisory cell at PCSIR 24.065 Contd…

19 Balancing ,Modernization and Refurbishment (BMR) of PCSIR Laboratories Lahore
Renovation and Upgradation of Existing Infrastructure of PCSIR Labs Peshawar .

20 PNAC Project Title Cost
(Million Rs.) Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC) (Revised), Islamabad. 59.622 Crash Awareness and Training Programme in the field of Quality Management (Revised), PNAC. 23.65 Establishment of National Quality Policy and Plan Implementation Cell (NQP&PIC), PNAC 24.27 National External Quality Assurance Programme Pakistan (NEQAPP) (a proficiency testing programme of clinical laboratories), AFIP. Rawalpindi. 31.766 Awareness Raising & Training on Conformity Assessment, Quality & Productivity, PNAC 22.086

21 PSQCA Project Title Cost
(Million Rs.) Accreditation and Strengthening of Labs Facilities at TSC/PSQCA, Lahore 35.00 Extension of PSQCA Services-Establishment of System Certification Centre at Standards Development Centre (SDC), Lahore 7.00 Construction of Offices/Laboratories of Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority, Karachi. 163.17 Construction of PSQCA Office and Laboratories at Peshawar (N.W.F.P.) 31.05 Accreditation & strengthen of lab facilities at Lahore Purchase of Lab Equipment/Provision of Furniture and Fixture for PSQCA Labs Complex, Karachi. Establishment of Consumer Liaison Office at Standards Development Centre (SDC) arranged under Trade Related Assistance (TRTA) Programme of UNIDO/European Union, PSQCA 6.00

22 Thank You

23 AIMS The National Quality Policy & Plan aims at strengthening the national quality infrastructure to achieve accelerated economic growth, export enhancement, ensure supply of safe and quality products in the market at competitive prices and contribute towards environment protection


25 IMPORTANT PROGRAMMES Technical Regulations and enforcement
Training and education Technology Upgradation Innovation and R&D Awards schemes Strengthening of MSTQ infrastructure Consumer protection Awareness raising Information Centers

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