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Research Higher Degrees Scholarships Information Day 2009 Griffith Graduate Research School Macrossen Building Nathan Campus N16 2.01 Student Centre Gold.

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1 Research Higher Degrees Scholarships Information Day 2009 Griffith Graduate Research School Macrossen Building Nathan Campus N16 2.01 Student Centre Gold Coast G33 2.15 Open Hours 8.30-4.30pm Monday to Friday

2 1.Research Higher Degree (RHD) programs 2.Expected tenure to complete programs 3.Costs for domestic and international students 4.Scholarships offered in the round 5.Scholarship eligibility, Honours 1 equivalent, upgrading, predicted results 6.Applying (refer orange leaflet in red folder) 7.Closing dates for the Annual Scholarship Round 8.Other scholarships opportunities 9.Contacting GGRS and helpful hints and tips Today’s session in brief

3 *scholarships not available for these programs as not under RTS # has coursework component Doctorates Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) PhD in Clinical Psychology# PhD in Organisational Psychology# Professional DoctoratesDoctor of Education (EdD)# Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)# Doctor of Visual Arts (DVA)# Doctorates and Higher Doctorates by Publication PhD by Publication* Doctor of Letters/Doctor of Science* Research MastersMaster of Philosophy (MPhil) Master of Music# Master of Visual Arts# Various other masters*# RHD programs at Griffith University A Research Higher Degree (RHD) is a program at masters or doctoral level that comprises at least 66% research. We offer the following RHD programs:

4 Research Higher Degree programs Part-timeFull-time PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)3-8 years2-4 years PhD in Clinical/Organisational Psychology8 years4 years Professional Doctorates (EdD, DVA, DMA)8 years4 years PhD by Publication – no scholarship available1-3 years MPhil, MVA2-4 years1-2 years MMus3 years2 years Expected length of time to complete a Research Higher Degree program is outlined below. Scholarships are offered up to two years for Research Masters and up to three years for Professional Doctorates.

5 Tuition Australian citizens or NZ citizens and Australian permanent residents enrolled in an accredited RHD program are funded through the Commonwealth Government’s Research Training Scheme (RTS). RTS funded students are exempt from paying tuition fees for the duration of their research higher degree candidature up to the maximum submission date. Domestic students What are the costs? International students Discipline specific – ranging from $17,000 to $23,000 annually (2009 rates) The fee rate charged for the commencing semester is fixed in for the entire candidature. Tuition Living costs estimated at $22,500 annually Dependent child education expenses Health insurance (Overseas Health Cover - OSHC) Other costs

6 Scholarship TypeStipendDomestic Students International Students Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) $22,500 p.a. (proposed 2010 rates) (indexed annually) + relocation & thesis allowances  Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (GUPRS) $22,500 p.a. (proposed 2010 rates) (indexed annually) + relocation & thesis allowances  International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and Griffith University International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (GUIPRS) Tuition (rate applies to particular school) and OSHC (single cover or family)  Scholarships offered in annual round to cover these costs

7 Entry requirements To be eligible applicants are required to have an Australian bachelors degree with first class honours (Honours 1) or an equivalent qualification which is deemed as Honours 1 equivalent (H1E). So, what is Honours 1 equivalent? An equivalent qualification must contain a research dissertation that required a full-time semester to complete (equivalent of 40CP) and for which a GPA of 6.0 or higher (or equivalent) was achieved with an overall GPA for the program of 6.0/7.0 or higher (or equivalent). Scholarships - eligibility Things to consider when applying for a scholarship in the Annual Scholarship Round: Employment clause Scholarship awardees are expected to enrol Full tijme. Therefore, award holders are only permitted to undertake a strictly limited amount of paid employment: between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, no more than nine (9) hours a week will be permitted. It is like receiving a wage! Additional scholarship funding Awardee can not be receiving another award/scholarship/salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the APA or GUPRS stipend rate to undertake the proposed program

8 If your qualifications are Honours 2A or equivalent you are eligible for admission to a PhD or professional doctorate (EdD, DVA. DMA). You also may still be eligible for a scholarship as you can upgrade to Honours 1 equivalent with other research output. What does research output mean? Research output is such things as publications and work experience which is explained further on the next slide. Upgrading to Honours 1 equivalent

9 Upgrading to Honours 1 equivalent Publication/Research OutputStandard Required Journal article - Authorship to be determined by discipline specific practices e.g.. first author of one, or second author of two refereed publications. A refereed journal considered by the Deputy/Dean (Research) to be of an international standard e.g.. listed on the Ulrich’s Register or similar register. A written authorship statement is to be included.Ulrich’s Register Conference paper - Authorship to be determined by discipline specific practices e.g.. first author of one, or second author of two refereed conference papers. Categorised as E1 using the DIISR audit verification guidelines and supported by an independent assessment confirming quality and standing of conference Book - monograph Demonstrates scholarly merit and is supported by an independent assessment confirming quality and standing Creative work or performanceDemonstrates scholarly merit and is supported by an independent assessment confirming quality and standing Research GrantCompetitive external grant where applicant is first-named or can demonstrate significant role in grant application development

10 Refer to the orange leaflet in the red folder. You can apply online or via a form. If you are currently enrolled in a program and you know that you won’t have your results by the closing date, still apply as you will be assessed on predicted results. If you are applying as a continuing students, you must submit an application form, new referee reports and updated outline. You must complete Part B to apply for the Annual Scholarship Round. Your application is initially assessed the following GGRS Staff who may need to contact you about your application: Carole Castle – SEET Adelle Ruckert – Business Group Rita Wockner – Arts, Education and Law Group (includes QCA/QCM) Lisa Kindness – Health Group Applying

11 If you wish to be considered in the annual postgraduate research scholarships round your application is due on 31 October 2009, midnight (Queensland time) if you apply via the online at If you apply over the counter (by submitting a form) the closing date is Friday 30 October 2009, 4.30pm. If you do not wish to apply for a scholarship, you can apply for admission to candidature at any time of the year providing your RHD has no coursework component. Remember there are other scholarship opportunities available through out the year outside of the annual scholarship round which have their own closing dates. Closing dates

12 Commercialisation Training Scheme (CTS) – when you are enrolled When you are enrolled in your Research Higher Degree you may be eligible for the CTS scheme. The CTS is funded by DIISR. It is available for students currently enrolled in a research higher degree whose fees are under the Research Training Scheme. CTS recipients undertake a Graduate Certificate in Research Management through Southern Cross University. The CTS scheme provides tuition fees and up to $1500 in allowances. Applications close in Oct, Feb and Jun each year for commencement in Trimester A, B, and C respectively. There is a separate information pack for you to take if you are interested. Please come and get one at the end of the session. Graduate Certificate in Research Management

13 Where to find scholarship opportunities (all year round) There are also school, faculty and group funded scholarships which can be offered through out the year. At the moment we also have available an Australian Rivers Institute scholarship and a Key Ethics centre scholarship a SEET Group Indigenous Scholarship to name a few. All scholarship opportunities can be accessed from the Research Higher Degree website at: under the Scholarships section OR go to to check out worldwide scholarship opportunties

14 Australian Postgraduate Awards (Industry) (APA(I)) APA(I)s are attached to Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grants awarded to academic staff who in collaboration with industry work on specific research projects. APA(I)s are available to domestic students only. The eligibility requirement is a minimum of Honours 2A or equivalent. APAIs provide a stipend of $26,669 p.a (2009 rate) (indexed annually) plus relocation and thesis allowances. Other scholarship opportunities

15 National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) scholarships or Heart Foundation Scholarships Applications for NHMRC scholarships are due on 1 August. Applicants must have completed their qualification prior to submitting an application. If you commence a scholarship or research higher degree in the this area, discuss your application with your Principal Supervisor. Other scholarship opportunities

16 Cooperative Research Centre Scholarships CRCs offer full scholarships, top-ups, operating funds. Smart State PhD funding Each year the Premiers Department offers funding to support PhD students’ research. Always check out for these opportunities are more! Remember: Scholarships can have restrictions on work, intellectual property – please always refer to the conditions Other scholarship opportunities

17 ContactPosition Contact Details Clare PoloniResearch Scholarships Coordinator 3735 6596 Lisa Cunningham Di Hafner Research Scholarships Officer3735 7731 Tips and Hints Apply as soon as possible – don’t wait till the last minute! If you are pending your English results, make sure you will obtain your results before December 2009. Submit as much relevant information to enhance your chances of being ranked highly in the round i.e. publications, conference papers you presented, certified transcripts clearly showing your research capacity. Don’t assume your application speaks for itself. The Annual scholarship Round is highly competitive. We have 120 scholarships and receive approximately 400-500 applications. Look at other scholarship opportunities on Keep your options Ensure your referee reports are in on time as we can’t send your application to the school until both are received Contacts and more information

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