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European Market for Automotive X-by-wire Technologies.

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1 European Market for Automotive X-by-wire Technologies

2 X-by-wire technologies Turbo-by-wire Power-by-wire Brake-by-wire Shift-by-wire Steer-by-wire Suspension-by-wire

3 Breakdown by Generation Type

4 Report Content Market size, forecasts, penetration rates and revenue growth rates by technology type Macro- and micro-environment analysis, market drivers and restraints, market challenges, and advantages and disadvantages Technology trends that include the trends and impact of 42V, communication protocol, developments in sensors and motor technology and so on. Pricing analysis and price competitiveness with substitute/conventional technologies. Value chain analysis of X-by-wire technologies (for the VMs) Competitive and strategic analysis, with likely market positioning of the key companies, including profiles of VMs and key suppliers

5 Market Overview XBW technologies expected to be worth E3.3 bn by 2010 BBW, SBW and PBW will be worth E1.75 bn, growing at CAGR of 36% X-by-wire bring savings in designing, managing and production, and integration of components in the value chain. Integration of X-by-wire technologies will lead to drive-by-wire systems

6 X-by-wire Technologies Life-cycle Market Penetration

7 Market Challenges Development of fully fault tolerant systems Standardisation of communication protocols 42 volts Legalisation (steer-by-wire) Integration issues Incorporating man machine interface (MMI)

8 Market Drivers and Restraints Market Drivers Reduction in costs across the value chain of VMs Packaging and design opportunities, felixibility in production Demand for increased safety Market Restraints Delays in 42 volts launch High unit price Threat from substitute products High R&D and integration costs Communication protocols

9 Market Breakdown by Technology Type

10 Competitive overview Change in competitive landscape - emergence of Tier 0.5 suppliers New entrants - SKF-Brembo, Advics, Siemens, European Market will be lot more fragmented Some players might exit - Visteon ? Increase in mergers and alliances Market position in BBW - Bosch, TRW, CT, Brembo, Delphi Market positions in SBW - Delphi, TRW, ZF, Koyo Sieko, Merecedes Benz Lenkugen Report provides profiles of all leading suppliers and VMs

11 Strategic Conclusions Opportunities in components –Auto motors to almost double from E134 m to E225 m –Auto sensors to be worth E436 m; growth in position, speed and torque sensors –Electronics up from 5% to 10% Threat to hydraulic components 2nd generation systems like EHB are transition technologies - very little interest in the market The future in is integrated chassis control systems

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