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NATCA Grievance Automated Tracking System G.A.T.S. Training August 2008 Slides by Bill Holtzman.

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1 NATCA Grievance Automated Tracking System G.A.T.S. Training August 2008 Slides by Bill Holtzman

2 NATCA GATS Training 2 Outline 1 General background –History and status –Agency integration Getting started –New accounts –Preferences –Facility –Start screen

3 NATCA GATS Training 3 Outline 2 Grievances –Creating –Listing display –Listing options –Edit –Copy –Print –Deadline dates –Attachments –Notes –Censoring –Elevations –De-elevate –Templates –Groups

4 NATCA GATS Training 4 Outline 3 Other features –Reduction of service (ROS) tracking –Article 7 tracking –ULP tracking –Library –Document tab –Search –Support

5 NATCA GATS Training 5 5 5 History and status Created, developed, and coded by Bill Holtzman since 2004. Supported by the NATCA Communications Committee Oracle Application Express platform - commercial grade scalability, security, reliability and integrity. Continuing development by Sumner Technologies, Ashburn, VA. Upcoming deployments: –Rollout to all members –Auto-generated PDFs (grievances, letters, etc.) –Information requests –Expedited arbitrations GATS

6 NATCA GATS Training 6 Agency integration There is absolutely no integration between GATS and the Agency’s systems. All grievances, letters, and other documents generated by GATS must be delivered to the Agency in paper form. NATCA GATS Training6 GATSFAA GETS

7 NATCA GATS Training 7 7 7 Login RVP office manages all user accounts, including lost passwords, FacRep changes, etc.

8 NATCA GATS Training 8 8 8 New account email

9 NATCA GATS Training 9 9 9 Start screen

10 NATCA GATS Training 10 NATCA GATS Training10NATCA GATS Training10 Preferences Preferences include password, email, notification settings, management addresses, other options

11 NATCA GATS Training 11 NATCA GATS Training11NATCA GATS Training11 Preferences page

12 NATCA GATS Training 12 NATCA GATS Training12NATCA GATS Training12 Preferences > Address List Select those managers you will file against by clicking. They will move to Your List. Remove from your list with.

13 NATCA GATS Training 13 NATCA GATS Training13NATCA GATS Training13 Address List > Add New

14 NATCA GATS Training 14 NATCA GATS Training14NATCA GATS Training14 Facility settings

15 NATCA GATS Training 15 NATCA GATS Training15NATCA GATS Training15 Creating a grievance

16 NATCA GATS Training 16 NATCA GATS Training16NATCA GATS Training16 Grievance form (upper)

17 NATCA GATS Training 17 NATCA GATS Training17NATCA GATS Training17 Grievance form (lower) Note: fields are shrunk for display

18 NATCA GATS Training 18 NATCA GATS Training18NATCA GATS Training18 Grievance entered

19 NATCA GATS Training 19 NATCA GATS Training19NATCA GATS Training19 Grievance options Buttons and light brown text items are links to additional features

20 NATCA GATS Training 20 NATCA GATS Training20NATCA GATS Training20 Union/Employee U – grievance was originally filed as a Union grievance (U1) E - grievance was originally filed as an Employee grievance (E1) In some cases, user can click on E or U to “de- elevate” in the case of error

21 NATCA GATS Training 21 NATCA GATS Training21NATCA GATS Training21 Edit Change grievance text Update dates –Date submitted –Agency reply –Due dates Add censor words Etc.

22 NATCA GATS Training 22 NATCA GATS Training22NATCA GATS Training22 Partial edit screen

23 NATCA GATS Training 23 NATCA GATS Training23NATCA GATS Training23 NATCA # NATCA # format: –Last two digits of year –Facility ID –Sequence number by facility Click on the NATCA # to start a new grievance copied from this one

24 NATCA GATS Training 24 NATCA GATS Training24NATCA GATS Training24 Grievance regarding BU shown in brackets Group ID also shown if grievance is part of group Click to view printable grievance

25 NATCA GATS Training 25 NATCA GATS Training25NATCA GATS Training25 Printable grievance (upper)

26 NATCA GATS Training 26 NATCA GATS Training26NATCA GATS Training26 Printable grievance (lower)

27 NATCA GATS Training 27 NATCA GATS Training27 Date subm’d or days left Shows date grievance was submitted at this level If not submitted, shows how many days before it must be submitted (or elevated) and color urgency indicator

28 NATCA GATS Training 28 NATCA GATS Training28 Rep Click to track any resolutions associated with this grievance Number of resolutions will show in parentheses if there are any

29 NATCA GATS Training 29 NATCA GATS Training29 Resolutions

30 NATCA GATS Training 30 NATCA GATS Training30 FAA Reply By Shows FAA deadline to respond Color indicator shows urgency of deadline PAST indicator shows deadline passed Dash indicates no deadline (not yet submitted) Click to “Push” grievance to next level without Agency response

31 NATCA GATS Training 31 NATCA GATS Training31 Attachments Number indicates how many files have been uploaded to this grievance Click to access attachments page

32 NATCA GATS Training 32 NATCA GATS Training32 Attachments - upload Browse to find your file, select a category, enter a description and click “Upload” to attach a new file to this grievance.

33 NATCA GATS Training 33 NATCA GATS Training33 Attachments - associate Enter part of the file name to find a file that has already been uploaded, then click “Go” next to the file name to associate the file with this grievance.

34 NATCA GATS Training 34 NATCA GATS Training34 Notes Number indicates how many notes have been entered for this grievance. Click to access notes page.

35 NATCA GATS Training 35 NATCA GATS Training35 Notes page To add a comment just enter the text and click “Submit”.

36 NATCA GATS Training 36 NATCA GATS Training36 View XXX A submitted grievance can be viewed by any user from the Search page Check your censoring with this button Censoring not in effect for: –RVP level users –National level users –Users from your facility

37 NATCA GATS Training 37 NATCA GATS Training37 Censored grievance

38 NATCA GATS Training 38 NATCA GATS Training38 Elevation letter Only on E2/U1 and 3 rd Level pages. To elevate more than one grievance use the Multi-feature.

39 NATCA GATS Training 39 NATCA GATS Training39 Elevation letter to print

40 NATCA GATS Training 40 NATCA GATS Training40 Multi 3 rd level letter - 1

41 NATCA GATS Training 41 NATCA GATS Training41 Multi 3 rd level letter - 2

42 NATCA GATS Training 42 NATCA GATS Training42 Close grievance

43 NATCA GATS Training 43 NATCA GATS Training43 Entering FAA response date Grievances below Arb level automatically move to the next level when you enter an FAA response date.

44 NATCA GATS Training 44 NATCA GATS Training44 FAA response date result 3 rd Level tab after entering FAA response date at U1 level.

45 NATCA GATS Training 45 NATCA GATS Training45 Printing from the browser If you don’t do this, the print will contain extraneous header and footer info. Future versions of GATS will use PDFs and not have this issue.

46 NATCA GATS Training 46 NATCA GATS Training46 How to de-elevate This feature is to be used to correct a mistake.

47 NATCA GATS Training 47 NATCA GATS Training47 Templates - national

48 NATCA GATS Training 48 NATCA GATS Training48 Previewing templates Use the preview to see how your grievance will look. WILD1 and WILD2 are optional in each template. Use preview to see if there are any wilds. Click New Grievance once you are satisfied with the preview.

49 NATCA GATS Training 49 NATCA GATS Training49 Template preview

50 NATCA GATS Training 50 NATCA GATS Training50 Create/edit local templates

51 NATCA GATS Training 51 NATCA GATS Training51 Create new template

52 NATCA GATS Training 52 NATCA GATS Training52 Edit template

53 NATCA GATS Training 53 NATCA GATS Training53 Browse other facilities You can copy other facility’s templates to your local templates and then use them in your grievances. Make sure to edit them and remove references to the other facility.

54 NATCA GATS Training 54 NATCA GATS Training54 Attachments wizard Associate previously uploaded files to multiple grievances Associate multiple files to multiple grievances in one click

55 NATCA GATS Training 55 NATCA GATS Training55 Generic upload An upload from the Upload Files section is not associated with any grievance until you create an association later from the lower section.

56 NATCA GATS Training 56 NATCA GATS Training56 Groups

57 NATCA GATS Training 57 NATCA GATS Training57 Group create

58 NATCA GATS Training 58 NATCA GATS Training58 ROS Tracking

59 NATCA GATS Training 59 NATCA GATS Training59 Article 7

60 NATCA GATS Training 60 NATCA GATS Training60 Article 7 procedures - 1 Enter new Art 7 into GATS only when: –Mutually agreed between Local and Agency –Appropriate notice has been given to Union Otherwise, email or –Nature of change –Date local became aware of change and how –Potential impact and harm –Local Point of Contact (POC) info

61 NATCA GATS Training 61 NATCA GATS Training61 Article 7 procedures - 2 LR staff will enter the info into GATS and transmit to the Agency a letter delegating the issue back to the local A copy of this letter will be uploaded to GATS and the POC and RVP will receive automated email from GATS POC and RVP will work the issue using GATS to track their work, including notes and file uploads

62 NATCA GATS Training 62 NATCA GATS Training62 Article 7 procedures - 3 If the Agency does not respond to the delegation letter, it is recommended that you file a grievance over a ULP To re-delegate the issue back to National, click the “Redirect” button and select “Kendal Guinn” Continue to upload new documents and information to GATS

63 NATCA GATS Training 63 NATCA GATS Training63 ULP ULP tracking will be enhanced to include full data field capture in future versions of GATS.

64 NATCA GATS Training 64 NATCA GATS Training64 Library

65 NATCA GATS Training 65 NATCA GATS Training65 Docs

66 NATCA GATS Training 66 NATCA GATS Training66 Search

67 NATCA GATS Training 67 Support – message forum

68 NATCA GATS Training 68 NATCA GATS Training68 Support - contact Your support team includes the following members of the National Communications Committee: Bill Holtzman, System Administrator Mike Robicheau, NNE RVP and Team Lead Howard Blankenship, NCE RVP Joe Yannone, NRX ARVP

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