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TOP Server Features and New Release Presenter: Kevin Rutherford, Product Support Engineer.

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1 TOP Server Features and New Release Presenter: Kevin Rutherford, Product Support Engineer

2 Agenda  Overview of TOP Server  Overview of New Drivers  Live Demonstration  Product overview  Quick look at new drivers  Summary and Q&A

3 What is TOP Server?

4 TOP Server Gets You Connected! AB Bulletin 1609 UPS AB Bulletin 900 Temp. Controllers AB DF1 Full & Half-Duplex Serial AB Radio Modem AB Data Highway Plus (DH+) AB PLC5,SLC5/05 Ethernet AB 1761-NET ENI AB ControlLogix Ethernet & Gateway AB CompactLogix, FlexLogix Advanced Simulator Analog Devices 6B Aromat Serial & Ethernet Automation Direct Serial DirectNet Automation Direct Serial K-Sequence Automation Direct ECOM Ethernet Automation Direct EBC Ethernet BACnet Bailey Fisher & Porter Beckhoff TwinCAT (ADS API) Busware Ethernet I/O Contrex/Fenner CX1000 Contrex/Fenner M Series Cutler Hammer D50/100 Cutler Hammer ELC Ethernet Cutler Hammer ELC Serial Dataforth isoLynx DDE Server to OPC Client Bridge DeviceNet (Hilscher Universal) DNP Serial & Ethernet Suite Fisher ROC Fuji Flex PLCs GE Focas1 Ethernet GE SRTP Ethernet GE EGD Ethernet GE CCM Serial GE SNP GE SNP-X Serial Honeywell UDC & HC900 Idec IOTech PointScan Ethernet KraussMaffei MC4 Ethernet Mitsubishi FX Serial Programming Port Mitsubishi FX-Net Multidrop Serial Mitsubishi A Series Serial Mitsubishi A Series Ethernet Mitsubishi Q/QnA Series Ethernet Modbus RTU & ASCII Serial Master, Modbus RTU Serial RTU Slave Modbus Plus Modbus Ethernet Master & Slave ODBC Client Driver Omron Hostlink & FINS Serial Omron Process Suite Omron FINS Ethernet Optimation OptiLogic I/O Opto 22 Ethernet Oracle MES Connector Plug-in Oracle MOC Plug-in Partlow ASCII Philips PC8/PC20 Profibus (Hilscher Universal) Red Prairie Logistics Systems Sattbus & Sattbus Ethernet Scanivalve Ethernet Siemens S5 AS-511 Siemens 3964R Siemens S7-200 PPI & Modem Siemens S7-300/400 MPI Siemens S7-200/300/400 Ethernet Siemens S7-300 Ethernet Slave Simatic/TI 5x5 Serial & Ethernet Simatic/TI Unilink TIWAY Host Adapter Driver SIXNET UDR & EtherTRAK Ethernet SquareD Serial System Monitor Driver Telemecanique Unitelway Thermowestronics Serial & Ethernet Torque Tool Ethernet Driver Toshiba PLCs Serial & Ethernet Toyopuc PC2 Serial Toyopuc PC2/PC3 Ethernet Triconex TSAA Ethernet User Configurable Driver Wago 750 Ethernet I/O Wonderware Intouch Client Driver Yaskawa MemoBus Plus Yaskawa MP Serial & Ethernet Yokogawa CX Yokogawa DX100/200 & Darwin Serial Yokogawa DX(P)100/200 Yokogawa Darwin Ethernet Yokogawa DXP Yokogawa HR Yokogawa MW Yokogawa MX Yokogawa YS100 Serial

5 Why TOP Server?  Top 4 Reasons  Broad Choice of Drivers  SINGLE Interface into your systems  Scalability  Support  Other Reasons  Functionality  Reliability  Flexibility  Diagnostics  Documentation  Customer Commitment  Standards Commitment  Saves You Money in Design & Startup

6 Why TOP Server? OPC Quick Client

7 Why TOP Server? Event Log

8 Why TOP Server? OPC Diagnostics Channel Diagnostics

9 TOP Server New Features  New Drivers  AB Bulletin 1609 UPS Driver  Beckhoff TwinCAT Ethernet Driver  Cutler Hammer ELC Ethernet Driver  Opto 22 Ethernet Driver  System Monitor Driver  Driver Enhancements  AB ControlLogix Ethernet – MicroLogix 1400 with ASCII File Support  DNP Master Ethernet & Serial – Event Buffering and Playback  Numerous Other Enhancements and Fixes 

10 TOP Server AB Bulletin 1609 UPS  Devices Supported  AB Bulletin 1609- U500N UPS  Generic SNMP Devices  Automatic Tag Generation

11 TOP Server Beckhoff TwinCAT Ethernet  Devices Supported  TwinCAT PLC  Bus Couplers (BC9xxx/BX9xxx)  Uses Beckhoff ADS API for best performance  Built with support of Beckhoff Germany, US, & South Africa  Structured Tags/Symbolic Addressing  Automatic database generation  From device if available  From *tpy file for offline import  Structure import support in online & offline mode, with filtering using Beckhoff style  Support for connecting to multiple Beckhoff Runtime engines in same controller  AMS Routing Support Beckhoff TwinCAT Ethernet OPC, Suitelink, DDE TOP Server OPC & I/O Server

12 TOP Server Cutler Hammer ELC Ethernet  Devices Supported  Cutler Hammer ELC (PV Series)  Combined with ELC Serial as the Cutler Hammer ELC Suite  Uses Cutler Hammer Modbus TCP (PV Series Addressing) ELC Ethernet & Serial Driver

13 TOP Server Opto 22 Ethernet  Devices Supported  SNAP Industrial Controllers  SNAP Brains  Brain Boards (E1/E2)  Protocols Used  MMIO  CONT  Tag Import from Opto Browser Configurator Tool File Opto 22 Ethernet Driver

14 TOP Server System Monitor  Uses Microsoft Performance Data Helper API  Item Import Browser allows Auto Tag Generation  Performance Objects  Instances  Counters System Monitor Driver OPC, Suitelink, DDE TOP Server OPC & I/O Server

15 TOP Server AB ControlLogix Ethernet  New Device Model  MicroLogix 1400  ASCII File Support

16 TOP Server DNP Master Serial/Ethernet  New Event Buffering w/ Playback  Configurable Events per Tag  Configurable Playback Rate

17 TOP Server  Live Demonstration  Overview of the TOP Server  Quick look at new features

18 Tips & Tricks  Lots of free help at  Quick Start Guide  Training Videos  Papers and Utilities – Trouble Shooting Guide  Contact Software Toolbox while you are in the planning stage, so we can help

19 What Tools are Needed?  TOP Server Standard Drivers  US$795  License for a single computer  No limits on # of devices you can connect to  TOP Server Premium Drivers and Plug-ins  See for

20 Contact Information & Other Learning Opportunities  Questions later?  Kevin Rutherford   888-665-3678 or 704-849-2773     Other learning opportunities  Visit

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