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Prepared by the Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG), Office of Student Activities (OSA), Office of Student Housing (OSH), Office of Scholarships and.

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1 Prepared by the Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG), Office of Student Activities (OSA), Office of Student Housing (OSH), Office of Scholarships and Student Services (OSSS) Student Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT), University Food Service (UFS), Diliman Learning Resource Center (DLRC), National Service Training Program (NSTP) and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) for the UP Diliman Chancellor’s Convocation February 20, 2013 'Kahusayan at karangalan sa paglilingkod sa sambayanan' UP Diliman Programs and Services for our Iskolars ng Bayan

2 Mission Statement of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA) (From the OVCSA Strategic Planning held in August 2011) Creation of a nurturing, enabling, empowering environment, through sustained and responsive program and services that : Promote the rights, welfare, and well being of our students Develop their capacity for transformative leadership and the participatory governance. Instill the values of social responsibility, social involvement Help them actualize the mission UP as a National University ‘honor and excellence in the service of the Filipino people’

3 'Kahusayan at karangalan sa paglilingkod sa sambayanan ‘: The UPD Programs and Services for our Iskolars ng Bayan (OVCSA, January 2012) Promoting Participatory leadership and governance and social responsibility Promoting Social Responsibility/social involvement Transformative Leadership Participatory governance Organizational mgmt Psycho-emotional wellness and sustainable lifestyles Basic life skills ‘Adaptability’ skills Counseling and Guidance Peer Counselors/Facilitators Crisis Intervention Support to Academic Work Tutoring services and mentoring programs Enrichment programs Student Recognition Programs Responding to Socio-economic Needs Student housing Nutritious & affordable meals Scholarships Socialized tuition fee Other forms of financial support (SA/GA)

4 Promoting Participatory Leadership and Governance and Social Responsibility Summit of Student Organizations Office for Student Activities (OSA) conducted a UPD wide summit for university-wide and college based organizations in 2011 It became a venue for all organizations to discuss current problems and situations as well as possible solutions. Inter-Fraternity – Sorority Summit  A fraternity and sorority summit was conducted in October 2012 to recognize the significant contributions of fraternities and sororities to the university.  Its main objective is to help promote peace in the UPD campus and establish camaraderie and genuine sisterhood and brotherhood across fraternities and sororities  A peace manifesto was signed by the representatives of different fraternities and sororities in UP Diliman

5 UP ECONOMICS SOCIETY’S PROJECTHANAN UP Economics Towards Consciousness’ (ETC) Consciousness Raising Activities UP Cursor’s Tip Wizard at Malaya Elementary School OVCSA and OSA’s Parangal sa mga Natatanging Samahan na Naglilingkod sa Bayan ( Launched in February 2012)

6 ‘Paglilingkod sa Bayan’ Talks by UPD Alumni during the University Job Fair (UJF) College Tours of the USC and OCG ( started with the January 2012 UJF )

7 OSA Website Through the OSA the policies, guidelines, requirements, reminders, forms, information and contact numbers of university-wide orgs info became available online for easy access by UPD students and those from other colleges and universities. Samu’t Sari  Hosted by word press, this OSA publication site is used to disseminate information regarding the incoming activities of the office and other programs that were held by the office.

8 UPD NSTP Coordinating Office 1.The UPD NSTP Office initiated a framework setting for UPD NSTP through the TATAK UP concept in drafting the UPD NSTP Office Structure and Guidelines and the UPD NSTP Common Module. 2.Taking into consideration the current NSTP UPD Guidelines and the latest NSTP IRR amended in 2009, the UPD NSTP Office drafted the proposal for the formal establishment of the UPD NSTP Office. 3.The UPD NSTP Office drafted the NSTP Common Module for UPD, as required by the NSTP Law.

9 UPD NSTP PROJECTS: Shaping Tatak UP through Community service To gather proposals and recommendations from the ground level, the UPD NSTP Office initiated a consultative workshop on the UPD NSTP Guidelines and Common Module held on January 28-29 and February 4 2013, entitled Shaping Tatak UP Through Community Service Discussions and resolutions on The UPD NSTP Office Proposal and the UPD NSTP Common Module were made during the said consultation/workshop

10 UPD Disaster Response Center In response to the HABAGAT disaster the UPD NSTP Office drew up a Three Phase Disaster Response and Preparedness Plan – TULONG OBLE. Along with the Office of the Vice- Chancellor for Community Affairs, Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and the All-UP Worker’s Union, the UPD NSTP Office established and headed the UP Diliman Disaster Response Center (UPDDRC) Despite limited resources, the UPDDRC was able to service 300-500 affected families in and outside campus who were affected by the Habagat, but most of all initiated the collaboration amongst the various UP Academic Units and other units concerned in the university.

11 Promoting Participatory Leadership and Governance and Social Responsibility among our students 2012 UPD Student Code of Conduct Prepared by a drafting committee composed of the UCSOAW, OVCSA, UP Student Regents of AY 2011-12, UPD USC Officers of AY 2011-12, 2012-13, Representatives of the 2010 Student Code drafting committee and involved a long process of consultation with student councils and student organizations Salient Features: - Provides for simultaneous handling of cases resulting to speedier resolution of cases - Provides for student representatives in the Adhoc disciplinary hearing committees, except in cases of intellectual dishonesty

12 Promoting Participatory Leadership and Governance and Social Responsibility among our students 2012 UPD Student Code of Conduct Salient Features - Student’s right to counsel is underscored - Hearing procedures shall not be bound by technical rules of court and shall be summary in nature - Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution when appropriate - Employs corrective measures rather than sanctions or punitive measures. Community service will be used as a form of ‘corrective measure’ The draft 2012 UPD Student Code of Conduct has been approved by the UPD University Council (with a few modifications) and will be submitted to the BOR for approval.

13 Promoting Participatory Leadership and Governance and Social Responsibility among our students Proposed UPD Student Manual, which will include - A section on the Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities of Students prepared by the 2011-12 USC, 2011-12 OSR in cooperation with the OC and the OVCSA - 2012 Code of Student Conduct as approved by the UPD University Council and the Board of Regents

14 Promoting wellness and sustainable lifestyles among UPD students through… …. the OCG and CHK Wellness Program for student athletes which was started in June 2012.

15 Wellness programs of the OCG and the DGO for the Student Residence Halls Re-assigning In-house Counselors in the Dorms Staff Development program for the Residence Hall Staff and Student Resident Assistants (such as the three-day seminar workshop entitled ‘ Effective Helping Skills’ for Dormitory Managers and House parents by the OCG) Peer Facilitator Program Gender Sensitivity Training for Dormers and Residence Hall Staff

16 Providing Nutritious and Affordable Meals Value meals @ P 50.00 at the Grille Canteen of the University Food Service Discounted food orders for students activities/student organizations Meals for Student Athletes ( w/ specific Dietary Prescriptions prepared by the University Health Service) Bakery and Student Meal Outlets at the Centennial Dorm Return of Food Service at the Dorms (starting with the Kalayaan Dorm in 2013)

17 DILIMAN LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER Provides FREE GROUP TUTORIALS Chem 16 Math 17 Free one- on- one tutorials

18 “Kumustahan 2012” Chancellor’s Reception The Chancellor’s Reception was once again held after years of hibernation It aims to allow the International students to meet the different officials of the University and to meet the Chancellor himself. International Students Program of the Office of Student Activities (OSA)  The processing of visa and i-card was once again designated to OSA as a part of its service to the UPD International students

19 Improving our Student Residence Halls through the P50 M CHED Grant RESIDENCE HALL Rehabilitation of Residence Halls from CHED GRANT 50M FY2012 AMOUNT ILANG-ILANGRe-piping of water lines and renovation of CR and ceiling works 8,000,000.00 IPILRenovation of Ipil Residence hall phase II3,464,077.67 KALAYAANRe-piping and renovation of CR + bathroom11,449,500.00 KAMAGONGRepairs/Renovation of leaking3,000,000.00 KAMIARenovation of rooms and re-painting2,000,000.00 MOLAVERenovation of ceiling, re-roofing, drainage and re- painting 6,000,000.00 SAMPAGUITARehabilitation of corridors walls and fabrication of residents lockers 4,500,000.00 SANGGUMAYRe-roofing and Re-painting3,000,000.00 YAKALRe-roofing and Re-painting8,500,000.00

20 OSH Committee on Supplies and Utilities regularly monitors UTILITY and supplies EXPENSES to promote efficient use of resources (based on the average of 3 months) OSH Quick Reaction Teams 195619751948 195719622010

21 Improving UPD’s financial assistance programs Improved information dissemination on the various Financial Assistance Programs of UPD (through the OSSS Website, posters, regular coordination with College Secretaries and OSAs) Online access of OSSS student records to facilitate process of applying or renewal of their scholarship grants during the registration. Setting up of special student financial assistance programs, such as:  Short Term Cash Loan – funds donated by private donors  CHED Safe Loan  Special Financial Assistance Program (Adopt-a-Student Program) – with support from private donors

22 BRACKET SCHEME 2007-20082008-20092009-20102010-20112011-20122012-2013 A423620172665 B187254181224291345 C74514091099137116061827 D15127270696911971229 E66112 E1 173256299328 E2 8374122107 1842100 2411100 325106200 4502713300 59851191200 6653117500 7452611300 81660100 91244429800 TOTAL162622832360294735413901 Increasing STFAP beneficiaries in the last 5 years Source: Office of Stcholarships and Student Assistance, UP diliman)


24 Distribution of STFAP Beneficiaries (Source: Prof. Richard Gonzalo, OSSS OIC, 2011-2012)

25 Increasing number of granted STFAP Appeals in UP DILIMAN/UPEPP (2007-2012) As of 5 February 2013 AY NO. OF APPEALS GRANTED/ REBRACKETED NOT GRANTED PENDING 2007-2008295177118 2008-2009278172106 2009-201020815553 2010-201123818751 2011-201231125853 2012-2013*39523625134

26 On-going Critical Review and Reform of the STFAP STFAP Reform proposal presents amendments in the STFAP brackets, benefits (living allowance and academic allowance), bracket assignment process (decentralized process; simpler but more accurate indicators), bracket verification process, STFAP support system On-going series of Public Forum and Consultation in the various Constituent Universities on the STFAP c/o the OVCSA/OSAs, OSSS, OSR and the Student Councils. These public consultations are aimed at presenting the STFAP Reform proposal to students, administrators and staff in the various CUs as an immediate response to problems arising from the current implementation of the STFAP as well as explore other strategies and programs that will truly democratize rather than commercialize education in UP and other SUCs

27 Evolving strategies for effectively identifying and analyzing the needs of students Intake Interview conducted by the Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG) for * UPCAT qualifiers * VAAS Applicants * Certificate Programs Objective: to get to know the student’s needs, fears, study habits, emotional and financial difficulties, and other concerns and challenges they face in the various aspect of their lives. Results will be used to develop appropriate, proactive and sustainable interventions by the OCG a as well as the other offices under the OVCSA.

28 Pagkalinga at Pagpapaunlad sa Kawani ng Bayan: OVCSA Staff Development Program Skills dev for leadership and social involvement Promoting Social Awareness Leadership development Organizational Development and Management Psycho-emotional wellness and sustainable lifestyles Basic life skills Time and resource mgmt Counseling for Students Peer Counseling Crisis Intervention Support to Career/Professional Development Staff Development for Professional Skills Dev Staff Recognition Programs Responding to Socio-economic Needs Security of Tenure Decent wages and staff Benefits Promoting workers’ rights

29 1) Organizational Development of OVCSA and all offices under OVCSA * Strategic Planning of all offices in 2011 * Joint Annual Assessment and Planning, Staff Development and Team building activities for all offices under OVCSA in 2011 and 2012 * Monthly meeting of the OVCSA Management Committee which is composed of the the VCSA and all the Directors/Coordinators of Offices under OVCSA * Monthly ‘Kapihan sa Kalayaan’ (beginning 2012) – two-hour issue discussion and skills development sessions for the staff of offices under OVCSA * Staff are encouraged to attend seminars and conferences (within and outside UP) that are relevant to their work * VCSA attends staff meetings and/or holds consultation meetings with the staff of offices under OVCSA 2) Promoting Staff Welfare * 7 Deviated Items in the Office of Student Housing (OSH) were corrected * 19/36 Items of the Office of Student Housing (OSH) that have been unoccupied for a long time are currently being filled up. This is in line with on-going efforts to provide security of tenure among our staff. * Promotions: 4 OSH Staff, 1 UFS Staff, 1 SDT staff * 3 Newly hired staff (supervisory positions) in UFS

30 Iskolar ng Bayan Naglilingkod sa Bayan!

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