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GOVERNMENT OF ROMANIA Structural Instruments 2007-2013 Sectoral Operational Programme „Increase of Economic Competitiveness” “Investments for Your Future”

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1 GOVERNMENT OF ROMANIA Structural Instruments 2007-2013 Sectoral Operational Programme „Increase of Economic Competitiveness” “Investments for Your Future” Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) Status and Perspectives EUROPEAN UNION Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Nicolae-Victor Zamfir

2 Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) Gerard Mourou 1985: Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA)

3 Target Normal Sheath Acceleration (TNSA) Primary radiations Secondary radiations - electrons bremssstrahlung - gamma rays, neutrons Secondary target Electrons are expelled from the target due to the chock wave induced by the powerful laser Heavy ions are accelerated in the field created by the electrons E~I laser 1/2 S.C. Wilks et al., Phys. Plasmas 8, 542 (2001). 3

4 Radiation Pressure Acceleration RPA Electrons and ions accelerated at solid state densities 10 24 e cm -3 (Classical beam densities 10 8 e cm -3 ) on very short distance (μm-mm) E~ I laser Energy reached equal to a 400m up-to-date accelerator (reduction of scale of 10 9 ) 4

5 Proton acceleration Proton acceleration 5 RPA simulations 10 23 W/cm2,15 fs I 0.5

6 2006 – ELI on ESFRI Roadmap ELI-PP 2007-2010 (FP7) ELI-Beamlines (Czech Republic) ELI-Attoseconds (Hungary) ELI-Nuclear Physics (Romania) ELI-DC (Delivery Consortium): 2010 Legal entity: April 2013 Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany, UK 6 Extreme Light Infrastructure

7 ELI-NP NUCLEAR Tandem accelerators Cyclotrons γ – Irradiator Advanced Detectors Biophysics Environmental Physics Radioisotopes ring rail/road BUCHAREST Bucharest-Magurele National Physics Institutes Lasers Plasma Optoelectronics Material Physics Theoretical Physics Particle Physics ELI-NP

8 ELI-NP Milestones January 2012: Project submitted to the EC July 2012: Romanian Government Decision Construction of the New Research Infrastructure ELI-NP: 293 M€ September 2012: EC Project Approval European Regional Development Fund Financial Support (83%) of the First phase (2012-2015) 180 M€ December 2012: Contract with Romanian Managing Authority 8

9 ELI-NP Infrastructure Large equipment: High power laser system, 2 x 10PW maximum power Thales Optronique SA and SC Thales System Romania (~65 M€) Gamma radiation beam, high intensity, tunable energy up to 20MeV, relative bandwidth 10 -3, produced by Compton scattering of a laser beam on a 700 MeV electron beam produced by a warm LINAC European Consortium EuroGammaS led by INFN Rome (~65 M€): INFN (Italy), University “La Sapienza” Rome (Italy), CNRS (France), ALSYOM (France), ACP Systems S.A.S.U. (France), COMEB Srl (Italy), ScandiNova Systems (Sweden) Buildings – 33000sqm total – STRABAG (~65M€) Experiments: 8 experimental areas, for gamma, laser, and gamma+laser 9

10 ELI–NP Gamma Beam System high intensity / small emittance e – beam from a warm LINAC very brillant high rep./rate int. laser small collision volume 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 2018 year PLEIADES +++ + T-REX HIGS ELI–NP Bandwidth Dynamitron 0.0001 0.001 0.001 0.01 0.01 0.1 0.1 1 bw 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 year LNBL PLEIADES HIGS T-REX ELI–NP Brilliance ph/(mm 2 ・ mrad 2 ・ s ・ 0.1%bw) 10 13 10 15 10 17 10 19 10 21

11 ELI-Nuclear Physics Scientific program: Nuclear Physics experiments to characterize laser – target int. Photonuclear reactions Exotic Nuclear Physics and astrophysics Applied Research 11

12 12 White Book (Scientific Case) Feasibility Study 293M€ Preparation of the Application E.C. Evaluation & Approval Building - Preparation Building - Construction Major Eqp.– Constr, Install Experimental set-ups Recruitment 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Project implementation 2018

13 August 23, 2013 July 14, 2014

14 ELI–NP Experiment Building Experiments Experiments 8 experimental areas  HP Lasers 7000 m 2 E1 10PW E2,NRF E7,2X10PW E8,Gamma Nuclear reactions E5 1PW @ 1 Hz E4 0.1PW @ 10 Hz E3 Positron source E7,QED High field gamma + electrons E6 10PW

15 ELI-NP TDR Workgroups Workshops in June 2013, April 2014, February 2015; Gamma WGs: NRF and applications Photo fission (production and physics) Gamma above Threshold Charged particle array + Positron source for materials science WG + Transversal WGs: Vacuum, Control Systems, Dosimetry 15 Laser WGs: Ion driven nuclear physics: fission-fusion Strong fields QED Towards High field (Laser +Gamma) and Plasma Applications

16 Nuclear Photonics  E1 strength distribution NRF Nuclear structure Modes of excitation below the GDR Impact on nucleosynthesis Gamow window for photo–induced reactions in explosive stellar events Understanding exotic nuclei E1 strength will be shifted to lower energies in neutron rich system

17 Human Resources Attracting the best competencies: public announcements international recruitment Senior/junior researchers PhD students Today

18 ELI-NP Industrial Forum 18 Body promoting relationships, for mutual benefits, with local and foreign companies Consulting in elaborating the TDRs for experiments and auxiliary equipment Promotion of contractual research, technology transfer, etc. Consulting services provided by ELI-NP experts Creation of a cluster of high-tech companies in Magurele

19 ELI-NP Academic Forum 19 to secure the fulfillment of ELI-NP needs in terms of PhD students, junior researchers, engineers, and technicians (training programs, specific MSc and PhD programs, etc.); to assure the education of engineers for the companies part of the high-tech cluster at Magurele; to support the ELI-NP Project in the achievement of its objectives in terms of scientific excellence;

20 ELI-NP Team, March 5, 2013 Thank you!

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