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2 The CAPE Systems Group OUR PHILOSOPHY As result of our merger with Vertex Interactive we can now offer a number of new, and equally effective, ways of driving costs out of the Supply Chain. Combining Warehouse Management, Order Fulfillment, Transport Management and Light Directed Picking systems with our existing Packaging Design and Palletization software - adds a new dimension to Logistics and Supply Chain software. Companies using our systems can increase their profits without having to sell more product, raise their prices or increase market share. And, using our responsive Order Management Systems, they can also generate additional sales.

3 The CAPE Systems Group OUR NEW ORGANIZATION  International offices (in New Jersey, Dallas & London)  A larger management team  Greater expertise in Logistics and the Supply Chain  Increased sales and marketing capabilities  Additional programming resources  A world wide network of representatives  A more extensive customer base  Expanded personnel and financial resources  Public funding  Additional business partners/strategic alliances Our main focus will be on the areas of: 1.Supply Chain Execution – using our Packaging Design and Palletizing software, Order Management, Warehouse Management, Order Fulfillment and Light Directed Picking systems. 2.RFID – including labeling interfaces, label/tag location, compliance testing, certification, data capture, data storage and information sharing capabilities.

4 The CAPE Systems Group Company Offices Reseller, Distributors & Partners OUR INTERNATIONAL NETWORK

5 The CAPE Systems Group OUR MARKETS  Pharmaceuticals  Customer Packaged Goods  Confectionery  Food and Beverage  Health and Beauty  Automotive  Corrugated/Packaging  Third Party Logistics  Retail  Government

6 The CAPE Systems Group SOME OF OUR CUSTOMERS  AT Cross  Bacardi  Black & Decker  Bristol-Myers Squibb  Cadbury Schweppes  Castrol  Chico’s  Colgate  Elizabeth Arden  Estee Lauder  Evian  Ford Motor Co.  GlaxoSmithKline  Hallmark  Hewlett-Packard  IBM  L’Oreal  Merck  MinuteMaid  Novartis  Pepsi  Pfizer  Proctor & Gamble  Smurfit-Stone  Tiffany and Co.  Timex  Unilever  Wal-Mart  Wyeth

7 The CAPE Systems Group OUR EXPERTISE Storage and Distribution Packaging Design Retailer Consumer DeliveryPalletization Manufacturing

8 The CAPE Systems Group OUR PRODUCTS Overview We offer a comprehensive range of:  Off-the-shelf software products  Custom program developments  Consulting Services  Project management and integration  RFID labeling and compliance testing  RFID data capture and integration  Implementation services  Product and customer support services All designed to optimize the flow of products through the Supply Chain.

9 The CAPE Systems Group Warehouse Management Systems Automates the process from order receipt to shipment  eWMS is a Java based warehouse management system  Provides companies with real time insight into warehouse operations and inventory availability  A true multi-warehouse/multi-owner system that can be deployed across different industries.  Can be integrated with existing enterprise applications and/or as part of our eOMS to create a complete supply chain execution solution.  Includes Event Management, Business Intelligence Labor Standards and Yard Management. RFID label printing, compliance, data collection and integration are also available. OUR PRODUCTS

10 The CAPE Systems Group “ With the use of RF, we can scan the weight of our cartons for shipment, rather than having to input the information manually, this results in minimized errors, improved proficiency in our operations, and overall reductions in labor, which will enhance our return on investment.” John Hennessy, Quincy Distribution Center Manager, ConAgra ASE Financial  Reduce operating, ownership and labor costs  Determine and control true cost of inventory Operational  Proper use of warehouse space  Forecast resource and equipment needs based on actual workload  Maximize personnel & equipment- no more backtracking  Visibility into entire distribution network anywhere, anytime  Share “real-time” inventory information with trading community  Increase order accuracy through “best practices”  “Dock-to-dock” fulfillment process reduces order turn-around time Customer  Quality and availability of product  Order accuracy and speed of delivery The Benefits Warehouse Management Systems

11 The CAPE Systems Group Order Management Systems  Internet based order management system  Integrates all users in a real time environment.  Offers a collaborative trading environment  Provides powerful selling opportunities  Captures valuable buying pattern information  Broadcasts suggested sales and promotional activities. Captures and shares important buying patterns in real time Used as part of a wider Supply Chain execution suite, our responsive order management systems can help generate additional sales. OUR PRODUCTS

12 The CAPE Systems Group Financial  Increase sales via suggestive selling methods  Utilize business intelligence for improved decision making & focused marketing initiatives  Drive incremental sales through on-line catalogs  Expand customer reach globally Operational  Extend real-time ordering capability to employees, outside sales, & customers  Inventory and order processing capability anywhere anytime…24x7  Increased order accuracy Customer  Enhance customer’s buying experience  Expedite delivery of product The Benefits “ We were seeking a WMS and OMS that would facilitate an early adoption of an emerging e-Business technology. The greatest difficulty was in finding an order solution that would accept our “mainframe” orders via MQ…provide remote and internal visibility to the item, customer and vendor data… across all distribution centers… and a system that is web-based.” Brad Kimbro, VP Applications Development, McLane Company Order Management Systems

13 The CAPE Systems Group Light Directed Picking Systems Process orders accurately and on-time  PicRite, PutRite and TurnRite are all proven systems  Integrates with any distribution system  Quickly guides pickers to the right products and displays the quantity required for each product.  Increases productivity  Eliminates errors  Decreases turn around time  Reduces labor costs OUR PRODUCTS

14 The CAPE Systems Group Financial  Reduce operating, ownership and labor costs  Determine and control true cost of inventory  Rapid ROI Operational  Proper use of warehouse space  Accelerate picking/increase productivity  Improve order accuracy/eliminate errors  Decrease order turn around time  Reduce overhead costs  Provide better management controls Customer  Manpower and productivity tracking  Order accuracy and speed of delivery The Benefits “With the pick-to-light system implemented, we have virtually eliminated picking errors. In addition, order turn around time and picker man hours have been dramatically reduced. Orders get to the customers faster; they’re more satisfied. And personnel can now be re- directed to other tasks when pick processing has been completed.” Joe Napolitano, Co-Owner, Advanced Distribution Systems Light Directed Picking Systems

15 The CAPE Systems Group Transport Management Systems  Stand-alone or integrated applications to maximize the loading of mixed products and/or pallet loads inside containers and trucks.  Avoid wasted shipping space  Increase speed of loading/unloading  Save time and money by pre-planning loads and documents  Communicate load plans quickly and easily. Maximize delivery and reduce transport costs OUR PRODUCTS

16 The CAPE Systems Group Financial  Reduce operating and labor costs  Determine and control true cost of shipping  Rapid ROI Operational  Proper use of truck/container space  Ensure accurate load/export documentation  Improve loading accuracy/eliminate errors  Reduce overhead costs  Determine price quotes quickly and accurately Customer  Advance notification/order tracking  Order accuracy and speed of delivery  Speed up loading/unloading The Benefits “The CAPE Systems TRUCKFILL program has helped us tremendously with reducing shipping errors through its ability to print out load patterns for our fork lift drivers to use as a guide for mixed product shipments” Dave Fohne, Pactiv Corporation Transport Management Systems

17 The CAPE Systems Group Packaging Design Software  Design new product shapes and sizes  Create better product arrangements with more efficient case sizes  Ensure good shelf fit for display purposes  Reduce packaging material costs  Rationalize case size inventory  Link information to data management systems Streamline product design for faster time to market OUR PRODUCTS

18 The CAPE Systems Group Packaging Design Software Financial  Reduced storage, handing and distribution costs  Reduced labor costs  Rapid ROI Operational  Reduce time to market  Improved communication capabilities  Advanced planning opportunities Customer  Easy to use  Fast and accurate results  High quality results/integration possibilities The Benefits “Within 24 hours of operating its the new packaging analysis software system, Weaver Popcorn had revised its case packing and pallet stacking methods to the tune of $40,000 in annual savings.” Packaging World USA

19 The CAPE Systems Group  Maximize pallet loading of single products  Evaluate and build Club Store displays for direct shopability  RFID “slap & ship” labeling and compliance  Feed finished product data into WMS and RFID repositories  Integrate pallet load information with WMS & TMS applications Improve pallet utilization, layout and load stability Single products Mixed products Single products Mixed products Palletizing Software OUR PRODUCTS

20 The CAPE Systems Group Palletizing Software Financial  Reduce storage, handing and distribution costs  Reduce labor costs  Rapid ROI Operational  Improve space and material utilization  Improve load stability and reduce damages  Improve communication Customer  Easy to use  Fast and accurate results  High quality results/integration possibilities The Benefits “By using CAPE’s palletizing software we have improved our pallet utilization to around 90 percent” Ben Bots, Kimberly Clark

21 The CAPE Systems Group We offer:  Testing and certification of encoding, verifying, printing and the positioning of the label on the case and/or the pallet load.  Testing for label reading quality and accuracy across a wide range of material handling equipment.  Integration of order processing and product data information with label creation, for improved order fulfilment, accuracy and shipping.  Systems and services to capture the label data, translate the data, store the data and interface the data with WMS and OMS for improved accuracy and inventory control. RFID Labeling & Compliance Testing Testing, compliance, certification & data management OUR PRODUCTS

22 The CAPE Systems Group Operational  Compliance for major retailers and government agencies  Greater control on date stamped products  Reduced pilferage/counterfeiting  Improved shipping accuracy/elimination of errors  Improve management data capabilities and controls Customer  Greater control on date stamped products  Reduced pilferage  Improved order and shipping accuracy  Reduced overhead costs The Benefits RFID Labeling & Compliance Testing

23 The CAPE Systems Group Packaging design and pallet loadingPackaging design and pallet loading RFID readable pallet loadsRFID readable pallet loads RFID labeling and complianceRFID labeling and compliance Order Management and FulfillmentOrder Management and Fulfillment Light-directed picking and put awayLight-directed picking and put away Warehouse ManagementWarehouse Management Truck and Container LoadingTruck and Container Loading Routing and SchedulingRouting and Scheduling Consulting ServicesConsulting Services Project Management and ImplementationProject Management and Implementation Software maintenance, service and supportSoftware maintenance, service and support To be a dominant provider of end-to-end Supply Chain execution solutions and services. To build a high value public company with an enviable name, reputation, image and customer base; providing a one- stop-shopping experience that offers the best software and services for supply chain execution, including: OUR OUR OBJECTIVES

24 The CAPE Systems Group USA CAPE Systems 3619 Kennedy Road South Plainfield New Jersey 07080 Tel: 908 756 2000 Email: CAPE Systems 100 Allentown Parkway #218, Allen Texas 75002 Tel: 800 229 3434 Tel: 972 359 1100 Email: UK CAPE Systems Suite G.03 The Perfume Factory 140 Wales Farm Road London, W3 6UG, UK Tel: +44 (0) 20 8752 8610 Email: For further information or to discuss your specific needs - please contact your nearest CAPE office: CAPE SYSTEMS CONTACTS


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