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Classmates Email Tags Directory Presented by: Cindy Zhang.

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1 Classmates Email Tags Directory Presented by: Cindy Zhang

2 Outline Page Design Data source Page Layout Login Search Parse XML Summary Reference:


4 Data Source SharePointExcelXML exportXML map Account Gold {Account.Days_Since_Gold_Expiration} RainBean null … …

5 Why XML? XML is structured XML is platform independent XML is an open standard XML is language independent DOM and SAX are open XML is web enabled XML is totally extensible XML enables interoperability …

6 Page Layout HeaderLogin Category Sub Category TagsTag Details

7 Pure CSS-based Layout Right #container { width: 1210px; height: 713px; } #top { width: 1210px; height: 143px; } #header { width: 650px; height: 143px; float: left; margin-top: 0px; padding-left: 0px; } … CSS code HTML code

8 Why CSS/tableless Layout? More beautiful and accessible Layouts are much cleaner in their structure and presentation. Provides a greater support weather you work on a fixed width or liquid design layout. Develop complicated layouts without damaging the structure of the document. More flexible and efficient CSS pages are supported by most browsers. CSS allows extreme flexibility in positioning and styling the visual elements of a layout. More functional and supportive Present yourself proudly to search engines. Write it once and use anywhere for everyone. …

9 Login Login required to add / edit / delete tags. Using JSP Session - to keep track of info about the user. Using Cookie to “Remember Me”. Change password. Logout. session.setAttribute("username", curUserID); session.getAttribute("username"); Cookie nameCookie = new Cookie("USERNAME", userID); nameCookie.setMaxAge(365 * 24 * 60 * 60); Cookie passwordCookie = new Cookie("PASSWORD", pwd); passwordCookie.setMaxAge(365 * 24 * 60 * 60); session.removeAttribute("username");

10 Search Search by: Full tag name Keyword/s or part of tag names Starting letters of tag names Autocomplete – jQuery plugin Databean name Java code Search results are listed in Tags column.

11 Parse XML Using Document Object Model (DOM) to convert XML to server-side objects and extract the object properties. DOM is a tree-based parsing technique that builds up an entire parse tree in memory. It allows complete, dynamic access to a whole XML document. DocumentBuilderFactory docFactory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance(); DocumentBuilder docBuilder = docFactory.newDocumentBuilder(); Document doc = docBuilder.parse("tags.xml");

12 Process XML Data Add tag appendChild(Node newChild); insertBefore(Node newChild, Node refChild); Edit tag setNodeValue(String nodeValue); Delete tag removeChild(Node oldChild);

13 Summary Using XML map to convert Excel file to XML data file instead of XML Spreadsheet file. Using CSS for page layout instead of table. Using JSP (sever-side) instead of Javascript (client-side) to process XML date. Browser incompatibilities are a major issue for client-side language. Sever-side language has more power and better performance. Maintaining is easier for sever-side language.

14 Questions and suggestions??? Thanks!

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