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The Zala Mission 4-5 July 2005 „Why not? It’s a big FUN!!!”

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2 The Zala Mission 4-5 July 2005 „Why not? It’s a big FUN!!!”

3  Laura „Körli” Bertalan Agents 001

4  Laura „Körli” Bertalan  Judit „Ditta” Ormos Agents 002

5  Laura „Körli” Bertalan  Judit „Ditta” Ormos  Mihály „Little Boy” Komornoki Agents 003

6  Laura „Körli” Bertalan  Judit „Ditta” Ormos  Mihály „Little Boy” Komornoki  András „Grinya” Grosz Agents 004

7 Mission Target Destinations  Regional Waste Depot in Zalaegerszeg  Construction of Zalaegerszeg Bypass Road No 74  Salla Bath and Health Centre in Zalalövö  Rural development and village renewing in Zala county

8 Mission Area

9 The take off with the Batmobil

10 In the Batmobil

11 Arriving to Zalaegerszeg, check the first location at Köztársaság str. (as the paper said). Having some time, lets have some coffee. Why not? It’s a big FUN! (not so easy, some disturbing SMSs) Mission Impossible? Why don’t we find the first location?

12 At 10:00 recognise that the location is wrong. Remember, we have to find Megyeháza (County Hall)! Where is Megyeháza? At Kossuth str.? Nobody knows… No, at Kosztolányi Str. Find Megyeháza. Wrong location again. Ring our contact person. Next target is Városháza (Town Hall) Mission Impossible? Why don’t we find the first location?

13 1st target – Regional Waste Depot in Zalaegerszeg

14  Initiation: Zala County, 1995  Executor: Local Municipality of Zalaegerszeg  Tender: 1996, Start: 2001  Aim: establishment of communal waste depot  Experts: administration, reports, international tenders, investment following  Activities: construction, machine purchasing The Depot File

15 Main data  Area: 3 hectare  Total capacity: 408.000 m 3  Capacity/year: 30.000 t  Cover region: Zalaegerszeg 48 settlements (20-25 km)

16  Phare support: 1.200.000 ECU  Own resources: 20,3 % (Hungarian Environmental Fund, Target subsidy)  No financial contribution from the individual settlements  Financial problems: currency rate change (weak HUF)  Planned costs: HUF 320 M  Final costs: HUF 650 M (more than double) The Budget

17  No cross-border partnership, no Austrian partner  No direct cross-border effects  Some indirect impacts (less environmental pollution, increase in tourism, environmental consciousness) Partnership

18 Impacts  Solves waste disposal for 20 years  Enviromental impacts: –Water quality protection –Less air pollution  Better opportunities in tourism and the economy

19 Operational profit ensures further development:  Selective waste collection pilot project  Overall selective waste collection system in the region: 282 settlements, within ISPA Sustainability – future projects

20 The crime scene

21 Project: success File closed

22 2nd target - Construction of Zalaegerszeg Bypass Road No 74

23  History: need for bypass in the ’70s (the south part of it was built in 1977)  Initiation: Zala County, 1995  1996 Zalaegerszeg Local Municipality tender for preparation, preparation works  1997-1999 Road Management Public Limited Company in Zala County tender for construction  2000 (March) Foundation-stone  2001 (October) Deliverance of road for public The Bypass File

24 The plan ….

25 … under construction ….

26 … and after

27 Main data  3500 m 2x1 traffic lane road  3 traffic circles  4 bridges (in the Zala valley and above the railway to Slovenia)  Many other objects for passangers, cycles, animals etc.  10.000 traffic unit per day

28  Total costs: HUF  Phare support: HUF 900.000.000  Contribution: –UKIG: finance the transfer of public utilities –Zalaegerszeg Municipality: transfer of necessary area and dirt for construction (some HUF 200-300 million) The Budget

29  No Austrian partner, no cross border co-operation  Phare tender on bypass road No 76 (unsuccessful, different priorities, no cross border co-operation)  Important international traffic  Larger impacts after the constructions connected to this projects Cross Border Co-operations and Impacts

30  Decrease of traffic in the city (from 18.000 unit down to 10.000 unit), opportunities for future development in the city centre (walking streets)  Continously growing traffic on the bypass road Effects and impacts

31  New constructions implemented: –Construction of Pózva Bypass Road (Hungarian national resources) –Construction of Zalaegerszeg Bypass Road No 76 (Széchenyi + programme resources)  No transit traffic through the city  Safe and faster traffic in the region Effects and impacts

32 Direct impacts – Construction of Pózva Bypass Road

33 Direct impacts – Construction of Zalaegerszeg Bypass Road No 76

34  Modification of the general and detailed order plan of the surroundings of the new bypass roads  New areas for industrial and commercial use along the new bypass roads (new industrial sites)  New areas for residental zones near to the new bypass roads Effects and impacts

35 Future projects Many new construction projects connected the implemented bypass roads:  Study on new road between Bagod and Zalalövö (Phare CBC) – with Slovenian partner  Authorisation plan for road network upgrading in Hetés area (Interreg IIIA) – with Slovenian partner  Planning process for Murakereszttúr-Letenye road (Interreg IIIA) – with Croatian partner  Planning process for Bagod-Hagyárosbörönd (Nr 76) bypass road (Interreg IIIA) – with Austrian partner

36 Project: success File closed

37 A Hard Day’s Night  Location: Belgian Pub  Activity: Recreation (some beerl)

38 3rd target – Salla Bath

39 „Imperium magnum est, multas provincias habet.” (The first sentence in the latin workbook)

40 „The Newest Jewel of the Roman Empire” File  Bath, health and leisure centre  Named after Salla the antic castrum Salla (now called Zalalövö)  Thermal well from 1960  The Local Municipality of Zalalövö received the thermal well in the 90s  After 1996 the main goal is the turistic utilisation of this resource

41 The Phare CBC Project Preparation works of Salla Bath and Health Centre  2001 Application to the Phare Small Project Fund for the  feasibility plan,  development concept,  marketing plan,  business plan  Further opportunities in connection with the implementation of the plans (NFT II)

42 The Budget  Preparation works: –Support: EUR 259.040 –Own contribution: 10%  The estimated costs of the whole investment –First step: Hotel and Bath Centre HUF 8 billion –Total costs: HUF 45 billion

43 The 3 phases of the planned develepment  New, separated part of Zalalövö  Lesasure facilities, wellnesshotels  Corso and Forum  8 blocks of flats, 11 resorts, 2 pensions,  2 shopping centre

44 Regional development effects  Create new jobs  Increasing attraction capacity  Strengthening the region

45 Partnership  Austrian side Raab Naturepark Beindorf Metall & Bäderban No real partnerships  Hungarian side Pannon Thermal Cluster Zalalövö Municipality Regional Tourism Board

46 Project: success File closed

47 Last target HUMAN Project – Rural develpoment

48 Association for Villages in County Zala Projects :  Rural development and village renewing – on this and on the other side of the border (Hungary-Austria Small Project Fund 2000)  Rural development and village renewing – without borders (Hungary-Slovenia Common Small Project Fund 2002)

49  Initiation: Association for Villages in County Zala  Aims: Generating partnerships and common project ideas between small settlements in the border region  Activities: trainings, studytours, conferences and Villagebooks The Human File



52 Partenships  The most important role in the whole project!!!!  Austrian partner: FrauenManagement Nikitsch (Burgenland)  Slovenian partner: Drustvo ZITEK (Slovenia)

53 Impacts  Capacity building in rural areas  Network building among representatives of small settlements in the border region  Community building  Real co-operations, new future projects ideas and initiatives  Increase in number of cross border contacts

54 Sustainability – Future projects  Rural development and village renewing Croatia (Interreg)  And many more… (it’s sure)

55 Project: success File closed

56 A Hard Day’s Lunch  Location: Erdögyöngye  Activity: Recreation (food and beer)

57 The Agents return to their secret HQ …

58 … to start to work on their report!

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