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Naturopath, Medical Nutritionist, Multiple Food Intolerant

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1 Naturopath, Medical Nutritionist, Multiple Food Intolerant
Michaela Rose DN (Med) Naturopath, Medical Nutritionist, Multiple Food Intolerant

2 Quick Summary Who Needs FF? Why? The Typical Intolerant/Purchaser
What They Need How We Might Give It To Them, Boost Their Health and Boost Business

3 FreeFrom – Who Needs It? Who Doesn’t?! IgE Allergy Sufferers Coeliacs
Gluten Sensitives Multiple Intolerants Anyone With An Illness Anyone Who Wants To Get Well Take people off w/d CDs 1 in 50 GSs 1 in 7

4 Why Do They Need FreeFrom?
Because it makes them ill! Many are buying for perception of healthier food 5% buy them because they or a family member have food allergies 5% buy them because they or a family member have food intolerances 18% buy them as part of a general healthy lifestyle What An Opportunity!

5 Do I Recommend FreeFrom Foods?
As an important treat, not a staple in most cases Much better than years ago, but still some issues….

6 Why Hesitate To Recommend?
Don’t break their food habits – dependent on grain/dairy diet Usually contain an allergen of some kind Cross-contamination due to company’s other foods/practices Poor nutritional status – fats, salt, sugar, calories Expensive Not fresh food, still processed

7 Let’s look at the typical purchaser. Not just intolerant
Let’s look at the typical purchaser. Not just intolerant. Most people are Tired out

8 In pain

9 Stressed, no time

10 Restricted diet but…

11 …Hungry all the time

12 Nutritional Profile of a Typical Intolerant
Poor digestion (low Hcl) Poor absorption (enzymes, bowel) Low in nutrients especially Protein/amino acids, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron Inflammation Leaky Gut Craves Food

13 They Need.. Nutrient-dense Anti-inflammatory Gut calming & healing
Low GL, high protein Satisfying, tasty foods!

14 How Can FreeFrom Food Help?
Need true functional food

15 Stop Them Feeling Sick! Stop allergen exposure by avoiding as many common allergens in products as possible Prevent cross-contamination Declare derivations or ‘used in manufacture’ Be specific: ‘vegetable oil’?

16 Make Them Feel Better Nourishing
Contain functional, useful, healthy ingredients Good business: they will want more and will recommend!

17 An Example: Gluten GS: 30 x more prevalent than CD
Braly and Hoggan, Dangerous Grains: GS: 30 x more prevalent than CD Up to 15% of people (1in 7) are probably GS Dr Peter Green, Dir Coeliac Center, Columbia University: 60-70% of suspected coeliacs sent to him are not coeliac but GS Dr Peter Osborne, Gluten Free Society: 300+ known diseases related to gluten, plus all auto-immune diseases No time to talk about all allergens so I will pick my favourite one

18 An Example: Gluten Gluten is perceived as antibody to 33-mer gliadin. One type of one gluten Other types of gluten are being identified all the time All grains contain gluten Not just gluten – grain starches are known to cause similar bowel reactions to gluten in coeliacs

19 An Example : Gluten Corn is second only to wheat in gluten content and studies show it is a common allergen… ….yet most FreeFrom food depends on it heavily


21 Maize Bread

22 Types and Percentages of Gluten
Grain Type of Gluten % Total Protein Wheat Gliadin 69% Corn Zien 55% Sorghum Kafirin 52% Barley Hordein 46-52% Rye Secalinin 30-50% Millet Panicin 40% Oats Avenin 16% Teff Penniseiten 11% Rice Orzenin 5%

23 Can We Find Something Better?
SAFE UNSAFE Almond – or any nut inc brazil, pecan, acorn, cashew etc Barley inc barley malt Amaranth but often cross-contaminated Corn/Maize inc sweetcorn, corn meal and cornflour Arrowroot Faro Buckwheat but often cross-contaminated, kasha Kamut Cassava/Tapioca/Manioc (from yucca/cassava), can be cross-contaminated Millet Chia Seed Oats Chestnut Orzo Chickpea (Gram) Rice Coconut Rye Fava Bean Semolina Flaxseed Teff Hemp Wheat inc. couscous, bran, farina, spelt, bulgar Lentil Seitan Mesquite Potato Quinoa but often cross-contaminated Sago – works same as tapioca Seeds inc. sesame, sunflower, pumpkin Taro/Dasheen – similar to tapioca Soya (although GM so could be contaminated) Wild Rice

24 Nutrition Comparison Protein Magnesium Iron Zinc Calcium * Corn 8 127
Protein Magnesium Iron Zinc Calcium * Corn 8 127 3.4 1.82 6 Amaranth 14 266 7.5* 3.18 153* 2 Almond 21* 275* 4.3 3.36 248* 3 Pecan 9.17 121 2.53 4.53* 70 1 Wheat 13.7 138 3.88 2.93 34 Flaxseed 19.5* 362* 6.22 4.17* 199* 4 Quinoa 13.1 210 9.25* 3.3 60 Chickpea 8.86 48 2.89 1.53 49 Chestnut 3.17 33 0.91 1.1 29 Coconut 3.33 32 2.43 Pumpkin 24.5* 535* 14.97* 7.46* 43 A base of amaranth and almond with a boost of pumpkin and flaxseed!

25 A Few Ideas Flaxseed – good nutrition, source of w3, filling, bowel cleanser, holds food together – egg replacement (1 tbsp to 3 tbsp water) Pureed or dried fruit and veg eg sweet potato, beetroot, apple, banana, carrot – low GL, nutrient boost, holds muffins etc together Mixed nuts and seeds – different nutritional profiles, high protein, nutrient dense, low GL, filling

26 Oils – Flax (not heated), Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed, Sunflower, Nut
Starches – Arrowroot, Potato Baking Powder – Bicarb or Corn Free Dried Fruits – minimise as high GL, combine with high protein eg nuts/seeds to lower Sweeteners – honey (easy to digest, but higher GL), agave, FOS powder, xylitol (careful!) Dairy – soya (not isolate, not for kids), nut/seed

27 Gums – Xanthan (from corn), Carageenan (allergen), Guar OK
Citric Acid – from corn Vitamin C – from corn, get cassava Extracts – not grain alcohol based, pure vanilla powder

28 My Ideal Product! Flaxseed/Nut/ Amaranth (non CC) base, boosted with veg or fruit powder, held together with arrowroot, egg possibly with bicarb raising agent, honey or fruit to sweeten… …and chocolate!

29 A Goodie A snack bar, still high sugar content but trying alternative ingredients

30 A Not-So-Goodie Pure carbohydrate – poor kid will be obese before 12 and diabetic by 30! Salt intake for a whole day for a child.

31 The Future Water, potato starch, arrowroot, grapeseed oil, tapioca starch, egg white, flaxseed powder, honey, guar gum, yeast, cellulose, seasalt, sugar beet flakes, flaxseeds, amaranth flakes

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