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Semantic Web Quratulain Rajput Faculty of Computer Science, IBA Spring2013.

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1 Semantic Web Quratulain Rajput Faculty of Computer Science, IBA Spring2013

2 RDF To represent web as: “ the web of real world object rather than only web of documents.” Quratulain Rajput2

3 RDF Construction of URI Scheme:[//authority]path[?query][#fragment] [Note: path and fragment are optional.] 8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a Quratulain Rajput3

4 RDF 40 Quratulain Rajput4

5 XML namespaces and RDF Draw for the following description. Quratulain Rajput5

6 RDF Representation Draw Graphs, are these represent same meaning? Quratulain Rajput6

7 IRI IRI (International Resource Identifier) is extended URI by allowing non-Latin (Chinese, Urdu, Arabic) characters. Quratulain Rajput7

8 Shorter URI xmlns can only used with xml tags and with attribute but not as value of attribute (e.g allowed with rdf:about, rdf:resource). Use of Xml:base with rdf:about Quratulain Rajput8

9 Shorter URI Use of xml:base with rdf:ID (used only once) Quratulain Rajput9

10 Rdf:Datatypes RDF describe data values by means of literals. o E.G string, number etc. Each datatype is uniquely identified by a URI. RDF use the xml-schema for datatype description. Quratulain Rajput10

11 Quratulain Rajput11

12 Multiple values Relation Problem: which height belong to which member. Solution: A node with no unique name is called blank node. It use to aggregate facts in form of list. Quratulain Rajput12 saad Asif 6 ft 6.5ft hasMember hasHeight

13 Blank Node Blank node cannot be addressed globally with URI. Quratulain Rajput13 Quratulain Rajput13 saad Asif 6 ft 6.5ft

14 Blank Node Asif 6.5 Quratulain Rajput14

15 Blank node with name Blank node can be assign name if needed. Quratulain Rajput15 Asif 6.5

16 Quratulain16 Container Elements Represents a group of resources or literals E.g., we may wish to talk about the courses given by a particular lecturer The content of container elements are named rdf:_1, rdf:_2, etc. or alternatively rdf:li

17 Quratulain17 Three Types of Container Elements rdf:Bag an unordered container, allowing multiple occurrences o E.g. members of the faculty board, documents in a folder rdf:Seq an ordered container, which may contain multiple occurrences o E.g. modules of a course, items on an agenda, an alphabetized list of staff members (order is imposed) rdf:Alt a set of alternatives o E.g. the document home and mirrors, translations of a document in various languages

18 Quratulain18 Example for a Bag

19 Quratulain19 Example for Alternative

20 Question Describe it using container? Referee(X,Y,Z) : X is the referee in a chess game between players Y and Z Quratulain20

21 Quratulain21 RDF Collections A limitation of these containers is that there is no way to close them o “these are all the members of the container” RDF provides support for describing groups containing only the specified members, in the form of RDF collections o list structure in the RDF graph o constructed using a predefined collection vocabulary: rdf:List, rdf:first, rdf:rest and rdf:nil

22 Reification In RDF it is possible to make statement about statement such as Ahmed belief that Hassan is the creator of the web page How would you do this?try. RDF allow this using reification mechanism. Quratulain22

23 23Reification pers05 ISBN... Author-of NYT claims ISBN... Any statement can be an object graphs can be nested - reification Quratulain

24 Reification RDF turns a statement into resource. Quratulain24 ISBN ISBN...

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